Best Places To Visit In Ratnagiri And Attractions

Best Places To Visit In Ratnagiri City

Ratnagiri Attractions

Some of the tourist places in Ratnagiri are as follows:

Gateway of Ratnagiri In Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Gateway of Ratnagiri In Ratnagiri

Gateway of Ratnagiri is a splendor structure adorned with a slopped roof situated in Mandavi beach at Ratnagiri Jetty. This fabulous structure was constructed by Pratinidhi Dhondu Bhaskar. The splendor structure has a facing of Arabian Sea. This structure has really a mind blowing location which grabs attention of most of the visitors. It has a marvelous architecture which will take your breath away. The cool breeze and gentle flow of sea is really enchanting.

Ratnadurg Fort In Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Ratnadurg Fort In Ratnagiri

Ratnadurg Fort in Ratnagiri is a beddable structure situated on the banks of prestigious Arabian Sea. This structure is in the shape of horse shoe looks stunning. The length of this fort is about 1,000 meters covers the total area of about 120 acres. The fort was once accessed by Maratha Empire and Muslim rule. This structure lies across two eye catching hills is now collapsed overlooks Arabian Sea. The fort houses a light house which is its center of attraction. It is situated on Konkan region’s coastal region is a perfect tourist destination in Ratnagiri.

Mandavi Beach In Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Mandavi Beach In Ratnagiri

This beach in Ratnagiri is an awesome place for hangouts. This hotspot is always crowded and is one of the beautiful beaches of Ratnagiri grabs attention of masses of visitors every day and throughout the year. The beach is blessed with a line of pretty seashore adorned with the splendor Rajiwanda Fort and Ratnadurg Fort. The beach is also surrounded by amazing Arabian Sea is an ideal picnic spot. the sand of this beach is lustrous black so the beach is also called by the name of “Black Sea”. This sand makes this beach different from other beaches of Ratnagiri. The beach houses food and drink stalls as well.

Pandre Samudra In Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Pandre Samudra In Ratnagiri

Pandre Samudra is an eye feasting beach always covered by hoards of visitors throughout the year. This beach has been surrounded by a long stretch of sand located close to Ratnagiri. This beach is also known as “White Sea”. The crystal clear water along with soothing sand and arresting weather will definitely take your breath away. A bedecking sunset will make your journey to this land of Ratnagiri will be unforgettable. The palm trees can be seen in its backdrop is an awesome tourist destination which should not be missed.

Thibaw Point In Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Thibaw Point In Ratnagiri

Thibaw Point in Ratnagiri is a breathtaking mansion was constructed in 1910. The mansion is situated atop hill. The mansion is known for its exile shelter of Myanmar’s king and queen. It’s a perfectly remarkable picnic spot of Ratnagiri and we can call it as a pride of Ratnagiri. Entire city can be viewed from this mansion. The bewildering view of sunset can also be viewed from this site. The mansion is settled over Arabian Sea and dense village can be seen from this mansion.

Bhatye Beach In Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Bhatye Beach In Ratnagiri

Bhatye beach in Ratnagiri is another charming beach to chill out. It is the suburb of Ratnagiri with Sahyadri mountain ranges in its background fill divine beauty in its surroundings. The silver sands along with crystal clear blue water add grace to the beach is an ideal place for enjoying water sports. The beach has calm, quite and relaxing atmosphere where people love to see sunset which seems to be quite romantic.

Ganeshgule Beach In Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Ganeshgule Beach In Ratnagiri

Yes, this is another chilling out spot in Ratnagiri which has a commendable beauty. the beach is situated at the outskirts of Ratnagiri is an ideal spot to spend some leisure time with family and friends. The calmness of this spot is at peak represents eternal beauty of its serene sunset, bedecking atmosphere, cheering waves, cool breeze, shining blue water and greenery in its surroundings. the beach is pollution free is a spectacular place for relaxing.

Shri Devi Bhagwati Mandir In Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Shri Devi Bhagwati Mandir In Ratnagiri

This beautiful temple in Ratnagiri is situated within the premise of Ratnadurg Fort is a populous pilgrimage center in this city is also one of the ancient temples in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. This temple is situated on prestigious shores of Arabian Sea. The deity within the temple is eye popping. Look at the architecture of this temple which was brilliantly built. The other deities resided within this temple are Ashtadashbuj Ganapati and Veer Vignesh. The temple used to be crowded throughout the year and during Navratri festival, the temple seems to be overcrowded. This festival is celebrated enthusiastically and marvelously.

Tilak Ali Museum In Ratnagiri On Mirchi Travels

Tilak Ali Museum In Ratnagiri

Tilak Ali Museum in Ratnagiri will surprise you by its beauty and charm is a home for memories of freedom fighters. The museum houses pictures of our great freedom fighters. It is maintained and managed by State Archeological Department. The magnificent photographs are really eye catching. The museum was constructed on Konkani architectural style. The memories of freedom fighters are kept alive through this memorial.