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Bodhgaya weather, hotals and resorts and best places to visit in Bodhgaya

Bodh Gaya in Bihar is a popular place of Gautama Buddha associated with the most important pilgrimage along with Lumbini, Sarnath and Kushinagar in Gaya district where the itinerant prince Siddhartha sat below the Bodhi Tree in meditation for three days and obtained seven weeks enlightment in this holy place and later he was known as a name of Gautama Buddha. This was a place of Buddhism till it was ruled by Turks. The sites on Bodh Gaya are surrounded by the shores of the beautiful river known as Lilanjan or Niranjara River which joins Mohana River and forms Phalgu River. Our incredible India represents Bodh Gaya as a revered, holy and a delightful place where we will come to know about the history of Buddhism and the temples, lakes, trees, monestries etc.

Tourists come and visit this place in a huge quantity. Chilling out with friends or enjoying with family can be done in this revered spot of Gautama Buddha. You will also able to gain knowledge and information about the history of Gautama Buddha. You are warmly welcome in this city. We hope you could gather happy memories with you after returning back to your homes.

Bodh Gaya Airport

Gaya Airport is a public airport in Bihar, India. This airport is 5 kms away from the temple city of Bodhgaya and the second busiest airport in Bihar after Patna.

Best Time to Visit In Bodhgaya

Weather in Bodh Gaya has a blistering climate with pinching sunstrokes during summers. Rainy season brings a relief and leads to frosty climate during winters.

----Winters (October to February)----

In winter weather, the place becomes cold and freezing. Maximum temperature is about 28°C and minimum is 4°C. Sightseeing can be perfectly done in this month. Trekking can be enjoyed in this month.

----Summers (March to June)----

In Summer weather, the place becomes very warm and stresses with harmful sunstrokes with the maximum temperature about 45°C to 47°C and minimum 27°C. Tourists avoid travelling in such a hot and harmful season. Shady placed can be viewed in this season. Trekking will make you tired.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

In Monsoon Season, the place observes heavy water showers with humidity. This season is relieving and pleasing, but is also irritating and is not an ideal time to travel. You should carry a raincoat.

Thus, winters will be enjoyable in Bodh Gaya and it is the perfect season for sightseeing. You can enjoy trekking as well. Carry woolens with you due to extreme chilly temperature. You will be blessed with the tourism places in Bodh Gaya. Remember that without woolens you can suffer from illness so better be prepared for visiting this site. Therefore, must visit at this time.

How to Travel In Bodhgaya and Around The Bodhgaya City

Travelling in Bodh Gaya is amazing and is blessed with various means of transport such as buses, taxi, Tongas and cycle rickshaws which helps you to travel around the place.

---- By Bus ----

Buses are cozy, easily available and budgeted. You can easily afford the fares to bus conductors. The basic fares are about Rs. 10 to Rs. 30.

---- By Cycle Rickshaw ----

They are negotiable and cheap that is a good option to travel in city. Fares can range from Rs. 10 to Rs. 30, depending on the distance.

---- By Tonga ----

They are cheaper to hire than any other transport. A ravishing sightseeing can be done through Tongas. You will surely admire the beauty of surroundings.

---- By Taxi ----

Taxi is the most comfortable vehicle that helps u to move around the place but it is costly. The fare ranges from Rs. 200 – Rs. 500. Taxis are fast and cozy. You should choose this transport for migrating from one place to another.

Best Places To Visit In Bodh Gaya City

Some of the tourist places in Bodh Gaya are as follows:

Mahabodhi Temple In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Mahabodhi Temple In Bodhgaya

Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya is one of the best places constructed around the Bodhi Tree in 7th century AD, therefore shaped like an original stupa contains the carved stone railings constructed and built by King Ashoka. Mahabodhi temple Bodhgaya has been repeatedly renovated by the Burmese King and the Archeological survey of India. This Shrine includes enormous Buddha statues, cross-legged seating and earth touching believed to be the place where Nirvana was attended by Buddha.

