Gujrat History, Tourism, Weather, Culture With Gujrat Tour Package

Gujrat history, tourism, weather, culture with Gujrat tour package

Gujarat state is located in western region of India. It is popularly known as the jewel of incredible India. This state covers an area of about 196,204 km2. It has a coastline of 1,600 km lies on Kathiawar peninsula. This jewel of western India is surrounded by Madhya Pradesh in east, Pakistan in north-west, Rajasthan in north and Maharashtra in south. Gujarat is located at latitude of 23.2167oN and longitude 72.6833oE. This astounding state has a capital known as Gandhinagar. The most popular and largest city in Gujarat is Ahmedabad. Gujarat is also called as the seventh largest state of India because of its total population of 60,383,628. This stupendous state comes in tenth position in India. People of Gujarat usually communicate in Guajarati language.

Thus, this marvelous state was established in 1st May, 1960 by the separation of 17 districts from Bombay state. The formation of these 17 states led to the formation of Gujarat. This state comprises of 26 districts which are controlled by District Collector appointed by India's central government. Gujarat has gained fourth position in growing economy in India that's why Gujarat is known as an industrialized state of nation. Visiting in this state will be awe strucking for you. Its phenomenal surrounding will make you happy and relaxed from your heart. You must visit Gujarat. We are sure that you will come again and again to take its breathtaking views.

Gujrat History

Gujarat has a very strong significance in Indian history. Gujarat had faced the rule of many empires and dynasties. The first one was Indus Valley Civilization which comprised of ancient old cities like Gola Dhoro, Dholavira and Lothal. There are discoveries of about five Indus Valley regions that are found to be in Gujarat. The conduction of sea trade was done from this state. This state was conquered by Mauryan Empire, Pala Empire, Gupta Empire, Gurjara-Pratihara Empire, Rashtrakuta Empire, Solankis and Maitrakas. Due to such blend of Gujarat and Bombay, people usually communicate in Marathi and Guajarati languages in Gujarat. Earlier the capital of Gujarat was known to be as Ahmedabad, but now it has been changed in Gandhinagar.

Gujrat Culture

The prodigious state of Gujarat is a blend of impressive cultures, languages, traditions, cuisines, nightlife, heritage, music, festivals and fairs which will blow your mind. These things make Gujarat as a unique state. There are about 89.1% Hindus, 9.1% of Islamic, 0.1% of Sikhs, 1% of Jain and 0.7% of other religions in this state. People of Gujarat usually communicate in Gujarati language which has evolved from local Prakrits and Sanskrit. Tribal people in Gujarat communicate in Gamit and Bhili languages. People also communicate in Marathi language especially in Vadodara and Surat.

Thus, Gujarat is a home for Vallabhai Patel and Mahatma Gandhi. Shopping in Gujarat is enjoyed by millions of people and a famous place where maximum people are seen is 'Bhuj' situated in Kutch district. You can shop beautiful handicrafts, creative arts created by nearby villages, Kutchi embroidery etc. from Shrujan, KMVS (Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan) and WAMA (Women Artisans Marketing Agency). Culture of Gujarat is incomplete without mouth watering cuisines. People usually eat vegetarian food in Gujarat. Gujarati Thali comprises of dal/kadhi, sabzi, bhakri/chapatti and rice with chhundo and pickle. People also like to have dhokla, fafda, buttermilk/chass, kaju katri, Undhiyu, etc. Sangam sangeet is a traditional folk music of Gujarat.

Gujarati folk music is usually played on wind instruments, string instruments and percussion instruments like turi, pava, bungal, jantar, ravan hattho, rktaro, zanz pot drum and manjira. Gujarat has also the collection of traditional festivals like Rass Garba, Bhavai, Navratri, Garba, Makar Sankranti, Diwali, Tazia, Uttarayana and so on. Fairs that are celebrated in Gujarat with keenness are Bhavanth Mahadev Fair, Modhra Dance Festival, Ambaji Fair, Bhadrapath Fair, Tarnetar Fair, Chitra Vichitra Fair, Vautha Fair, etc.

