Pune Attraction And Best Places To Visit In The Pune

Best Places To Visit In Pune

Pune Attraction

Dehu In Pune on Mirchi Travels

Dehu In Pune

Dehu in Pune is considered to be the birth place of a well-known and great Sant Tukaram. It is situated on the banks of Indrāvati River. Dehu Temple was built by Tukaram’s youngest son known as Narayanbaba in year 1723. When he was alive, he used to live here are told and taught people how to pray and worship god. Lord Vithal was worshipped here by Sants Tukaram and Dnyaneshwar. Dehu is renowned for Ashadh’s month Palakhi. There is a rock which is situated within the premise. This rock describes Tukaram’s 13th fast. The garden which is situated nearby was made in dedication to Tukaram’s wife. This spot of Pune must be visited.

Katraj Snake Park in Pune On Mirchi Travels

Katraj Snake Park in Pune

Katraj Snake Park in Pune is a thrilling park where rare species of snakes can be discovered and explored. The establishment of this park was done in 1986. You will be amazed to see the fascinating place. You will be able to know many details about snakes. Gaining knowledge is an important thing so it’s a perfect place where you can gain knowledge about not only snakes nut also about turtles and birds as well. King Cobra and Brown Palm Civet are the most amazing creatures within the park. The park is usually closed on Wednesdays.
Timings: 10.30 am to 6.00 pm

Mulshi Lake and Dam In Pune On Mirchi Travels

Mulshi Lake and Dam In Pune

Mulshi Lake and Dam in the city of Pune is an ideal picnic spot where you can chill out and make your day memorable. This catchment area is a charismatic place that has charming surroundings and the observation of Sahyadri ranges can be done from this point along with the view of Dhangarh fort, Koraigadh fort and forests. This dam is a perfect place for nature lovers. This sight is full of beautiful surroundings and other remarkable features that can be seen.

Aga Khan Palace in Pune On Mirchi Travels

Aga Khan Palace in Pune

Aga Khan Palace in Pune is one of the splendor and imposing structures in city which holds an interesting historical importance. This place is a remembrance of Indian Independence movement. This palace is memorized because at this place, our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi, his wife Kasturba Gandhi and Magadeobhai Desai was imprisoned in year 1942 during Quit India Movement. You must visit this palace and give tribute to our father of nation and the people who helped him in giving India the freedom from rule of Britishers. We should give a grand salute to them who made the people of India independent.

Bund Garden In Pune On Mirchi Travels

Bund Garden In Pune

Bund Garden in Pune is situated on the bank of pristine rivers namely Mutha and Mula Rivers. This charming garden attracts many visitors towards it. This garden was built by Sir Janshedji. This garden is also called as Mahatma Gandhi Udyan. This imposing garden has beautiful flora that is really refreshing and relieving. The ausom climate makes this garden more exotic place where you can spend your time in relaxation. The serene atmosphere will really take your breath away. The garden can be visited anytime in a day.

Shaniwar Wada In Pune On Mirchi Travels

Shaniwar Wada In Pune

Shaniwar Wada is a captivating palace in Pune which was constructed in 1730 by King Baji Rao. This palace is really an amazing spot for chilling out. The palace was created in Maratha architectural style with a mixture of Mughal architectural style. The palace represents the culture of Marathas very well. The palace contains adorable interiors with illustrious and technical structures and exteriors are impressive as well. They palace is open for visitors everyday but just visit in a specific time only.
Timings of visiting: 8 am - 6.30 pm

David Synagogue Or Lal Deval In Pune On Mirchi Travels

David Synagogue Or Lal Deval In Pune

David Synagogue is another enchanting structure situated within Pune city. The structure was made in Victorian architectural style. It was built in year 1861 by David Sassoon. This monument is surrounded by impressive flora that will take your heart away. The palace also has big sized frontal pillars, clock tower and Gothic architecture is being used in different parts of the structure. The structure is attended by foreigners mostly. Its lovely design will make you visit here again and again.

Parvati Hill Temples In Pune On Mirchi Travels

Parvati Hill Temples In Pune

Parvati Hill Temples in Pune are situated on a beautiful hill of Parvati which is awe strucking. Parvati Hill Temple was constructed during 17th centuary. The hill has amazing surroundings with alluring weather. The temples were made in exotic architectural styles with unique designs and patterns. The temples houses many idols of lord Vishnu, lord Ganesha, lord Karthikeya, lord Devateshwar and goddess Parvati. Peshwa rulers used to offer their prayers to the gods in n this spot. The hill is really astonishing and it becomes more beautiful when it is seen during sunset and sunrise. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this hilly area.

National War Museum in Pune On Mirchi Travels

National War Museum in Pune

The National War Museum in Pune is a winning place where the tribute, salute and homage are paid to the heroes of Indian war heroes. The museum was made open for public view in year 1988. The museum runs by the people of Pune and Citizen’s forum. The museum displays a wide collection of items, artifacts and handicrafts related to great Indian people who were included in war. The impressive collection of various items will take your heart away. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this museum. The imposing interiors and exteriors will together blow your mind.

Panshet Water Park In Pune On Mirchi Travels

Panshet Water Park In Pune

This water park brings enjoyment and happiness which is situated between two lovable dams namely Panshet Dam and Varasgaon Dam. There are many water slides which will take your breath away. The park will make your day ausom. It’s an ideal place where you can visit in any season. The slides with beautiful surroundings and other superb characteristics will make you satisfied after visiting to Pune’s fascinating water park. The dams that are situated nearby are really astonishing. They looks mesmerized during sunset and sunrise but the view of only sunset can be seen. If you really want to have funs then visit this amazing water park.