Tibetan Monastery In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Tibetan Monastery In Bodhgaya

The Tibetan monastery in Bodh Gaya associated with Dalai Lama who was from Tibet and was a regular visitor of this place. He executed the maintenance and construction of this monastery. This is the oldest and largest monastery of Bodh Gaya. The monastery stores a colorful Tibetan temple and the special wheel of law. The Tibetan monastery is mostly visited by scholars. It also offers the meditation course, books and literatures on Buddhism. People should visit here to know more about Bodh Gaya.

Bodhi Tree In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Bodhi Tree In Bodhgaya

The Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya is also called as Bo which is very large and old tree under which the itinerant prince Siddhartha sat for meditation for three days and obtained seven weeks enlightment in this holy place and later he was known as a name of Gautama Buddha. Bodhi tree, Bodh Gaya is recognized by its heart shaped leaves which had a great significance in the history of Buddhism. Many kings tried to destroy this tree but Emperor Ashoka tried his best to take care of this precious tree.

Great Buddha Statue In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Great Buddha Statue In Bodhgaya

The Great Buddha Statue in Bodh Gaya at a height of 80 feet is an astonishing huge statue built by Dalai Lama in 18th centuary is a specific and most attracting statue as compared to other Bodh Gaya tourist places. This statue portrays the Lord Buddha as sitting on a giant lotus meditating which is made up of a blend of red granite and sandstone blocks.

Sujata Kuti In Bodh Gaya On Mirchi Travels

Sujata Kuti In Bodh Gaya

The Sujata Kuti in Bodh Gaya is located at around 8 km from Bodh Gaya is a Stupa created in remembrance of Senan's daughter (Village chief) of Uruvela called as 'Sujata'. It is believed that Buddha after this hardship of six years had consumed the first morsel of grain and had lost all his belongings, clothes and followers, during his meditation. A must visit is important to know about Gautama Buddha's history.

Cankamana In Bodh Gaya On Mirchi Travels

Cankamana In Bodh Gaya

Cankamana in Bodh Gaya is a pathway utilized by Gautama Buddha during his third week of meditation and enlightment lying towards the north edge of the temple with a Lord's feet carving into the lotuses made up of black stones. The environment around the pathway is very calm and quite. If you are curious to see this pathway then you have to opt for Bodhgaya tourism. A visit is must.

Ajapala Nigrodha Tree In Bodh Gaya On Mirchi Travels

Ajapala Nigrodha Tree In Bodh Gaya

The Ajapala Nigrodha tree in Bodh Gaya shows the presence the Lord. This tree was planted by a shepherd boy to protect the Lord from enemies. The Gautama Buddha practiced his meditation of the fifth week under this tree. He answered the various questions raised by Brahmins about religion and other things.

Animesh Lochana Chaitya In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Animesh Lochana Chaitya In Bodhgaya

The Animesh Lochana (open eyes) Chaitya shrine in Bodh Gaya is a location where Buddha spent 7 days during the second week of his enlightment where he used to look at Bodhi tree. It is believed that he didn't close his eyelids. He believed that it is a meditation technique as a gratitude for sheltering and covering him.

Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple In Bodhgaya

The Indosan Nippon Japanese temple in Bodh Gaya was constructed and built in 1972. It is located at a distance of 15 km from Bodh Gaya city. The temple of Bodhgaya contains the wooden carvings along with Buddhist preaching, Japanese architecture and Japanese paintings narrating special form of life of Gautama Buddha. It is one of the most well maintained spot gathers mostly Buddhist visitors.

Chinese Temple In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Chinese Temple In Bodhgaya

The Chinese Temple in Bodh Gaya is a beautiful Buddha temple situated near the Bodhi temple complex. It reflects the rich Chinese architecture and decorated with beautiful and typical Chinese designs. The overwhelming statue of Buddha is at least 200 years old has been brought from china. It is one of the Bodh Gaya tourist attractions that was renovated in 1997 comprises of three beautiful golden statues of the Buddha. This Bodh Gaya temple is a symbol of spirituality and knowledge.

