Ahmedabad Weather And Climate Condition In City

Best Time to Visit In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Weather

Weather in Ahmedabad has a very hot and dry climate. But rainy season brings a fruitful change in the climate. Take a look towards temperature updates of Ahmedabad which are as follows:

----Winters (October to February)----

In winter weather, ahmedabad becomes very cool and panoramic views can be seen during these months. Average temperature ranges in 30s.This is a perfect time to visit Ahmedabad. Carry woolens because there is a freezing temperature in Ahmedabad during winters. You can get rid from increasing cold by trekking. It will give you warmth.

----Summers (March to June)----

In Summer weather, Ahmedabad becomes very hot with the temperature of 36°C and sometimes extends up to 45°C. Tourists avoid travelling in such a hot season. Carry light clothes with you like cotton. Air conditioned taxis and buses can be hired in this season. But we will advice you not to travel here in such a hot and scorching season.

----Monsoons (July to September)----

In this season, Ahmedabad observes medium to heavy water showers. This season is relieving and pleasing, but is not an ideal time to travel but if you want to travel then carry an umbrella or raincoat with you. Travelling will become difficult in this season.

Thus, the temperature in keeps on changing that determines the Ahmedabad's weather and its climate. Thus, winters are delightful and a perfect season to travel in Ahmedabad.