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Best Attraction Or Places To Visit In Nainital

Nainital Attraction

Tiffin Top or Dorothy's Seat in Nainital on Mirchi Travels

Tiffin Top (Dorothy's Seat) In Nainital

Tiifin Top, in Nainital is located at about 4 kms on Ayarpatta hill from the city center. It is also known as Dorthy's Seat . The plausible ways to reach the point are the pony ride and trekking which creates an interesting view of surroundings. It is named after Mrs. Dorothy Kellet, by her husband Col J.P. Kellett DSO MC(British Army Officer) who loved her so much. It is one of the popular nainital tourist spots.

Land's End In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Land's End In Nainital

Land's End in Nainital is located at about 4 kms from the town. It is a popular appealing picnic spot that gives a perfect view of Khurp Tal and beauteous plains. The surrounding contains the pine valleys and small scattered hamlets which seem to be truly amazing.

Himalayan View Point In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Himalayan View Point In Nainital

Himalayan View Point located around 5 km from Nainital on the way to Kilbury at an altitude of about 2300 meters. It also known as Himalayan Darshan. The spot contains the most terrific views of the great Himalayan Mountains and the lush green lower forested ridges. It is an important place to feel the scenic beauty of the nature.

Naina Peak In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Naina Peak In Nainital

Naina Peak in Nainital is the highest peak in the town located at a height of 2615 meters at a distance of 6 kms from Mallital. We can see the snow capped high Himalayas from this point as well as the Tibet Border and Nanda Devi Peak. This peak is the most beautiful peak like a paradise and a popular picnic spot in Nainital.

Eco Cave Gardens In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Eco Cave Gardens In Nainital

Eco Garden in Nainital is situated near Kumaon University Campus. This spot is famous for its rocky caves, hanging gardens and the musical fountain. There are six small caves that were made in a form of animals shapes attracts children and adult alike. There are many caves that offer interesting activities for children. The best time to visit is during the evening when the musical fountain creates a spectacle with various audio video effects.
Time for visiting: It is open from morning 9:30am to evening 5:30pm
Closed on Mondays and National Holidays.

Naini Lake In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Naini Lake In Nainital

It is a nainital lake known as Naini or Tririshi Lake situated in the heart of the city. This lake has got its name after Goddess Parvati. People believed that her eye was fallen into the lake. It is itself an eye shaped lake. This place is mainly concerned with boating enjoyed by the people and tourists a lot. There is a yatching club beside the lake where people visit during the yatching festival , held in October. The bridge over the lake connects the two banks contains the few small shops and a post office. It is a nainital tourist place where a large amount of people come to take a view of the beautiful scenery surrounded around the lake.

Tibetan Market In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Tibetan Market In Nainital

The Tibetan Market in Nainital is a shopping center that contains variety of items such Scarves, shawls, woolen clothing, Himalayan bags, junk jewellery, watches and so on. The famous Naini lake flows near this market gives an astonishing view of nature and makes a mood of a person rejoiced and refreshed. This market also allows bargaining system where you can bargain on your items as much as you want. You can shop a good and original variety of things from this market.

Hanuman Garhi In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Hanuman Garhi In Nainital

Hanuman Garhi in Nainital is situated at a height of 6,401 ft above sea level around 3 km from the city. It is a popular temple lies to the south of Tallital built by Baba Neem Karoli in 1950. We can observe the ausom scenery of appealing sunrise and sunset.

Governor's House In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Governor's House In Nainital

The Governor's House in Nainital was built in 1899 designed by F.W Steven built in Victorian Gothic style teaked with wood and precious stones which is like a castle of Scotland served as a residence of governor of North west province and later became summer residence for Governor of united provinces. It is also known as Raj Bhavan that includes two – storied mansion, 133 rooms, a swimming pool, garden and golf course.
Entrance fee= Rs. 50
Timings for visiting: From morning 11 am to evening 5 pm
Golf course fare= Rs. 450

Snow View In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Snow View In Nainital

Snow View in Nainital is situated at an altitude of 2,270 m away from the main town at a distance of 3 kms. It offers the splendid and awestruck view of snowfall in Nainital. It can only be accessible through ropeway. It gives a refreshing view of Himalayan Mountains along with Naini Lake, cloudy sky, beauty of nature etc.
Timings for visiting: From morning 9 am to evening 5 pm
Fares: Round trip charges Rs. 50, One-way charges Rs. 30
Basic Fare: Rs. 150 per person and Rs. 75 per child

Pangot In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Pangot In Nainital

Pangot in Nainital is located at about 15 kms away from Nainital. It is a village that is a hill station popular for its forests and avian species. When we talk about Pangot we think about a fairytale where we can hear the chanting of birds, snowcapped hills and tea stalls. It is a perfect place to forget all the tensions of life and live in a peaceful and refreshing environment.

