Best Time To Visit In Kolkata And Its Weather

Best Time to Visit In Kolkata

Kolkata Weather

Kolkata has a dry and wet climatic which is tropical in nature. Summers are exhausting and hot, monsoons bring relief and they are appealing and winters are cool and adorable. The best and perfect time to visit this city of West Bengal is between Octobers to March.

---- Summers (March to May) ----

They lie between Marchs to May. The maximum temperature of Kolkata is about 40°C and minimum is more than 30°C. Avoid visiting in this season as it is scorching, tormenting and disturbing.

---- Monsoons (June to September) ----

They lie between June to September. They bring relief after humiliating summers. You can see panoramic scenic scenery around the city in this month. The state looks mesmerizing with appealing greenery and weather. The annual rainfall is followed by certain humidity.

---- Winters (October to February) ----

They are cool and adorable. They lie between Novembers to February. Maximum temperature is about 11°C and minimum 9°C. This is the perfect time to visit and travel around the city. The city looks charming during the season.