Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary And Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary

5. Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary

Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary In India On Mirchi Travels

CHANGTANG WILDLIFE SANCTUARY is located in Leh district on the plateau of Changtang in Jammu & Kashmir. This wildlife sanctuary is popularly known for its black necked crane and Tibetan wild ass. The sanctuary has a large vegetation area. This sanctuary is a Hindu Kush Himalaya's part. It is one of the important tourist destinations in India. It has the variations of attitude between 14,000 – 19,000 feet. The animal species that can be seen inside the sanctuary are snow leopard, wild dog, wolf, wild yak, and collection of migratory bird species. The glitzy Indus River makes this sanctuary more attractive and a unique spot to travel. The river divides the sanctuary into two parts. The spot has the abundance of bird and animal species with effective ambiance that will take your breath away. It has the coldest desert vegetation which is awe strucking. Some of the floras of the region are known to have majestic and medicinal properties that can heal from many diseases which were first discovered by Professor CP Kala. The sanctuary also houses 10 marshes and 11 lakes. June to September is an ideal time to visit this spot.

Adventurous Activities Of Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary

---- Gypsy Ride ----

Gypsy rides are fun to travel through are arranged by resorts and tourist departments which provides you every facility to travel and move around. You can view the desired locations with this ride.

---- Bus Safari ----

This safari is super like. It can hold about 20 to 30 people in it. They are full of fun and enthusiasm. The basic fare of this ride is Rs. 95.

---- Jeep Ride ----

This ride is also important. They are similar to Gypsy rides and open from the top. A perfect sightseeing can be done through this. This is costly with the fare of about Rs. 2200. They are cosy and comfortable rides.

---- Trekking ----

Trekking makes the way full of joy. You can trek within the premise and sightseeing can be done properly. Trekking is full of enthusiasm and excitement. You can have the opportunity to walk on foot and to view rare species in the sanctuary. It is refreshing and recharging.

6. Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary In India On Mirchi Travels

CHIKHALDARA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY in the district of Amravati, Maharashtra is a wonderful sanctuary with remarkable wild life. The sanctuary has surplus flora and fauna which is heart taking. This wildlife reserve is the breeding point for species of mammals, reptiles, birds and wild animals. The shaded forest will make you happy and rejoiced. The forest is known for its coffee plants. This is an ideal place for picnicking and chilling out. The sound of animals and singing birds that will enter in your ears will be superlike. Some of the main attractions of Chakhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary are Hurricane point, Devi point and MTDC Resorts. Some of the animal species that are mentioned below are:
• Wild boars
• Panthars
• Wild boars
• Wild dogs
• Sambhar
• Sloth bears

When To Visit In Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary's temperature creates a pleasing climate during winters and monsoons but unpleasant hot summers will surely torment you. Check the weather notifications of this Wildlife Sanctuary hat is mentioned blow:

---- Summers (March to June) ----

In Summer weather, the place seems to be hot and stressful with maximum temperature of about 38°C and minimum 32°C. The nights are cool but the days are hot. You should never think to visit Chikhaldara during this season. It will spoil your mood as well as your journey.

---- Monsoons (July to September) ----

In Monsoon Season, the Wildlife Sanctuary deals with heavy rain falls. The greenery seems to be soothing during this season. The temperature drops down and cool climate can be felt. But do not visit here in this season.

---- Winters (October to February) ----

In winter weather, the place observes the cold climate which is the best time to visit this sanctuary. It has a maximum temperature of about 25°C and minimum 15°C. You should wear woolens but trekking inside the sanctuary will make you sweaty. Picturesque scenery can be seen in this spot during winters.

Best Places To Visit In Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary

---- Melghat Tiger Project ----

This is one of the most popular tiger project situated near Chikhaldara hills. It is a residence of about 82 tigers. Besides tiger, there are some other animal species. It is a breeding centre for those species. It is an ideal place to visit, if you are visiting Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary.

---- Devi Point ----

This is an astonishing point which comprises of a beautiful temple of a Goddess. The water of the river near the temple flows inside the temple through a stone that is so mesmerizing. The point is situated at a distance of about ½ km away from Chikhaldara bus station in the district of Amravati situated close to Shakkar Lake.

---- Hurricane Point ----

This point must be visited if you are visiting Chikhaldara. This point has abundance of glitzy flora that will take your breath away. You can do sightseeing of this point through jungle safaris. You can view the great tiger project known as which Melghat Tiger Reserve is one of the most popular tiger project situated near Chikhaldara hills on this point. You must visit this point.

---- Gawilgadh Fort ----

The magneto fort is situated at a distance of about 3 km away from Chikhaldara on its plateau. This beautiful fort was founded in 12th century by a Yadavas descendant who was from Degiri. The fort is made up of mud situated on a mountain which is lofty and remarkable. The fort was ramparted in 1471 by Ahmad Shah Wali who was a bahmani.

---- Narnala Fort ----

This magnificent fort was built in 15th century by Gond rulers and later was changed and renovated by Badshah Shahbudeen Ahmadhaha Wali. It is located at a distance of about 15 km away from Akot in the state of Maharashtra. It is also known as Shahanur Fort. The fort covers a vast area of about 362 acres. The fort is made in Sultanate architectural style adorned with precious white stones, carvings and eye catching designs. It comprises of 27 gates. Its main attraction is Dog Temple which is situated nearby.

---- Devi Point ----

Panchbol Point in Chikhaldara is situated at distance of about 4 km away from Bir Lake. This is the famous point where the echoes of a sound or voice can be heard five times. It is also known as 'The point of Five Echo'. You can see some of the eye catching botanical gardens situated on this point which are known as Pandit Nehru Gardens or Company garden or government garden which give a commendable view of lush green natural beauty. There is variety of colorful flowers that grows at this spot adorned with animal and bird species, a tank for swimming and a toy train.
Timings of visiting: 8 am to 7 pm

---- Prospect Point ----

This is one of the points where one can feel relaxed and rejoiced in the shed of lush green leaves and chirping sounds of birds. You will feel like you are living in a fairy tale where is the thick woods with colorful butterflies and birds with different eye popping features. It's marvelous.

---- Semadoh Lake ----

This lake offers a superb boating and fishing facilities where one can enjoy the view of glitzy lake as well as beautiful underwater species. This astonishing lake is situated at the entry point of Gurumal National Park. Some of its attractions are Prospect point, Hurricane point, Narnala fort, Tribal museum etc.

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary and its nearby cities

231.1 Km
04 Hours 30 Minutes

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary to Indore
301.2 Km
05 Hours 10 Minutes

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary to Hyderabad
591.3 Km
09 Hours 30 Minutes

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary to Pune
598.7 Km
10 Hours 40 Minutes