Darjeeling Weather And Best Time To Visit The Hill Station

Best Time to Visit In Darjeeling

Darjeeling Weather

Darjeeling deals with five seasons. This city comprises of lovely weather throughout the year. This heavenly city must be visited between Septembers to June.

---- Summers (April to June) ----

During summers seasons, the city becomes mild with astounding climate. The maximum temperature of city is noted to be 25°C is an ideal time to move around. Carry light clothes with a hat or cap. Taking water bottle is important.

---- Monsoons (July to September) ----

During monsoons season, the city faces torrential rain falls which is scenic and refreshing but not at all the right time to travel. Carry a raincoat or an umbrella to protect you from harsh rain. Some roads might be blocked during this season. Take care of yourself and walk properly on roads as they become slippery.

---- Autumn (Septembers to November) ----

During autumns season, the city sees intermittent showers. Darjeeling looks astonishing during this season. It brings charm and glory and takes the heart away. You should visit at this time to Darjeeling and travel around. It is the best season for honeymooning also.

---- Winter (December to January) ----

During winters season, Darjeeling becomes cold and appealing. The maximum temperature is noted to be 7°C and minimum 5°C. visiting in this season should be must and carry woolens and a water bottle.

---- Springs (February to March) ----

During springs season, the city deals with a moderate climate. The city looks stunning and will impress you by its soothing climate. You can also visit in this season.