Ambala Weather And Best Time To Visit In Ambala

Best Time To Visit Ambala City

Weather In Ambala

The Environment condition of Ambala city is just like continental type of the weather with unbearable Cold Winter season and extremely hot summers. And the monsoon season is sometime warm and Muggy.

----Summer (Mar to Jun)----

This season's Barometer can jump at the maximum of 46°C as gives very warm and hot summer feeling. And the lowest touches around 35°C. May month is the hottest month of the year and visitor is found rarely in the city.

----Monsoon (Jul to Sep and till mid Oct)----

This season continues till mid of the Oct of the year. Monsoon is having the small period of the year but it is as similar to other cities or part of the entire state. But if we consider the humidity in the atmosphere is much higher than the summer months too. This place is advised to be leave during this period too. The post monsoon season is during October and November and persons can expect to feel cool and pleasant environment.

----Winter (Dec to Feb)----

The winter season starts from Dec and temperatures and Humidity gradually decrease till the last of Feb. The minimum temperature can be 4°C and highest can touches almost is around 17°C.

The Best time to take a visit to the place is around the months of October and November. And Also suitable to take Ambala Tour Packages.