Best Time To Visit In Chandigarh And Its Weather

Best Time to Visit In Chandigarh

Chandigarh Weather

When To Visit Chandigarh

Temperature in Chandigarh is hot and cold but lovely. You should visit in an ideal time to Chandigarh which is between the months of October to March. During the months between September – March you can do sightseeing and enjoy outdoor activities. June – August are relieving after summers and April – May are best for enjoying indoor activities.

---- Winters (November to February) ----

In winter weather, the city faces a frosty climate but is an ideal time for chilling out. The maximum temperature during this season in Chandigarh is between 7 °C - 20 °C and minimum is between 2 °C - 5 °C. You can view the perfect scenery of Chandigarh during winters.

---- Summers (March to July) ----

In Summer weather, the place becomes extremely hot and travelling I this season becomes difficult. The maximum temperature of Chandigarh reaches till 45°C and minimum lies between 35°C - 42°C. The hottest months of this season are April and May. Try to avoid a visit during this season.

---- Monsoons (August to September) ----

In Monsoon season, the place faces sultry and humid climate with average rainfalls. You can get rid of tormenting summers through rains. This is not an ideal time to travel in Chandigarh. But wonderful surroundings can be viewed and felt.

---- Autumn (September And October) ----

In Monsoon season, the city's temperature is felt to be pleasant and nice. The moderate temperature can be seen and is an ideal time for moving around. The temperature ranges between 13°C - 36°C.