Gorakhpur Weather And Best Place To Visit With Gorakhpur Holiday And Tour Packages

Gorakhpur tour packages and best places to visit in gorakhpur

A beautiful and religious city named Gorakhpur is situated in the state of U.P. as the above said it is known for its religious cause but the main thing about religious thing is as it is a beautiful embodiment for other religions. It's situated nearer to the Nepal Border. As Gorakhpur is known for religious prospective, here you will find many important and religious shrines, buildings and many monasteries of many religions. You will find many religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Sikhism and Buddhism who regularly visit this place.

Buddhist Monuments and Many Buddhist sites can be seen here if you visit to Gorakhpur. You can also enjoy every type of food here as Gorakhpur has different type of religious persons so local person take care the food facilities of the tourists. The city is famous for its art and combination of many culture of the city. You can also visit the gallery house for sculptures and paintings of the city.

Everyone loves music but taste of every person is different. Here you will love to listen Sufi music as the Gorakhpur city's culture is big influence by Music. Various type of folk dances with many local and other festivals like Diwali and holi are celebrated in every religion persons. Basically the Gorakhpur City is known as a well-known urban city but we will commonly see a beautiful combination of modern present with their experience past.

Best Time to Visit In Gorakhpur

The weather in Gorakhpur City doesn't have very much difference from other part of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

---- Summers ----

In summers season of Gorakhpur, Summers are quite dry and quite hot for the season. Summer starts from March and ends upto June Month. But the temperatures are quite high and maximum of approx. 42°C which have a minimum of approx. 31°C but in the mid night u can see a low temperature which is quite goes lesser.

---- Winters ----

Summer hotter but Monsoon is not as ideal season to travel in Gorakhpur. Winter is best time to visit Gorakhpur city. Winter season starts from the month of December and Lasts till February. During the winter season, the temperatures range is approx. very around 15°C in the day time but it can go to minimum of 2°C. January is coolest month in the Gorakhpur City. Winter season is best time to take Gorakhpur tour packages due to cool weather.

---- Monsoons ----

Monsoon brings rainfall in the City but the temperature level is approx. 26°C which is not goes down as lesser as we think. This is also not best time to visit in Gorakhpur. But the ideal time to visit in Gorakhpur is after Monsoon. Monsoon Starts from the Month of June and ends September-October.

How to Travel In Gorakhpur and Around The Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur has a good connectivity with buses, train and air as well.

---- By Train----

On the North East line of railway, Gorakhpur known as a main station. You will get trains for Delhi, Hyderabad, Varanasi, Lucknow, Chennai, Nagpur and many other railways importation destinations.

---- By Air ----

The Airport is situated from the city is approx. 7 Km. only few flights are connected with the airport of Gorakhpur of the country. You can also take taxi from the airport to the city. You can also talk with the Hotels for your pick up services as many hotels provide this service. You may be charged of Rs.500.

---- By Bus ----

You can opt. Private and Government Owned buses. If you need some cheaper than you can opt government owned buses but they don't have comfort as per your need. But if choose private buses, they are little bit costly but quite comfortable as compare to government owned. You also take A.C. Volvo buses too for comfort and spacious. For reaching to the Gorakhpur city, you can opt Buses too as Gorakhpur is well connected by buses from the major cities like Agra, Varansi, Delhi, Mumbai etc.

---- By Other Road Transport ----

You can take auto rickshaws and taxis for visiting in the city area. You can directly take them from railway stations and other local areas. Auto relatively cheaper and having a fixed rate for visiting of the parts of the city. You can also bargain or negotiate for the prices.

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Gorakhpur and its nearby cities

221 Km
3 Hours 25 Minutes

270 Km
04 Hours 15 Minutes

342 Km
06 Hours 35 Minutes

608 Km
13 Hours 25 Minutes

694 Km
13 Hours 31 Minutes