Best Time to Visit In Gujrat

Climate Condition Of Gujrat

The climatic conditions of Gujarat are very diverse. Gujarat faces mild and dry weather during winters with hot and dry summers and monsoons are with high rain falls and humidity. Check out Gujarat climate and weather notifications which are as follows:

---- Winters (November to February) ----

During winter, the weather of Gujarat becomes pleasant with dry and mild cold climate with average day temperature of about 29°C and night temperature of 12°C. Nights are cold and clear during winters. This is an ideal time to travel in Gujarat. Carry woolens like socks, sweater, jacket, cap and gloves with you. A bonfire in a region of Gujarat will make you relieved. Taking tea or coffee in this season will be appealing. You can move around in various places of Gujarat through trekking. We will advise you to have hot cuisines during this season. This is a perfect time when you can spend your memorable days in Gujarat.

----Summers (March to June)----

During summers, we can see the hot and dry weather of Gujarat. The daytime temperature of this state is found to be as 49°C and night time temperature is 30°C. Summers are really hot and scorching. We will suggest you to avoid travelling in this season. Summers are already hot and if you take a visit and travel during this season, it will be hectic for you. But if you are visiting in Gujarat for any personal or official purpose so do carry light clothes with goggles and a cap with you. Keeping water bottle and sunscreen lotion is necessary.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

During monsoons, Gujarat faces heavy rain falls with high humidity. This season is relieving but irritating due to its humidity. Travelling around this season should be prohibited. The daytime temperature becomes as low as 35°C with night time temperature 27°C. Rainfalls can bring floods into this region. Some regions are found to be dry and deserted in north western regions and heavy rain falls are found to be in southern regions of Gujarat. If you are in mood to take a visit, then carry a raincoat/umbrella with you and we will suggest you to move around after rains.

Tourism In Gujrat

Tourism in Gujarat is famous in all over India and masses of visitors can be seen visiting in different places of this state. Tourism Corporation has promoted Gujarat tourism that belongs to Gujarat limited. Amitabh Bachchan who is a great actor of Bollywood film industry is the brand ambassador of Gujarat Tourism. Gujarat is popular for its pilgrimage centers, historical monuments, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Asiatic lions and leopard species can be only seen in this part of India. This state galore flora and fauna which is really breathe taking. Picturesque scenery of nature can be seen between Great Runn of Kutch to Saputara Hills. Islamic architecture can be seen in this state with Indo-Saranic styles.

Thus, Gujarat houses number of astonishing sanctuaries and national parks like Black duck National Park, Gir Forest National Park, Marine National Park, Vansda National Park, Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary, Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary, Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary and Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary. People love to visit ravishing pilgrimage sites of Gujarat like Jama Masjid, Somnath, Sun Temple, Sidi Saiyyed Masjid, Palitana Temples and Dwarakadheesh Temple. Tourism in Gujarat should be done because this state has richness in its traditions, cultures, and religions and so on which are heart taking and awe strucking. Never miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful state places.

Best Places To Visit In Gujrat

There are many places to visit in Gujrat but we short listed some of them following:

Somnath In Gujrat On Mirchi Travels

Somnath In Gujrat

Somnath is located in Sourashtra on the bank of sacred river Saraswathy which mix into the sea. This place is situated in the southwestern part of Arabian Coast, India.
How to reach Somnath?
o Keshod Airport is located in Somnath near Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple.
o Bhavnagar division is a railway station is located in Somnath.
When to reach Somnath?
Winters are pleasant and cold in Somnath with heavy rain falls in monsoons and hot torturing hotness in summers. You must only visit during winters in this place. This place looks charming during winters.
Places to visit in Somnath
o Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple
o Panch Pandav Gufa
o Parasuram Temple
o Suraj Mandir
o Triveni Ghat
o Old Somnath Temple
o Gita Mandir
o Balukha Tirth
o Laxminarayana Temple
o Kamnath Mahadev Temple
Hotels in Somnath
o Hotel Shivam
o Hotel Ambar
o Hotel Park
o Hotel Sukhsagar

