Chennai Weather And Best Time To Visit In The City

Best Time to Visit In Chennai

Weather In Chennai

Chennai is seen with humid weather along with hotness because Chennai lies near thermal equator. Chennai is situated on coast is an adorable city to travel. Summers are hot and disturbing, monsoons are with heavy rainfalls but soothing and winters are the best time to travel within the city because they are cool and ausom. November to February is the best time to travel within the gorgeous city -:

----Winters (December to February)----

In winter weather, Winter season months are cool and city becomes gorgeous during this season. Maximum temperature can be seen as 18 °C. They lie between December to February. Chennai can face cyclones between November to December. Beaches can be viewed and water sports can be enjoyed during this season.

----Summers (March to June)----

In Summer weather, it lie between March to May and the maximum temperature is about 40 °C. They are hot and humid and not at all the correct time for travelling within the city.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

During Monsoon season, these months are relieving and lie between June to August. We can see heavy rainfalls during this season. This is not the correct time to travel within the spot. We can also see post monsoons which lie between September to November. You can see the congested roads along with muddy lanes and clogged water. Heavy rains are accompanied by heavy winds.