Dungeswari Hills In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Dungeswari Hills In Bodhgaya

The Dungeswari hills in Bodh Gaya are located at a distance of at least 15 km from the city situated along Phalgu River. It forms a picture that portrays the shrines and ancient Stupas which surrounded the cave and was believed to protect Gautam Buddha for long six years. Then he finally left for Bodh Gaya and gained enlightenment. He was disillusioned after the long meditation and moved on other places in search of true knowledge.

Rajayatna Tree In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Rajayatna Tree In Bodhgaya

The Rajayatna tree in Bodh Gaya is a sacred tree situated in the south east part of Bodhi Temple complex where the Lord Buddha spent his seventh week which was the last week of his meditation. Interestingly, the Burmese merchants and coined, 'I surrender to Buddha'("Buddham Sharanam Gachchami") and took a refuge under the tree.

Muchalinda Lake In Bodh Gaya On Mirchi Travels

Muchalinda Lake In Bodh Gaya

Lake Muchalinda in Bodh Gaya represents an interesting moment that was occurred in Buddha's life. It was believed that when Buddha was meditating during the sixth week of his enlightment near the lake, he felt the water droplets on his body because of the storm. At that time the snake king known as Shesh Naga decided to protect him from the storm. We can see a statue of Buddha near the lake where he is sitting on a snake coil and the hood lies on the centre of the lake. This lake is surrounded by green trees and an amazing atmosphere. People believe that Buddha is also to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Burmese Vihara In Bodh Gaya On Mirchi Travels

Burmese Vihara In Bodh Gaya

The Burmese monastery in Bodh Gaya is a sacred holy place associated with Lord Buddha is a very popular destination for scholars, students and Buddhist people because it offers various in depth study courses and guidance expertise. It has been beautifully decorated with a garden and contains a library also.

Archaeological Society Of India Museum In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Archaeological Society Of India Museum In Bodhgaya

The Archeological Society of India Museum in Bodh Gaya was established in 1946. The museum consists of two galleries, two vehrandas, open courtyard, various artifacts, antiques, excavated articles, educational aids, sculptures of Buddhist and Brahmanical faith, railing pillars and cross bars. In first gallery we will see the sculptures of Yakshi figure, crowned Buddha in bhumi parsh mudra, images of Buddha in different attitudes, etc. On the other hand we will observe the other Buddhist and Brahmanical faith sculptures etc. in the second gallery. This is a place where tourists can fully enjoy by knowing the related information about the museum.

Royal Bhutan Monastery In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Royal Bhutan Monastery In Bodhgaya

The Royal Bhutan Monastery in Bodh Gaya has been constructed as a symbol for the respect to the Lord by the King of Bhutan. The monastery contains the strange and unusual clay carvings depicting various characteristics of Buddhism. It is a well maintained and a unique ministry in Bodh Gaya. The monastery welcomes all the tourists and people to visit.

Thai Monastery In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Thai Monastery In Bodhgaya

Thai Monastery in Bodh Gaya stands for its unique appealing appearance and the refreshing beautiful surroundings. The Thai Temple consists of a curved roof and a sloping covered with golden tiles. The temple houses a beautiful carved yellowish brown colored statue of Lord Buddha. We can see another statue of Lord Buddha which is 25 meters huge is situated in the garden near the monastery.

Ratnaghara In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Ratnaghara In Bodhgaya

Ratnaghara in Bodh Gaya is a location among all the locations where Gautama Buddha has done his seven weeks of meditation for enlightment. People believe that Lord Brahma and Lord Indra created a luxurious hall decorated with the seven precious elements during one of the seven weeks of his meditation which was for his meditation. Ratnaghara today stands as a lonely roofless shrine

Vietnamese Temple In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Vietnamese Temple In Bodhgaya

The Vietnamese temple is one of the Bodhgaya temple which was constructed near the Maha Bodhi temple. It has appealing beautiful surroundings. This temple contains a beautiful and eye catching statue of 'Avalokiteswara' which appears to be smiling and breath taking. This temple creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This temple attracts the visitors from all over the world.

