Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary And B.R. Hills

3. Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary In India

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary In India On Mirchi Travels

BHAMRAGARH WILDFIFE SANCTUARY is in India known for its extra ordinary animal and bird species. The mixed forest with Gond Madia tribes makes it extra ordinary. It is situated in Maharashtra. Some of the animal species that will amaze you in this spot are leopards, tigers, sloth bear, blue bull, flying squirrel, peacocks, barking deer, fowl etc. The sanctuary is shaded by thick trees that create coolness in the sanctuary. Animal species and bird species can be viewed in this spot comfortably. The month of February is an ideal time to visit. You will feel totally amazing in this sanctuary. This is the prime center of tourists in Maharashtra. You can explore and discover this site by trekking, bus safaris, jeep safaris and elephant safaris. The sanctuary houses a picnic spot for chilling out. You are most welcome in this spot.

When To Visit In Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Climate is pleasant in Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary during winters. But rainy season and summer are very stressful in travelling. Some of the following temperature updates of this sanctuary are as follows:

----Summers (March to June)----

In Summer weather, the place faces burning hotness with maximum temperature of 33°C and minimum 26°C. Avoid visiting this spot during summers because it is really tormenting.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

In Monsoon Season, the National Park has a cool weather with heavy rain falls. It is not an ideal time to visit Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Monsoons creates disturbance in travelling. You can get ill during this season.

----Winters (October to February)----

In winter weather, the place observes moderate coldness. This is the best and the perfect time to travel in National Park.

How To Visit In Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Private vehicles are not allowed within the premises. Take a look towards the following joyful rides:

---- Gypsy Ride ----

These rides are easily available within the park and are arranged by either resorts or tourist departments. People become enthusiastic after taking a ride on Gypsies.

---- Bus Safari ----

Bus safari is also available within the premises. It is arranged and provided by officials of the forest under professional guides. This will let you discover the species inside the sanctuary. They are cheaper and budgeted.

---- Elephant Safari ----

Elephant Safari is not available for everyone. There are limited elephant rides within the wildlife sanctuary. The picturesque scenery of surroundings and a cool climate will take your breath away through this ride. It creates an excitement in travelling. It is not so expensive. It's really an amazing adventurous activity that gives you ye popping views of pristine flora and fauna.

4. B. R. Hills

B. R. Hills In India On Mirchi Travels

BR Hills are also known as 'Biligiriranga Hills'. These pristine hills are located in Karnataka's south eastern region situated at an attitude of about 5091 feet. People from all over the world come to visit BR Hills. It has surplus mountain ranges, lakes and excessive amount of bird and animal species. Being as a wildlife reserve it is preserved and managed by Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. It serves as a junction between eastern and western Ghats. The sanctuary is popular for its vegetation cover and a shed of eco system. A 'Tiger Reserve' was established in 2010 in this spot. The spot has been occupied by a semi nomadic tribe known as 'Soliga'. This tribe is rarely seen within the park. They cultivate and live within the region. A hub of tourists and visitors can be seen chilling in a picnic spot which is situated within the sanctuary. The spot houses many species of flora and fauna which are as follows:
• Bilgiri Swamy Temple made in dedication to lord Ranganatha.
• Scrub forests
• Shoal forests
• Montane grasslands
• Asian wild elephants
• 17 species of tigers
• Largest bovines
• Gaurs
• 26 species of mammals
• Chital
• Barking deer
• Antelope
• Wild dogs
• Leopards
• Sāmbhar
• Sloth beers
• Squirrels
• White tinged tit
• Frogs

When To Visit In B R Hills

Temperature in BR Hills has a pleasant climate during winters and monsoons that bring a relief and comfort. Hot summers are totally avoided.

---- Summers (March to June) ----

In Summer weather, the place becomes hot with maximum temperature of about 38°C and minimum 20°C. This season should be ignored to visit this spot. But if you are in mood you should come with full preparation. Scorching sunlight will make you stressful.

---- Monsoons (July to September) ----

In Monsoon Season, the National Park weather observes heavy rain falls around 300 cm. the park becomes attractive with ravishing flora with cool climate. You should avoid visiting this spot during the winters. You will face little bit of humidity as well

---- Winters (October to February) ----

In winter weather, the place observes the cold and appealing atmosphere with the temperature between 9°C and 16°C. This is the best time to travel in National Park. You should carry woolens to protect yourself from cold even if there is not so cold. We can see the appealing weather in National Park during the winters.

The best and ideal time to visit this National Park is during October to February.

Best Places To Visit In B. R. Hills

---- Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple ----

The splendor structure of temple is one of the centres of attraction on BR Hills. It's impressive and commendable charm will take your breath away. This temple was made in dedication to Lord Ranganatha. Flock of visitors can be seen in this temple offering their prayers to deity. You can view the car festival in this temple which displays ausom cars.

---- Dodda Sampige Mara ----

It is one of the oldest trees of this region where a hub of visitors can be seen. It is located at a distance of about 4 km away from BR Hills. This tree in English language is known as 'Huge Champak Tree'. The tree is situated on the banks of Bhargavi River. The tree has a height of about 34 meters and width of about 20 meters. The tree is adorned with some Shiva lingams. People believed that the tree is an incarnation of Goddess Renuka. She was a wife of a Hindu sage known as Jamadagni.

Adventurous Activities In B. R. Hills

---- River Rafting ----

River drafting can be enjoyed within the park on the river Bhargavi. Camps within the park organize river rafting facilities between Septembers to May. You can view the lush green flora with glitzy water on the river. You will be rafting under management of professionals. They also provide the training.

---- Trekking ----

Trekking in the park will make your journey fabulous. You can trek on the routes of the park and can view awe strucking animal species with migratory birds. It can make your way full of enthusiasm and excitement.

---- Fishing ----

Fishing will make your day in the pristine river water. It provides so much of fun. You can view many different types of fishes during fishing. Visitors are prohibited to take fishes with them after catching them. They have to release it back into the river water. You must try fishing.

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Distances between B. R. Hills and its nearby cities

97.2 Km
02 Hours 30 Minutes

138.3 Km
02 Hours 55 Minutes

202.8 Km
04 Hours 30 Minutes

497.4 Km
11 Hours 40 Minutes