Best Time To Visit In Gangtok City And Its Weather

Best Time to Visit In Gangtok

When To Visit Gangtok

Gangtok Weather And Climate Conditions

Gangtok has a moderate climate with gentle weather. The temperature is ausom throughout the year. The trip can only be enjoyed between the months of September – June. This is an ideal place for honeymooners to enjoy in Gangtok and the trip will only be successful by visiting during winters by honeymoon couples. The city is categorized by five important seasons which are as follows:

---- Spring (March to Mid April) ----

During spring season, the city is observed to be pleasant with natural aura and visiting should also be done in this season. It is the most appealing season in Gangtok where flock of visitors can be seen hiking around.

---- Summer ( Mid April to June ) ----

During summers season, temperature is mild during this season. Mercury level rises and creates maximum temperature of about 22°C. The season is soothing but Gangtok can be travelled. This month is good for tourist activities.

---- Monsoon ( June to September ) ----

During monsoons season, Gangtok deals with heavy rain falls. The place also faces landslides so you should avoid moving around in this season. Hence, the city becomes glamorous but visiting should be avoided. The wettest month of Gangtok during monsoons is July.

---- Autumns ( October to November ) ----

During autumns season, Gangtok feels natural beauty and attracts visitors towards it. It is also the best season to travel in Gangtok along with springs, winters and summers. You should visit in this city and ausom sightseeing can be done.

---- Winter ( December to February ) ----

During winters season, Gangtok faces ausom climatic conditions with astounding weather. This is a perfect season for hangouts. The maximum temperature is Gangtok is about 4°C. The specialty of this season is astonishing snowfalls. This is the best and ideal season for honeymooners to visit and travel around Gangtok and taking tour and travel package. Some spots in city gets blocked and sealed due to snowfalls.