Coimbatore Weather And Best Tour Packages With Hotels And Resorts

Coimbatore history, culture, weather, hotals and resorts and best places to visit in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is the most precious and largest city of Tamil Nadu, India enriched with beddable greenery, amazing pilgrimage destinations and irresistible waterfalls and dams. The city is linked via roadways, railways and airways. The city is also known as ‘South India’s Manchester’. The city is really alluring and its nature will take your breath away. The city is situated on glitzy banks of Noyyal River. The city also has its own wildlife sanctuary, amusement park and museum namely Forest College Museums, City Museum, Black Thunder Amusement Park, Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, V.O Chidambaram Park and Nehru Stadium.

The ideal time to visit this city is between Decembers to March. The weather remains cool and alluring throughout the year so you should come and visit various tourist destinations in Coimbatore.

Coimbatore History

The history of Coimbatore is quite interesting dating back to 3rd centuary BC at Sangam Age. This city was a part of Kongu country and different tribes used to reside over the place. The city was ruled by Rashtra Kutas, Chola kings, Chalukyas, Pandayas, Cysalas, Madurai Sultanates, Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan and finally the Britishers. Earlier, Coimbatore was called as Kovai. India became independent in 1947 and Coimbatore became an important tourist place. It is also known as ‘small hamlet’ of Tamil Nadu.

Tips To Visit In Coimbatore And Its Precautions

1. The correct time to visit is between September to March.
2. Visiting during summers and monsoons should not be done.
3. Bring your important medicines, first aid box, water bottle and comfortable footwear with you.
4. Carry a bag pack if you are trekking.
5. Tie your backpack carefully and lock it properly while travelling.
6. Lock your luggage carefully while travelling.
7. Taxis, auto rickshaws and buses will be available for travelling so keep change of money with you.
8. Do not wear expensive jewelries while travelling.
9. Carry your important documents with you safely.