Dudhwa Tiger Reserve And Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

10. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve In India On Mirchi Travels

DUDHWA TIGER RESERVE has a stunning location which will amaze you by its charm and beauty covers a vast area of about 680 km sq. This Tiger Reserve is located in Uttar Pradesh. This tiger reserve houses royal Bengal tigers which can be seen here. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve was declared as a wildlife sanctuary and a tiger reserve in 1977. This reserve looks so mesmerizing with the view of Himalayas adorned with tropical forests, vegetation cover, grasslands, and about 450 of bird species and animal species. One horned rhinoceros can be seen here which was placed here in 1984. November to May is an ideal time to visit this reserve. You can view some of the amazing animals here which are mentioned below:
• Tiger
• Deer
• Leopard
• Wild boar
• Sloth bear
• Elephant
• Wild cat
• Civet
• Jackal

Adventurous Activities In Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

---- Elephant Safari ----

Elephant Safari can be enjoyed in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. Under the fantastic blue sky and lush green shaded area you can view the magnificent birds and tiger species in this reserve. The ride on the mound of an elephant is simply amazing.

---- Jungle Safari ----

This safari is full of enjoyment. Jungle Safaris are joyful rides which will let you the view of scenic environment all around. You fill feel relaxing and rejoiced in this spot.

11. Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary In India On Mirchi Travels

JALDAPARA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY in West Bengal, India is a beautiful park was declared to be a wildlife sanctuary and a national park in 1941. The park is situated in eastern Himalayas foothills placed in the district of Jalpaiguri. It is popular for its delightful nature and species of fauna. It covers a vast area of about 216.51 km sq. and its land has abundance of animal species, lakes, thick woods, small hills and astonishing migratory birds. It's a reserve of elephants and Buxa reserve of Tigers. You can view the remarkable Gorumara National Park near this wildlife Sanctuary. This park serves as an inspiration to many people about animals who are living in calmness in this region. Some of the species are as follows:
• India's one horned rhinoceros
• Sambar
• Barking deer
• Leopards
• Elephants
• Wild pigs
• Bison
The park comprises of the following bird species:
• Shikra
• Partridge
• Hornbill
• Geckos
• Woodpecker
• Sparrow
• Pigeons
• Pied
• Fowls

How to Visit In Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

You can hire vehicles like taxis, buses, or cabs which will drop you to National Park. You can reach here directly from the town Siliguri which is located a distance of about 140 km away the town.

When To Visit In Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Temperature in this Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary has amazing winters and monsoons. But you should void travelling during monsoons on this site. Check out when to visit Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary:

---- Summers (March to June) ----

In Summer weather, the place becomes scorching hot and stressful humid with maximum temperature of about 38°C and minimum 27°C. The nights are cooler than the days. You should ignore to visit this sanctuary during summers because it is not an ideal time to visit.

---- Monsoons (July to September) ----

In Monsoon Season, the wildlife Sanctuary deals with cool climate and heavy rain falls. The glamour of flora can be seen along with presence of reptiles and insects. You should not visit because of this season. It's really dangerous.

---- Winters (October to February) ----

In winter weather, the season creates enchantment with cool climate and with maximum temperature of about 20°C and minimum 10°C. You should visit this spot at this time and allure towards the beauty of flora and fauna. You should war woolens and wear the comfortable shoes for smooth trekking.

Adventurous Activities In Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

---- Elephant Safari ----

Elephant Safari is fun, joyful and an enjoyable ride which will take your breath away. it is attractive and a comfortable ride. You can travel in every location of Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. The tourist department provides the facilities of this safari. It is cosy and a budgeted ride.

---- Jungle Safari ----

Jungle safari in Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary creates enthusiasm and enjoyment. You can view wild animals from this ride. The chirping of birds can also be heard.