Mumbai Attraction And Best Places To Visit In City

Best Places To Visit In Mumbai City

Mumbai Attraction

Elephant Cave In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Elephant Cave In Mumbai

Elephant cave in Mumbai is located in Gharapuri Island. This spot was declared as the world heritage site of UNESCO. The cave is very old and grabs attention of visitors by its historical charm. It once had a great importance between the periods of 9th centuary AD to 13th centuary AD. The sculptures in this site are showing the faces of gods like Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. The caves reflect the history of life that existed in this city before. This is one of the renowned sites in Mumbai that is seen and will be visited by maximum visitors who travels in Mumbai. Thus, you will gain knowledge about the site and will explore many more things about the caves.

Gateway Of India In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Gateway Of India In Mumbai

The Gateway of India is one of the important tourist attractions of Mumbai. It is located on waterfront has inner width of about 15 meters This honorable pride of India and Mumbai was built in 1911 to honor the visit of great Queen Marry and King George V. Gateway of India has been constructed in a Indo-Saracen architecture. The structure is adorned with Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture. This historical and most important site of Mumbai gathers attention of many visitors. Its architectural charm and patterns catches eyes. Never and ever miss the chance or opportunity to visit this marvelous gateway if you are planning to visit Mumbai or if you have visited Mumbai. You must visit this mighty place if you are planning to visit Mumbai.

Borivali National Park Or Sanjay Gandhi National Park In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Borivali National Park Or Sanjay Gandhi National Park In Mumbai

Borivali National Park is also known as Sanjay Gandhi National Park is situated in Mumbai city. This is one of the most visited national parks in India and is popular for its abundance of flora and fauna. People love to raise its natural beauty that surrounds the park. This national park is often said as the largest park of the world. The oldest Kanheri Hills are located within the park which is its center of attraction. You must visit this wonderful spot for chilling out. The park also offers boat rides, lion safaris, tiger safaris and will let you view the Kanheri Caves as well. Safaris will give you fun and you will enjoy your every moment in this park. The park is amazing full of surprises. Thus, visit this spot if you are in Mumbai. Upgrade your knowledge and explore the world within this beautiful park in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Timings of visiting: 7.30 am to 6 pm.

Marine Drive In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Marine Drive In Mumbai

Marine Drive is one of the most visited sites in Mumbai is a beautiful place for hangouts and it looks astonishing during nights. It is situated in concrete jungle with is parallel of amazing six lane road with Arabian coast. Marine drive's official name is Subhash Chandra Bose Road. Marine Drive is in 'C' shape is a wonderful place where you can spend your precious time with your family and partners. This romantic place will increase your love for your partner and the sea with winds will take your breath away. Marine Drive looks amazing in sunsets. This is an astonishing place where spending time will become crucial if you start visiting here one or two time. The relaxation and satisfaction that this place gives, no other place would provide you this thing. Marine drive is a fantabulous spot where the sound of sea shores and beauty of water and blowing wind will take your breath away.

Essel World In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Essel World In Mumbai

Essel World in Mumbai is one of the famous and grabbing attention spot. This is the world's largest amazing amusement park in India. This is the favorite spot of children and adults. If you want to make you day then you should visit this ausom water park which contains enormous water rides and other rides. This exotic place will give you the feeling of relaxation and relieve. The most awe strucking place will take your breath away and you will enjoy and collect sweet and fun experiences with your friends and family. A perfect holiday is incomplete without Essel world. This spot is made for enjoyment and one can really feel relieving into this spot. Summers are an ideal time to visit this water park as it will give you relaxation from hot weather.

Chowpatty Beach In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Chowpatty Beach In Mumbai

Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai should be visited as it is one of the soothing and entertaining spot. The astonishing waves, moving wind, exotic surroundings, lip smacking food stalls, golden sand and crowd of people makes this place adorable. If you want to pass your time and chill out, this place will give you all that. Hike with your friends and family to make your day full of joy and fun. We are sure that Chowpatty beach will adore you by its surroundings and ausom sea shores. The soothing sand with visitors buzz is a common thing but the breath taking beach water that makes your skin wet is an ausom thing especially during summers.

