Goa Beaches And Sea Levels

Some Top Beaches in Goa

Some of the beaches of Goa are as follows:

----Rajbagh Beach In Goa On Mirchi Travels----

Rajbagh Beach In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Rajbagh beach is located at the backside of Rajbagh resort, the 5 star resort of Goa comprises of palm trees, coconut trees, moving waves and soothing sand where you can lay down and feel the refreshing beach.

----Varca Beach In Goa----

Varca Beach In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Varca beach Goa is a silvery beach where you can find the mind blowing greenery, waves and sand all around with dolphins in the beach which will make you rejoiced.

----Vagator Beach In Goa----

Vagator Beach In Goa On Mirchi Travels

At Vagator beach you can see the soothing sand, waves hitting the black rocks, big red cliffs, cool water and sound of the waves.

----Baga Beach In Goa----

Baga Beach In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Baga beach comprises of mouth watering lovely sea food in Britto's, proper hair braiding, creative tattooing, surfing in water and wind surfing. This best beach in Goa is a crowdy place which is mostly visited.

----Calangute Beach In Goa----

Calangute Beach In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Calanguate beach is one of the best beaches in Goa located in the region of Bardez. You can find the celebration of Christmas and other parties over here.

----Palolem Beach In Goa----

Palolem beach Goa is located in Canecona where you can find the greenery, sound of waves, soothing sand, stroking sunlight and gush of people all around.

----Anjuna Beach In Goa----

Anjuna beach Goa is also a popular beach is Goa situated in northern region of Goa comprises of cool and calm atmosphere with gush of people and soothing sand.

----Colva Beach In Goa----

Colva beach in Goa is located in southern region of Goa. This Goa sea beach comprises of shores, shopping market and yummy food items.

----Ararmbol Beach In Goa----

Goa Arambol beach comprises of slivery sandy beach, cooling wind all around and beautiful scenic environment. It is one of the crowdy Goa beaches.