Best Hotels And Resorts In Bodhgaya City

Bodh Gaya resorts are relaxing when you have decided for a Bodh Gaya tour. Some of the best resorts and best hotels of Bodhgaya are as follows:

---- Sujata Hotel in Bodhgaya ----

Sujata Hotel in Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Sujata Hotel in Bodhgaya is located in Japanese Temple Road. It offers a 24-hour front desk, massage parlour, free parking, well-stocked minibar, tea/coffee maker, the air-conditioned rooms, heater, desk, flat-screen satellite TV, bathroom comes with shower, luggage storage, car can be rented, serves refreshing beverages and room service is availability.

---- Mahamaya Hotel In Bodhgaya ----

Mahamaya Hotel In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Mahamaya Hotel In Bodhgaya is located close to Mahabodhi Temple. It contains barbecue facilities, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning rooms with a balcony, Indian, Chinese, Continental and Japanese dishes, a flat-screen TV, minibar, en suite bathrooms, parking is free, laundry services and a 24-hour front desk.

---- Bodh Gaya Regency In Bodhgaya ----

Hotel Bodh Gaya Regency In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Bodh Gaya Regency is located close to Japanese Temple contains free parking, Wi-Fi access, tiled flooring, air-conditioned rooms, flat-screen cable TV, minibar, seating area, electric, en suite bathroom, hot/cold shower facility, luggage storage, laundry, massage services, banqueting facilities and a room service.

Some Resorts Are:

---- Sambodhi Resort In Bodhgaya ----

Sambodhi Resort In Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Sambodhi resort is located in Hathiyar in Bodh Gaya includes free internet connection, well furnished rooms, air conditioned rooms, private bathroom, delicious and yummy food, and room service.

---- Niranjana Resort in Bodh Gaya ----

Niranjana Resort in Bodh Gaya On Mirchi Travels

Niranjana Resort in Bodh Gaya is located close to Bodh Gaya block building at river side includes 24-hour room service, internet access, taxi service, doctor-on-call, banqueting facilities, delicious home-style vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, deluxe rooms, air conditioning, study table, intercom and satellite television.

Guest House in Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya tourism involves a guest for you to stay, which is given below:

---- Lucky Guest House in Bodhgaya ----

Lucky Guest House in Bodhgaya On Mirchi Travels

Lucky Guest House is located near Chaina and Tiwan Temple contains free Wi–Fi accessing, luggage storage, car rental facilities, air conditioned room, laundry, flat screen TV, delicious food and room service.

Bodh Gaya Tour Packages

You can book you Bodhgaya Tour Package at a cheaper rate. Due to hotel cost, your budget can increase or decrease but the other factor doesn't effect the cost of your tour package.
• Bodhgaya tour packages: This package costs about Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 15,000.
• Bodhgaya holiday packages: This package costs about Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000.

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between Bodh Gaya and its nearby cities

2101.2 Km
30 Hours 30 Minutes

Bodh Gaya To Patna
113.6 Km
02 Hours 00 Minutes

Bodh Gaya To Rajasthan
1319.9 Km
18 Hours 10 Minutes

Bodh Gaya To Kathgodam
212.9 Km
04 Hours 30 Minutes

Bodh Gaya To Jamshedpur
334.5 Km
05 Hours 25 Minutes

Bodh Gaya To Kolkata
470 Km
06 Hours 30 Minutes

Bodh Gaya To Pune
1766.6 Km
27 Hours 30 Minutes

Bodh Gaya To Mumbai
1766.6 Km
27 Hours 30 Minutes

1059.6 Km
13 Hours 30 Minutes

563.6 Km
07 Hours 45 Minutes

Tips To Visit In Bodhgaya

1. Trekking can be done.
2. Wear sport shoes or flats to have comfortable trekking.
3. Take essentials with you in a bag while moving around.
4. Carry your voter ID card and passport along with you safely.
5. Carry a city map with you.
6. If there is confusion about any place, ask locals.
7. Check in on hotels only after knowing the full information about it.
8. Avoid travelling in night.
9. Beware of clever guides