Ahmedabad In Gujrat On Mirchi Travels

Ahmedabad In Gujrat

Ahmedabad is a lovely city situated in Gujarat on the banks of Sabarmati River. It is known to be as the seventh largest metropolitan area of India.
How to reach Ahmedabad?
o The main railway station in Ahmedabad is Ahmedabad Railway Station is situated in Gujarat. This is one of the biggest stations in Gujarat.
o The major and main airport of Ahmedabad is Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport is situated in Gujarat, India.
When to reach Ahmedabad?
There is very hot and dry climate in Ahmedabad during summers. But winters are cool and appealing with heart taking scenic monsoons.
Places to visit in Ahmedabad
o Akshardham Temple
o Kankaria Lake
o Gandhi Ashram
o Bhadra Fort
o Hathisinh Jain Temple
o ISKON Temple
o Shaking Minarets
o Teen Darwaza
o Jama Masjid
o Kamla Nehru Zoo
o Amar Dham
o Swaminarayana Temple
o Vastrapur Lake
o Science City
Hotels in Ahmedabad
o Hotel Ginger
o Hotel Patang
o Hotel Pride
o Hotel Park Plaza
o Hotel Estin

Population Of Gujrat

The total population of Gujarat is about 60,383,628 and is a residence for 60 million people. Gujarat holds different religions like 1% of Jainism, 0.1% of Sikhism, 9.1% of Islam, 89.1% of Hinduism and 0.7% of other religions.

Geography Of Gujrat

Gujarat is a superb state covers an area of about 196,024 km2. For its geographical area, it has ranked with seventh position in India. There is a border between Gujarat and Pakistan which has a coastline of about 1600 km with Arabian Sea in the western side. Gujarat is surrounded by Madhya Pradesh in east side, Pakistan in north western side, Rajasthan in northern side and Maharashtra in south. Thus, Gandhinagar is situated at latitude of 23.2167°N and longitude of 72.6833°E. Gujarat is divided into 26 administrative regions known as districts namely Gandhinagar, Kutch, Ahmedabad, Anand, Dahod, Narmada, Bharuch, Panchmahal, Junagadh, Porbandar, Amreli, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, Porbandar, Surendranagar, Sabarkantha, Banaskantha, Dang, Kheda, Pata, Surat, Valsad, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Jamnanagar, Navsari and Mehsana. The main river streams flows in this state are Tampi, Sabarmati and Narmada.

Economy Of Gujrat

Gujarat state is also known as 'The Economist'. You can establish a company or entrepreneurial organization in this state. Corruption in this state is low and is a business oriented state. Roadways have achieved increment in economy of Gujarat. This state offers employment in large proportion because of its industries. These employment activities can serve large number of people. This state is called second ranked place for establishment of industries after Tamil Nadu. Agricultural Sector of Gujarat has a growth rate of about 10.97% which includes products like groundnut, cotton and sugarcane. Thermal electricity which is gas based serves 24 hour electricity supply to all the cities and villages of Gujarat.

Govenment Of Gujrat

Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat since 2002 and again in 2007 he became chief minister of this state. BJP won elections third time and Narendra Modi became Chief Minister of Gujarat again in 2012. Now the chief minister of this state is Anandiben Patel who takes all the responsibilities of this state after Narendra Modi. Alcohol is banned by Gujarat government since 1960 in Gujarat. Legislative assembly has 182 members which governs Gujarat. This state is renowned by an award of best state in India by IBN7 as one of the diamond states for citizen security.

Precautions Of Gujrat

1. Gujarat has a wintry weather but it is balmy.
2. This is the correct time to visit Gujarat's different places.
3. Hot mouth watering cuisines should be tried during winters. It creates body warmth.
4. You can trek during the winters. It will create excitement and enthusiasm.
5. Woolens are suggested to be carried during winters.
6. Gujarat summers are hot and humid. It is not at all correct time for holiday or honeymoon tours.
7. Carry light clothes if you are visiting this state during summers for any official or personal work.
8. Bringing a water bottle and hat/cap is necessary.
9. Rainy season is pleasing but you should avoid visiting in this season.
10. If you have decided to visit here, then carry an umbrella/raincoat.
11. Avoid eating junk food and street food during monsoons.
12. Avoid visiting national parks and sanctuaries during this season.
13. Check for your hotel accommodation properly.
14. Important documents should be kept safely.
15. Switch of water supply and electricity when not in use.
16. If you have confusion about any location in Gujarat, then you can ask locals.
17. Enjoy your days in Gujarat, India.

Gujrat Tour Packages

As you above see, that gujrat is wonderful state to visit. You can take tour package from the travel agent to explore the beauty of Gujrat.