Gwalior Weather And Tour Package With Best Places To Visit In Gwalior

Gwalior temples, weather and best hotals and resorts

Gwalior is a historical place is situated at a distance of about 319 km away from Delhi in Madhya Pradesh. This is the main place for tourism in Madhya Pradesh. The founder of this city was King Surajesan. The name of this city was originated after the name of a great saint known as Gwalipa. He cured the deadly and dangerous disease of the King. The city is known for its attractive palaces, revered temples and sprawling historical monuments. The centre of attraction of this city is its splendor fort. The Gwalior fort was ruled by many kings in different reigns and periods. The charming and exceptional historical monuments will take your breath away. The city also houses museums and hills. This is a birthplace of Tansen who was known as a famous musician.

You can attend the cultural event celebration which held during winters to memorize this great musician. Gwalior division and Gwalior district is its administrative headquarters. Chambal Division offices as well as many other offices are managed and administered by Gwalior supervisors. Gwalior has its own Defense Research and Development Establishment abbreviated as DRDE. Gwalior also holds IAF (Indian Air Force), Indian Army Cantonment known as Morar Cantt., Bureau of Central Intelligence HO and some of the popular Educational Institutions like IITM, IITTM, Music University of Raja Mansingh Tomar, J.C. Mills School etc. This gorgeous city is surrounded by Bhind, Morena, Malanpur and Banmor districts.

The city is also known as 'A dream city' and 'A heart of this Incredible India' is a main location which should not be ignored. This renowned place has its own glorious historical importance which makes it unique and commendable. The city is easily accessible either through the Gwalior Airport or by Rishikesh Railway station which is the nearest station situated at a distance of about 250 km away from Gwalior.

Gwalior Airport

Gwalior Airport is situated in Gwalior is the nearest airport which is also called as Rajmata VijyaScindia Vimantal.

Best Time to Visit In Gwalior

Temperature in Gwalior has a very appealing climate during winters and monsoons. Therefore weather Gwalior has disturbing summers.

----Winters (October to February)----

In winter weather, Gwalior becomes excessively cold and you should visit in this season. Maximum Gwalior temperature is about 27°C. You should carry woolens, goggles and a water bottle.

----Summers (March to July)----

In Summer weather, Gwalior becomes hot and humid with a maximum temperature of about 32°C and minimum 25°C. This is not the best time to visit in Gwalior. You should bring hat or cap. Summer season will not provide you the ausom sightseeing.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

Gwalior observes pleasurable weather as the weather becomes cloudy. This season is relieving and an ideal time for tourists to travel. You should keep an umbrella with you. This is an ideal time for honeymooners to travel as the place becomes amazingly romantic.

How to Travel In Gwalior and Around The City

Gwalior in Himalayas, India is a perfect hill station for sightseeing and travelling. You should choose this place for tourism. Gwalior is extremely ausom spot. It is the main spot for Tibetans and Buddhists. It contains the following means of transportation:

---- By Auto Rickshaw ----

Auto Rickshaws are available in the city which do not runs on meters. It is the safe and secure during the nights. The basic fare is Rs. 20 to Rs. 40. It is a comfortable mode of transport.

---- In Buses ----

You can find many buses in Gwalior from the frequent bus stations that costs around Rs. 5- Rs. 20 per region. Buses will drop you in your desired location with a perfect sightseeing. There is also an availability of mini buses which charge around Rs. 40.

Best Places To Visit In Gwalior City

There are many places to visit in Gwalior. Some of the places to see in Gwalior are as follows:

Tomb Of Ghaus Mohammed In Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Tomb Of Ghaus Mohammed In Gwalior

Tomb of Ghaus Muhammad was built in 16th centuary is located in Hazira town situated in the eastern side of Gwalior. To win the Gwalior fort, Ghous Mohammed helped the Mughal Emperor Babur. It is the most popular spot in Gwalior where tourists love to visit. The tomb is square in shape. The towers of the tomb are hexagonal in shape. The tomb contains domes which are smaller in size and is adorned with carved stones on its all sides. It has eye catching designs. The tomb also has a dome with the adornment of blue gazed tiles places on its centre upper portion.

