Agra Weather And Best Time To Visit

Best Time to Visit In Agra

Agra Weather

Temperature in Agra creates a very chilly climate during winters. But rainy season brings a pleasing weather in Agra. Thus, it further leads to unpleasant summers.

----Summers (March to June)----

In summers season of Agra, the place becomes hot and dry. During this season the temperature of Agra becomes unpleasant. This is not the best time to visit Agra places. You should take a water bottle, hat or cap and a handkerchief along with you while travelling.

----Winters (October to February)----

In winter weather, the place becomes very cold. Agra has a temperature which can be as low as 2°C. This is a perfect time for honeymoon and to travel in Agra. Sightseeing can be done. But, flights are delayed during this season

----Monsoons (July to September)----

In Monsoon Season, the weather in Agra observes heavy rain fall. Agra weather in this season becomes pleasant. The marvelous Taj Mahal looks astonishing during this season.