Pataleshwar Caves in Pune On Mirchi Travels

Pataleshwar Caves in Pune

Pataleshwar Caves in Pune is a formn of rock-cut temple which is standing since 8th centuary. This cave houses a superb temple known as Pataleshwar Cave Temple which was made in memorization of lord Pataleshwar. This cave was created by carving a single stone. The cave also has illustrious pillars with detailed work and there is an eye catching Nandi Mantapam which is placed at its entrance. The cave and temple both holds a historical as well as religious importance that can be known after visiting this spot.

St. Mary Church in Pune On Mirchi Travels

St. Mary’s Church in Pune

St. Mary’s Church in Pune is an ancient church which was constructed by Britishers in memorization of those British people who were used to reside in Pune. It was created in year 1825. This astounding church houses a pipe organ which has gained its importance since 130 years. Church has a mortal remain of Sir Robert Grant which sis placed under its floor that can be seen. The offering of prayers in the church will make your every wish come true so visit this church and get connected to the lord with a true heart.

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum In Pune On Mirchi Travels

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum In Pune

This museum in Pune is situated in Bajirao Road. The appreciable museum has a collection of various items related to Dr. D.G. Kelkar. The interesting items will show you their importance and emergence. You will get knowledge about Dr. D.G. Kelkar and his history as well. The museum also displays various impressive images of lord Ganesha. There is also a brass scorpion along with 17th centuary paintings and 20th centuary paintings. Visit this museum and get connected to the world of doctor.
Timings of visiting: 8.30 am - 6 pm

Sinhagarh Fort In Pune On Mirchi Travels

Sinhagarh Fort In Pune

Sinhagarh Fort is an imposing monument situated in south-west direction at distance of about 20 km away from Pune city. Earlier, the fort was called as Kondhana Fort. The fort is standing on an isolated cliff above the sea level at a height of about 1380 meters. The fort is standing upon Sahyadri Mountains on Bhuleshwar range. The fort’ emergence was captured or observed after 1670’s Battle of Singhagarh. Many other battles were held in this region. The fort has steep slopes that protects fort and there are two huge gates of this fort namely Pun Darwaza and Kalyan Darwaza. The fort has strong walls and glitzy bastions. The fort was once a place for protecting Pune during Maratha rule. This fort must be visited.

Tribal museum in Pune On Mirchi Travels

Tribal Museum In Pune

Tribal museum in Pune represents the culture and life of Tribal people. The museum displays many artifacts related to the emergence and living conditions of tribal people and formation of their community. The museum houses artifacts, musical instruments, weapons, paintings and other items which can be viewed. Tribes such as Marai tribes, Wagdheo tribes, Bahiram tribes and Danteswari tribes are represented here which features characteristics of those tribes. The museum remains closed on governmental holidays and Sundays. It is open for every week day except Sundays.
Timings of visiting: 10 am - 5 pm

Shivapur Near Pune On Mirchi Travels

Shivapur Near Pune

Shivapur near Pune is a fascinating place is famous for its stones that levitate. The place is situated about 50 km away from Pune city. This place is related to a great magician known as Sufi Saint Qamar Ali. A mythical myth is attached to this place where visitors love to spend their time. Earlier, here were two stones where exercises were done and this place was served as a gymnasium spot but now the sacred shrine is situated on that spot. There is a story of this Sufi saint that wrestlers used to make fun of saint. He proclaimed that the bigger stone will be lifted by using 11 fingers and smaller one will be lifted by 9 fingers then only you will prove yourself as wrestlers.

Saras Garden in Pune On Mirchi Travels

Saras Garden in Pune

Saras Garden in Pune is situated in front of Parvati Hills and exotic surroundings. The garden was built by Nanasaheb Peshwa and the temple that is situated within this garden was built by Madhav Rao Peshwa in year 1774. The temple was made in dedication to lord Ganesha. The garden also houses a Ganesh Murthi museum that displays various items related to lord Ganesha and other things. This is an ideal spot for chilling out either with friends or family. The spot offers panoramic views of Parvati Hills and scenic natural surroundings.

Chatushrungi Mata Temple In Pune On Mirchi Travels

Chatushrungi Mata Temple In Pune

Chatushrungi Mata Temple is one among three other ancient temples in Pune. This sacred temple wills to collect masses of visitors towards its structure. The prime deity of this temple is Devi Mata who is believed to bless every visitor with her eternal powers. Navratri festival is celebrated here with great enthusiasm and lovely decorations so don’t miss this chance and visit this place. People will be seen hiking in this place and offering prayers to main deity with a true heart. It is also believed that Devi Mata purifies mind and soul of every person who visit this temple.

Mahatma Phule Museum In Pune On Mirchi Travels

Mahatma Phule Museum In Pune

This museum in Pune is a superb destination where magnificent brass ware, marbled statues, artifacts and jewelries can be seen. The establishment of this museum was done in 1875. The museum is also called as Mahatma Phule Vastu Sangrahalaya. Information related to items present inside the museum can be acknowledged and knowledge can be gained. The museum can be visited every day except Wednesdays. This museum will let you know everything about its features and characteristics so don’t miss this chance of visiting.
Timings of visiting: 8 am to 5 pm.