Gulmarg Introductions, Tourism, Adventure Activies And Precautions

Gulmarg tourism, precautions to visit the city, introductions

Gulmarg, the heaven in Jammu Kashmir is an engaging hill station to travel. It is considered to be the best hill station in the world. The hill station comprises of delectable meadows, snow mounded eye catching mountains, rejuvenating greenery, refreshing lakes and enjoyable adventurous activities. Some of the places to see in Gulmarg are Khilanmarg Lake, Baba Reshi shrine, Alphathar Lake, golf club, St. Mary Church etc. Adventurous activities that can be enjoyed here are trekking, pony ride, horse riding, golfing and skiing. November to February is an ideal time to visit and move around the hill station.

Skiing can be enjoyed during this month. The hill station really has that magical effect that creates enthusiasm and excitement. It’s an ideal place for honeymooning as well.

Adventurous Activities In Gulmarg

Trekking In Gulmarg

Trekking is an enthusiastic adventurous activity in Gulmarg. Trekking expeditions are offered by some of the resorts in Gulmarg. April to November is an ideal period for trekking in Gulmarg. Trekking can be done on three ways which are:
1. Gulmarg to Alapther
2. Gulmarg to Apharwat
3. Gulmarg to Khilanmarg
4. Namga Parbat

Skiing In Gulmarg

It is another exotic adventurous activity in Gulmarg. Gulmarg will provide you skiing products and facilities. Snowboarding and skiing are the eye candy for visitors and they love to enjoy these activities. The ideal time to enjoy this activity is between January to March.

Tips To Visit In Gulmarg And Its Precautions

1. If you have decided to visit Gulmarg then bring woolens whenever you come because the cold weather can be seen on high attitudes during monsoons and summers and snowfalls during winters.
2. Keep your cell phone with you.
3. Keep a bag pack with essential items with you.
4. Do not forget to bring your important medicines, first aid kit, sunglasses and a cap with you.
5. Bringing water bottle is also necessary.
6. Bring comfortable clothes and footwear with you.