St. John In The Wilderness Church In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

St. John In The Wilderness Church In Nainital

St John's Church in Nainital is located in its north end. It was established in the ancient period of 1844 also known as Mallital situated close to the Naina Devi Temple. This name of church was given by Daniel Wilson (Bishop of Calcutta). He slept in an unfinished house when he became ill during the visit to Nainital in 1844. This church symbolizes as a memorial for the victims of landslide of 1880. Thus, we can see the names of victims written in a brass plaque.

Nainital Zoo In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Nainital Zoo In Nainital

This Nainital zoo in Nainital situated at the high attitude about 2100 meters away from bus stand is a home to a variety of animals, namely, Himalayan black bear, Siberian Tiger, Leopard, Wolf, Palm civet cat, Rose ringed Parakeet, Silver Pheasants, Hill Fox, Barking Deer etc. This is an astonishing place for the people who are interested in wildlife and can take visit in this zoo throughout the year.
Timings of visiting: From morning10 am to evening 4.30 pm
Closed on Mondays, national festivals and national holidays
Basic fares: Adults Rs. 20 and Children Rs. 10

The Mall Road In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

The Mall Road In Nainital

The Mall road in Nainital joins the two ends of Mallital and Tallital hosts Methodist Church and Roman Catholic Church of St Francis. This road runs along the side of the lake also known as Govind Ballabh Pant Marg. The Mall road is a crowded and a busy area containing shops, restaurants, travel agents, and business concerns. We can explore the mall road by footsteps.

Astronomical Observatory In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Astronomical Observatory In Nainital

The astronomical observatory is located on Manora peak 9 kms away from Nainital was established in 1955. It is a main branch for astronomical studies and artificial satellites for conducting astrophysical research and developing facilities.
Viewers can visitor can get access to the observatory. They can gain knowledge and information about the observatory. They can also have pleasure of observing the celestial objects through the telescope.
Timings of visiting: From evening 7 pm to 9 pm

Aurobindo Ashram In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Aurobindo Ashram In Nainital

Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Nainital is situated in the Himalayan Center at the distance of 1 km away from busy market area amidst the green hills of the Kumaon valley. A stay at the ashram depends upon prior notice and permission. People can learn the art of persistence and can also gain knowledge of depth of peace through meditation and yoga activities.

Naina Devi Temple In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Naina Devi Temple In Nainital

Naina Devi temple in Nainital is situated on the north end of the Naini Lake. The temple represents a story of the Goddess Sati's eyes which were fallen on this part of land when Lord Shiva carried her body. She burnt herself because she was not able tolerate the insult of her and Lord Shiva when King Daksha (father of Goddess Sati) refused to invite them for yajna. This temple is dedicated to this incident where the two netras (eyes) depicts the deity of the temple accompanied with Lord Ganesha and Mata Kali. There should be a must visit to the shrine.

Boat House Club In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Boat House Club In Nainital

The Boat House Club in Nainital is one of the popular places that can be placed under the category of ancient heritage. It is one of the Nainital tourist places that contain the yummy delicious food in a cheap rate.

Guano Hills In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Guano Hills In Nainital

The Guano Hills in Nainital is situated in the Pangot village. It contains an excellence of tracks for a long walk that takes you through a thicket of oak, deodar and bamboo. We can observe the rare species of birds, flora and fauna. It creates enthusiasm among the travelers. You can also capture the pictures of your memories in this hill with your cameras.

Gurney House In Nainital On Mirchi Travels

Gurney House In Nainital

Gurney house in Nainital is situated on Ayarpatta Hill, is a residence of Jim Corbett who was a hunter and born in Nainital and later began write on conservation of wildlife especially tigers. This house is now converted into a museum consists the display of Corbett memorabilia.