Hanging Gardens In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Hanging Gardens In Mumbai

Hanging gardens in Mumbai is also known as Ferozeshah Mehta Garden. It was constructed in 1881 is situated at the top of Malabar hills. The garden looks simply amazing with bushes that are carved in different shapes of animals. Watching sunset at this site will really make your day. Visiting in this garden will make you relieve and is a favorite spot for nature lovers. It's an ideal and popular picnic spot for children. This garden when connects with ausom weather, it looks mind blowing. People love to visit this marvelous place.

Jehangir Art Gallery In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Jehangir Art Gallery In Mumbai

Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai was built in 1952 by Sir Cowasji Jehangir. This art gallery represents numerous attractive and eye catching artifacts. The glorious and precious arts and crafts related to Indian country are displayed in this gallery. You have an opportunity to view these priceless treasures of India. this art gallery spreads its magnificent beauty towards people and people love to xplore this site. They gain knowledge and love the eye catching artifacts. They adopt the techniques and other things that were used to make these items. Please visit.
Timings of visiting: Daily, 11 am to 7 pm

Victoria Terminus In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Victoria Terminus In Mumbai

Victoria Terminus also known as CST Terminus is a historical building which was built in 1888. The terminus is commonly known as VT Station and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The building was declared as the world heritage site of UNESCO. The splendor structure is made up of Victorian Gothic and Indian architectural styles. There is a lovely statue of queen Victoria situated within the building. Thus, VT has an amazing architecture that catches the eyes of visitors easily. The most fabulous structure in Mumbai, Maharashtra is waiting for your visit.

Kanheri Caves In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Kanheri Caves In Mumbai

The populous Kanheri caves are located in Boravali within Sanjay Gandhi National Park expanse in Mumbai. It is located above sea level at a height of about 1500 feet. The panoramic views of city can be seen through this point. There are about 109 Kanheri caves within the park that are the center of attraction for visitors. These caves give an eye popping view. These caves were built during the period of Maurya and Kushana and had faced a great importance between 2nd centuary BC to 9th centuary. The precious caves were once adorned with Buddhist lifestyles and served as Buddhist Viharas. These caves display its historical importance. Its awe strucking beauty invites you towards its place.

Mahakali Caves In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Mahakali Caves In Mumbai

Mahakali Caves in Mumbai is situated in Udayagiri Hills. The caves represent the Buddhist monasteries. Mahakali Caves are rock-cut caves which were earlier called as Kondivita Caves. These caves are 2000 years old but still serve its beauty to everyone who visits. There are about 19 Caves of Maahkali in Udayagiri Hills but this cave is believed to be the special one. This cave comprises of Buddha figures. The place is an ideal spot for archeology and nature lovers. These caves are the most soothing spots in Mumbai that represents not only its architecture but also its historical significance.

Haji Ali Mosque In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Haji Ali Mosque In Mumbai

Haji Ali Shrine in Mumbai has a bachground of beauteous sea. It was made in dedication to a Muslim Sufi who was earlier a merchant namely Haji Ali. It is one of the most famous religious places in Mumbai where thousands of devotees can be seen per day. The shrine contains an attractive tomb of glass work surrounded by a courtyard. Bollywood celebrities are seen in this spot offering their prayers to god. This is the famous spot and offering prayers and wishes will come true if you visit this sacred spot. People from all over the world come to visit Haji Ali Shrine. You should also come.

Kamla Nehru Park In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

Kamla Nehru Park In Mumbai

Kamla Nehru Park in Mumbai is located near Chowpatty Beach and Marine drive. Its name was emerged after the name of first Prime Minister of India known as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. This is the children and elders favorite park where they move around. To stay away from hustle and bustle of city, you can visit here to be relaxed and relieved. Kamla Nehru Park is known to be one of the most populous parks in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Visiting at this park will complete your journey. The sprawling surroundings of park will take your breath away.

St Thomas Cathedral In Mumbai On Mirchi Travels

St Thomas Cathedral In Mumbai

St. Thomas' Cathedral in Mumbai was built in 1718. This church also gathers focus of many visitors and is also a popular spot of Mumbai city. The church was declared as an Anglican Church in Mumbai in a first position. It was also mentioned as the world heritage site of UNESCO. The church exhibits its charming architecture that is unique in style. Listen to your heart and opt. for this place to visit. We are sure that you will definitely love this flawless spot. This is the main and most popular attraction of Mumbai.