Mount Abu Weather And Best Time To Visit In City

When to visit Mount Abu

Best Time To Visit In Mount Abu

Mount Abu temperature contains a variety of changes such as:

  • Change in temperature in Mount Abu
  • Present temperature of Mount Abu
  • Temperature in Mount Abu in December
  • Change in Mount Abu weather

Temperature in Mount Abu has a very appealing climate. Therefore weather Mount Abu leads to chilly atmosphere whereas rainy season is appealing and further leads to astonishing summers.

----Winters (October to February)----

In winter weather, Mount Abu becomes excessively cold. Maximum Mount Abu temperature is about 4 to 12 °C in night and dropped out temperature is about −2 to −3 °C. You should carry woolens properly to protect yourself from windy and chilly cold.

----Summers (March to May)----

In Summer weather, Mount Abu becomes pleasurable and average temperature is about 36°C. This is the best time for tourists to travel in Mount Abu. You should take a water bottle, hat or cap and a handkerchief along with you while travelling.

----Monsoons (June to September)----

In Monsoon Weather, Mount Abu observes pleasurable weather as temperature falls down. This season is relieving and an ideal time for tourists to travel. You should carry an umbrella or raincoat with you.