Agartala Weather And Best Time To Visit With Precaution

Weather In Agartala

Best Time to Visit In Agartala

Temperature in Agartala creates a moderate climate during winters. But rainy season brings a pleasing weather in Agartala. Thus, it further also leads to pleasant summers.

---- Summers (March To July) ----

In summers season of Agartala, the place becomes little hot with maximum temperature below 35oC. During this season the temperature of Agartala becomes pleasant. This is also the best time to visit Agartala places.

---- Winters (October To February) ----

In winter weather in Agartala, the place becomes little cold. Agartala has a temperature which can be as low as 10°C. This is a perfect time to travel in Agartala. Sightseeing can be done perfectly.

---- Monsoons (August To September) ----

In Monsoon weather in monsoon, Agartala weather observes intermittent rain fall. Agartala weather in this season becomes pleasant. Agartala looks astonishing during this season.

Thus, Agartala can be visited during the months between September to May, October to March, April to July and August to February. They are the ideal months for travelling in Agartala.

Weather Precautions

1. You should be alert while travelling in night.
2. Woolen cloth should be carry if you are on a tour package of in winter season.
3. You should carry your light cloths too if you are travelling in summer.
4. You can carry some medicine too for some emergency time.