Gulmarg Transport, Weather And Distance From Other Cities

Best Way To Visit In Gulmarg

Airport In Gulmarg

Srinagar is a domestic airport situated at about 56 km away from Gulmarg is the closest airport.

Gulmarg Railway Station

Jammu is the closest railhead situated at about 290 km away from Gulmarg.

Best Time to Visit In Gulmarg

Gulmarg Weather

Gulmarg is an awesome paradise where visiting should be done. The best time to visit this paradise is between March to October.

---- Winters (November to February) ----

They lie between November to February. Snowfall makes this hill station pleasant and beautiful. This is the best time to visit and explore Gulmarg. Temperature lays between-4°C to 11°C.

---- Summers (March to May) ----

It lies between March to May. The season is best for enjoying water and adventurous sports. You can even enjoy snow on high attitudes. The maximum temperature is about 29°C and minimum 13°C.

---- Monsoons (July to August) ----

This appealing season lies between July to August. You can face moderate rainfalls. This is not the good time to enjoy in Gulmarg.

How to Travel In Gulmarg and Around The Gulmarg City

Gulmarg Transport System

Travelling in Gulmarg is really easy. You can hire taxis or sledges.

---- In Taxi ----

1. Taxis are convenient and useful means of transport.
2. Advance booking is available.
3. They will help you to move around the place comfortably.

---- By Sledges ----

1. Sledges are hand pulled.
2. You can only hire them during off season.

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Gulmarg and its nearby cities

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