Mussoorie Attraction And Best Places To Visit

Best Places To Visit In Mussoorie

Mussoorie Attraction

Cloud's End In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Cloud's End In Mussoorie

Cloud's end in Mussoorie is located at about 6 km west of the library can be reached from Happy Valley through the Hathipaon road. The bungalow can be seen in this area built by a British major that was one of the first four buildings of Mussoorie built in 1838 and has now turned into a Hotel. You can also visit the Benog Wildlife sanctuary by a walk of 2 km away from cloud's end either with a car or on foot. It is one of the astonishing Mussoorie tourist places where the walk under the flora and fauna energizes you and makes a refreshing mood.

Kempty Falls In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Kempty Falls In Mussoorie

Kempty falls Mussoorie is located nearly 1364 meters above sea level which is 15 km from Mussoorie on the Chakrata Road, Uttarakhand. This is one of the most popular, crowded and largest cascade tourist spot comes in Mussoorie tourist places. Your visit in Mussoorie will be incomplete without bathing under the water of Kempty fall Mussoorie.

Lal Tibba In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Lal Tibba In Mussoorie

Lal Tibba in Mussoorie is the highest point also known as Red Hill and Depot Hill due to the presence of the improvement depot. It is Mussoorie tourist place that contains the stationery of Indian Military Services where the hill access is restricted. All India Radio and Doordarshan broadcasting stations or towers are located at its top. It is dangerous to travel on this hill during the rains/monsoons because it gets slippery.

Happy Valley In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Happy Valley In Mussoorie

Happy Valley in Mussoorie lies on the western side of Library Point. The road to this valley houses the IAS Academy, the Municipal Gardens and Tibetan temples. It will take you to the far end of Mussoorie known as the Cloud's End. Tourists must visit this beautiful valley that represents an appealing and scenic beauty of nature.

Hathipaon And Park Estate In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Hathipaon And Park Estate In Mussoorie

The Park Estate at Hathipaon in Mussoorie is located between the Himalayas and the Doon valley. It was used to be a residence and observatory of Sir George Everest. We can see the colonial bungalow with wooden beams and fire places and it will be difficult for small vehicles to move around because of the roughness in roads but bigger vehicles can be manageable .This place contains the prepossessing scenery which is breath taking and awe strucking.

Landour Bazaar In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Landour Bazaar In Mussoorie

Landour Bazaar in Mussoorie is located at about 4 km up the hill from the Mall. Captain Young used to live in this area that discovered Mussoorie. His house is known as Mullingar Estate which is in a very bad state. It is on a precipitous slope located in a cantonment area. You can get help from the handwritten directions that are nailed on the trees. This is a silence and a pollution-free zone. This place contains the fresh air where you can forget your all stress and get rejuvenated and refreshed.

Library Bazaar In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Library Bazaar In Mussoorie

Library Bazaar in Mussoorie is located at the end of the Mall built in the mid-19th century also known as Gandhi Chowk symbolizes Mahatma Gandhi's statue that stands in a corner of bazaar. It contains a Victorian-style Library that only permits the members entry and the non-members entry is difficult. There is a Band Stand which plays music all night. You can shop here with full enjoyment.

Sisters Bazaar In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Sisters Bazaar In Mussoorie

Sisters Bazaar in Mussoorie located in a Prakash Brother Store is in a residential colony accompanied with old cottages, few shops, lined up with pines, oaks and deodars. The houses are owned by some of the celebrities namely Dev Anand, Victor etc. are made here. There should be a must visit to this famous Bazaar.

Tibetan School And Homes In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Tibetan School And Homes In Mussoorie

Tibetan school and homes in Mussoorie is located beside the Tibetan Buddhist temple is one of inventiveness of Dalai Lama's social work. His main aim was to set up the Tibetan Homes Foundation, to provide shelter to hundreds of Tibetan refugee children and to provide education to these children. It runs on donations provided by the well-wishers.
Timings of visiting: From morning 9 am to evening 5 pm on a weekday.
Closed on Sundays and school holidays in January.

The Mall Road In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

The Mall Road In Mussoorie

The Mall Road Mussoorie is located in the center of the city. Mall road Mussoorie gives a view of the colonial period with the benches, lampposts, video games parlors of 1980 style, skating rinks and the Methodist Church.

