Best Time To Visit In Srinagar And Its Weather

Best Time to Visit In Srinagar

When To Visit Srinagar

Srinagar deals with lovely summers, freezing cold winters and scanty monsoons. Visiting can be done during winters and summers but the best time to travel within Srinagar is between Aprils to October. Now, let us see the following seasons of Srinagar:

---- Summer ( March to June ) ----

During summers, Srinagar becomes pleasant and appealing. The duration of this season is between March to June. Flock of visitors and travelers can be seen within the city moving around different places. The maximum temperature is noted to be as 33°C and minimum is usually below 10°C. You should move around Srinagar during this season. You can see scenic natural beauty during summers. Carry light clothes and enjoy trekking and other adventurous activities in the place.

---- Monsoon ( July to September ) ----

During monsoons, the city faces scanty or low rainfalls. They make the place scenic but it is not at all the good time to visit and travel in Srinagar. Gardens can be seen astonishing during this season in Srinagar.

---- Winter ( October to February ) ----

During winters, the place is seen as freezing cold. The period of winters lies between Octobers to February. Its chilly weather and snowy mounds makes this place charming like heaven. It’s the best time for honeymoons and holiday tours. Carry woolens and sunscreen lotion. Trekking can be done and mount biking can be enjoyed during this season. Maximum temperature is noted to be as 15°C and minimum is noted as 0°C.