Best Places To Visit Near Ratnagiri Junts

Best Nearer Places And Junts Of Ratnagiri City

Ratnagiri Junts

Some of the junts near Ratnagiri are as follows:

Jaigad Light House Near Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Jaigad Light House Near Ratnagiri

Jaigad light house near Ratnagiri was constructed in 1832 and is situated in Siddha Buruj bastion at Jaigad Fort’s western edge. This is an ancient lighthouse is still functional. This lighthouse has a marvelous structure catches eye of every visitor. This structure is still standing proudly. This excursion is usually closed on Sundays only. This is an amazing tourist destination to visit.
Timings of visiting: 4 pm - 5 pm

Jaigad Fort Near Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Jaigad Fort Near Ratnagiri

Jaigad Fort in Ratnagiri is located on Peninsula tip overlooks Bay situated on a cliff at a distance of about 35 km away from Ganapatipule looks extremely adorable. Where Shastri River enters the prestigious Arabian Sea, there the Bay is formed. The fort is in ruin conditions but it was once a great royal fort with amazing architecture. Its lovely walls can be still seen. You can also see a deep fosse which is fencing the fort. Jelly Port and Lighthouse are the two attractions situated nearby.

Ganpatipule Beach Near Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Ganpatipule Beach Near Ratnagiri

Ganapatipule Beach is another surprising excursion of Ratnagiri. Swimming is dangerous within this beach because it comprises of rocks and rocks everywhere. Thus, the beach contains soothing sand along with a lagoon, clear water, collection of mango and cashew trees and a vegetarian Marathi dish corner. Kayak can be balanced and enjoyed here. It’s an ideal place for hangouts.

Ganapatipule Near Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Ganapatipule Near Ratnagiri

Ganapatipule is another charming excursion of Ratnagiri situated in Maharashtra is known to be the birth place of Lokmanya Tilak who is known as a leader. The village is situated at about 6 km away from virgin beach on Konkan coastline. Many people tried to develop the Arcadian beauty of this village as this place do not have a touch of commercialism. This place is known to be blessed and miracles were seen. This village is a western deity is believed by local people. There is a legendary story that a temple of lord Ganapati was built in a jungle when a man was running away from clashed and he stumbled on the idol of lord Ganapati. The temple is about 400 years old. The idol within the temple was created after carving a rock beautifully. The village also houses an astounding beach. The weather of this village is usually humid and moist.

Swayambhu Ganapati Temple Near Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Swayambhu Ganapati Temple Near Ratnagiri

This temple is situated at about 20 km away from Ratnagiri contains an idol of lord Ganapati. It is belived that the idol was self-created with white sand. Another precious idol within the temple was created by using copper. Every morning the sound of rhythmic beat can be heard and Chaughadas rhythms in evenings.