Gujari Mahal In Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Gujari Mahal In Gwalior

Gujari Mahal in Gwalior was constructed by Raja Mansingh Tomar in 1st centuary AD. It was made in dedication to his wife queen Mrignayani. Later, this beautiful palace was converted into an Archaeological Museum. You can view the rare precious antiques in this museum with the precious stones and jewels that are adorned in a crown. Impressive sculptures can be seen within the museum which will take your breath away. The most awe strucking attraction of the palace is the sculpture of Gyraspur Shalabhanjika.
Timings of visiting: From 10 am - 5 pm

Jiwaji Rao Scindia Museum In Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Jiwaji Rao Scindia Museum In Gwalior

Jivaji Rao Scindia in Gwalior is located within the premises of Jai Vilas Palace. The establishment of this museum was done in 1964 by a legendry ruler of Scindia known as 'Jivaji Rao'. The premise of the museum is managed by a private trust. You can see various magnificent manuscripts with remarkable articles, Persian carpets in interiors, various art forms of China, Europe and Japan, precious ancient coins, eye catching crystal, glass and woodwork, a silver train which was used to serve drinks and a beautiful Durbar Hall which was gold painted.
Timings of visiting: From 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.
The museum is closed on every Monday.

Humayun's Tomb In Delhi On Mirchi Travels

Sun Temple In Gwalior

Sun Temple in Gwalior is situated close to Morar Gwalior residency in a beauteous garden. It was made in dedication to God Sun. It is an exact copy of Konarch and Orissa's Sun Temple. It is one of the popular holy pilgrimages of Gwalior where we can see masses of people offering their prayers to Sun God. Please come and visit.

Gwalior Fort In Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Gwalior Fort In Gwalior

Gwalior Fort in Gwalior was built by Suraj Ben after the advice of Gwalipa. It is a glorious monument is one of the oldest forts in India which was under management of Tomars. This remarkable monument contains a significant history. This was a defensive residence of Rani Laxmi Bai and Tantia Tope. This fort is made up of sandstones, amazing architecture, carvings and designs. The fort is adorned with eye-catching of beautiful valleys and lush green trees. This fort houses are statue of Jain Theerthankaras which include beautiful rock carvings. This structure is one of the largest structures in Gwalior. It also holds a big Garuda image. You must visit.
Timings of visiting: 8.00 am - 6.00 pm

Man Mandir Palace In Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Man Mandir Palace In Gwalior

Man Mandir Palace in Gwalior is a magnificent royal mansion where flock of visitors can be seen. It was constructed in 16th centuary. It has a historical importance which is adorned with gracious architecture and glitzy styles and designs. The interior of this royal palace was kept empty. But you can see the beauteous carved walls made up of stones with extra ordinary chambers attached to it. The marvelous and decorated exteriors can be seen. Its main attraction is Jauhar Pond. Sati was committed in this pond by Rajput ladies which are unforgettable. You can also see a prison where Murad was murdered and killed by his cruel brother. If you will visit this spot, you will start imagining medieval period around yourself. It is a full of life spot where travelling will be unforgettable.

Jai Vilas Palace In Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Jai Vilas Palace In Gwalior

This palace was built by Maharaja Jiyaji Rao Scindia is situated in Gwalior is known for its marvelous structure. It is a commendable structure which was made in European architectural style. Now this beauteous palace is converted into a museum. This extra ordinary style is not only Italian architecture but also a blend of Corinthian and Tuscan architectural styles. It furniture was bought from France, Italy and Versailles. The museum houses a collection of antiques, Italy glass, dinner services made in silver, swords, armours and arty-crafty ornaments. The premise is closed on Mondays.
Timings of visiting: 10 am to 5 pm.

Teli Ka Mandir In Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Teli Ka Mandir In Gwalior

Teli ka Mandir in Gwalior is a 100 feet tall structure situated with the premise of splendor Gwalior fort. This temple is known for its extraordinary and commendable architecture. The temple also holds a superb Nagara and Indo-Aryan architectural style. The roof of this temple looks like dravadian and sculptures within this temple have north Indian architectural style. This astounding temple looks similar as Pratihara Vishnu Temple. The temple comprises of the images of passionate couples, flying garuda, coiled serpents and river goddesses. This is one of the oldest temples of Gwalior which should be visited.