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary In Mussoorie

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary in Mussoorie is located in the thick jungles surrounded by beauty of nature, the pine-clad hill slopes, and snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, fauna, and rare species of birds, red-billed blue magpie, leopard and deer. You can enjoy a day long trek in this sanctuary which will give you a decorative, magnificent, enchanting, captivating, fascinating, beauteous and comely feelings of surroundings.

Dhanaulti In Mussoorie

Dhanaulti In Mussoorie

Dhanaulti in Mussoorie is located near Surkhanda Devi shrine lies on the east of Landour along the Tehri road surrounded by the pines and deodars. A rough path leads to this small hamlet where we can see the pines and deodars. It is the destination for the spiritually minded souls where one can view an awe strucking image of the Himalayas with the sound of the cicadas. Thus, sightseeing in Mussoorie is a good option to feel the beauty of nature.

Gun Hill In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Gun Hill In Mussoorie

Gun Hill Mussoorie is the second highest point located at a height of about 400 ft at an altitude of 2024m above the Mall. It accommodates the water reservoir. When you are sightseeing in Mussoorie, the visit in gun hill should be must.

Jharipani Falls In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Jharipani Falls In Mussoorie

Jharipani Falls is located at 8.5 km from Mussoorie is 6 km trek downhill, a 30 minutes' walk from the Jharipani Main market via St George's boarding school. It is one of the Mussoorie tourist places with scenic surroundings with heart striking beauty of atmosphere. It includes the two popular boarding schools namely St George's, Wynberg Allen, and Oakgrove.

Jwala Devi Temple In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Jwala Devi Temple In Mussoorie

Jwala Devi is located at an altitude of 2240 meters, 9 km west of Mussoorie situated on the top of Benog Hills. A trip to this blooming temple creates an astonishing perception about the beautiful scenery covered around you. It creates a heavenly feeling.

Municipal Garden In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Municipal Garden In Mussoorie

The municipal garden in Mussoorie is located in a Happy Valley. This Mussoorie tourist place is known as Company Bagh gives an image of old colonial gardens that provides captivating wide green carpet, an enchanting fountain in the center and pretty plants all around. You are most welcome!!!

Mussoorie Lake In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Mussoorie Lake In Mussoorie

Mussoorie Lake in Mussoorie is a divine lake constructed by City Board & Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority is a newly developed lake. It provides pedaled boating facilities. This Mussoorie tourist place gives the smashing views of surroundings and has become a popular tourist site.

Sir George Everest's House In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Sir George Everest's House In Mussoorie

ST Georges Mussoorie is located at 6 km from Gandhi Chowk. It is a picnic spot and is the world's highest peak. Mt. Everest name was given to this peak after Sir George Everest. Park Estate is a place where one can find the remains of the Surveyor-General of India Sir George Everest's building and laboratory from 1830 to 1843. On one side there is a photogenic view of Doon Valley and a fascinating view of the Aglar River valley on the other along with snowy mountains of the Himalayas. To visit ST Georges Mussoorie you can access this place by any vehicle.

Nag Devta Temple In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Nag Devta Temple In Mussoorie

Nag Devta Temple in Mussoorie Placed is an ancient temple is located at about 6 km from the city on Cart Mackenzie Road dedicated to Snake God 'Lord Shiva'. The temple is crowded by many devotees and tourists. We can observe the beauteous view of Doon Valley and Mussoorie city.

Tibetan Buddhist Temple In Mussoorie On Mirchi Travels

Tibetan Buddhist Temple In Mussoorie

The Tibetan Buddhist temple in Mussoorie is located close to the IAS Academy on the Happy Valley road set up by the Tibetan population. This temple contains the prayer flags and clay lamps presented in the lamp house. The temple is also called as 'Shedup Choepelling temple'. When Dalai Lama fled Tibet he was granted the land in Dharamshala by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (Prime Minister) and he took refuge in Mussoorie. This temple has a divine atmosphere that one can feel.
Timing of visiting: From morning 7 am to evening 5 pm.

Christ Church In Mussoorie

Christ Church In Mussoorie

The Christ Church in Mussoorie was built in 1836 is the most ancient church in the Himalaya. It is made by a Gothic design with elegant interiors and walls are made with contributions from various other people. We can also see an old ancient William Hill along with a deodar tree planted by Princess of Wales in 1906 organ in the church.