Arunachal Pradesh Weather And Best Places To Visit

Best Time to Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

Climate Condition Of Arunachal Pradesh

We can see variations in the weather and climatic conditions of Arunachal Pradesh. On higher attitudes, there will be occurrence of chilly and snowy climate. On the other hand, lower regions observes cold and pleasant climate. Sea level faces warm and appealing climate. Thus, the weather is totally awesome in Arunachal Pradesh. The ideal time to visit this beauteous state is between the months of October to March.

----Summers (March to July)----

During summers seasons, the state observes warm weather in plain regions. The maximum temperature of foothill is about 40oC during this season. You should take woolens, cap, gloves and mufflers along with if you have decided to travel on high attitudes. For lower regions, you can wear light clothes.

----Monsoons (August to September)----

In monsoon season, this state faces heavy rain falls between 2,000 – 4,000 mm. Thus, you should avoid visiting in Arunachal Pradesh during this season. Roads and routes in this season become slippery. There might be chances of landslides and this season will spoil your vacations.

---- Winters (November to February) ----

In Winter season of Arunachal Pradesh, the state experiences wintry cold climate. High attitudes are felt extremely cold. Average temperature in this season is observed between 15oC to 21oC. Woolens are necessary to bring because there will be cold not only on high attitudes but also on lower regions.