Rock Cut Jain Mandir In Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Rock Cut Jain Mandir In Gwalior

Rock-cut Temples in Gwalior has its own specialty. These ancient temples represent the culture of India through Jain architecture. Jains caves situated near Siva Temple are called as Kotesvara Mahadev Group. This group comprises of five ancient commendable rock-cut temples. All the temples were made in such a way that will steal the heart of visitors. One temple out of five is unreachable due to its high position. These temples are not completed and people believed that there could be a reason for it. Thus, you much visit this prestigious site of Gwalior.

Saas Bahu Mandir In Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Saas Bahu Mandir In Gwalior

Saas Bahu Mandir in Gwalior has an artistic beauty that attracts masses of visitors towards it. It is another name of Lord Vishnu and this precious temple is dedicated to him. Saas and Bahu are two temples which are located in adjoining of each other. These temples are amazingly decorated with sculptures and carvings. You can see the adornment of fabulous lotus carving on the roof of big temple. You must visit this precious temple of Gwalior.

Best Hotels in Gwalior City

Hotels in Delhi will give you comfort, sightseeing facilities, tour guides as well as better amenities. Some of the Delhi hotels are as follows:

---- Taj Usha Kiran Palace Hotel in Gwalior ----

Taj Usha Kiran Palace Hotel in Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Taj Usha Kiran Palace Hotel in Gwalior is located on Jayendraganj Lashkar offers: well furnished rooms, laundry, security, internet access, seating area, doctor on call, serves Indian food, color TV, safe, telephone, 24 hour front desk and room service.

---- Central Park Hotel in Gwalior ----

Central Park Hotel in Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Central Park Hotel in Gwalior is located on Madhav Rao Scindia Marg offers doctor on call, minibar, color TV, safe, telephone, serves Indian food, ac/non ac rooms with well furnishing, laundry, security, internet access, seating area, and room service.

---- Grace Gwalior Hotel in Gwalior ----

Grace Gwalior Hotel in Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Grace Gwalior Hotel in Gwalior is located on Manik Vilas Colony offers air conditioned rooms, safe, telephone, laundry, yummy food, security, internet access, sightseeing, color TV and room service.

---- Gwalior Regency Hotel in Gwalior ----

Gwalior Regency Hotel in Gwalior On Mirchi Travels

Gwalior Regency Hotel in Gwalior is located near Bus Stand offers: doctor on call, proper rooms, safe, laundry, security, serves Indian food, color TV and room service.

Gwalior tour packages

You can find out the cheap as well as 5 star Gwalior tourism packages. Some of the packages of Gwalior are as follows:
• Gwalior tour packages: This package costs about Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 15,000.
• Gwalior holiday packages: This package costs about Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000.
• Gwalior hotels packages: This package costs about Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 10,000.
• Gwalior resort packages: This package costs about Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 12,000.

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Gwalior and its nearby cities

Gwalior To Ujjain
482.7 Km
09 Hours 40 Minutes

194 Km
08 Hours 40 Minutes

Gwalior to Khajuraho
275 Km
05 Hours 20 Minutes

05 Hours 20 Minutes

320.2 Km
05 Hours 30 Minutes

349.4 Km
06 Hours 30 Minutes

265.6 Km
04 Hours 20 Minutes

Gwalior to Indore
517.5 Km
11 Hours 20 Minutes

Gwalior to Chandigarh
638.9 Km
13 Hours 10 Minutes

Tips Or Precautions To Visit In Gwalior

1. You should visit during monsoons and winters which is an ideal time to visit this place.
2. A vehicle from booked hotel should come to pick you up or you can directly reach hotel through buses, taxis or auto rickshaws.
3. You can hire these modes of transport directly outside the railway station or airport.
4. Check in properly in your hotel.
5. Check if there is a hidden camera in your room.
6. You can keep your important things in safe provided by Hotel staff members.
7. If there is confusion about any place, ask locals.
8. Beware of clever guides.
9. If you are confused about your hotel and travelling places then concern your Gwalior tourism guide.
10. Follow the instructions of your Gwalior travel guide carefully.
11. You should beware of clever and over smart guides.
12. Enjoy in Gwalior.