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Best Places To Visit In Lucknow City

Lucknow Attraction

Bara Imambara In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Bara Imambara In Lucknow

Bara Imambara is a superb structure that represents the history of Lucknow. This awe strucking and a pride of Lucknow was constructed in 1784 by Barak Imambara Asaf-Ud-Daula. He was the forth Nawab of Lucknow city. This monument is standing without a pillar is the center of attraction for visitors. This fascinating monument is standing with a commendable strength is adorned with beauteous architectural styles. People believed that this structure had been made in a very creative and artistic way and comprises of various treasures in its interiors.

The paths inside this monument are very tricky. This monument is also known as 'Gravity Defying Palace'. The technical and structural value of this Imambara is incredible and people from all over the world come to visit this structure. This structure has no external support gives the views of scenic surroundings. It has an open space with a large area with 50 meters of length and 15 meters of width. The balconies inside the monuments have a superb specialty of echoes, which means the sounds converts into the echoes that can be heard easily on the main hall. The monument also contains the mausoleums of Asaf-Ud-Daula and his family. There is a monument which borders and protects the main hall of Imambara. It is known as Bhul Bhullaiyya.

This monument is very tricky from inside like a web. A guide is needed to travel within this monument. It has door steps that will take you to the tunnel which contains the river. The main door of tunnel is sealed. The king used to keep a watch on enemies through this monument. If any enemy enters the ground of Imambada, the shadows of people used to reflect on the water of river placed on tunnel and king was able to attack enemies easily but enemies were unable to see the king. The architecture is so amazing that it really worked for many exterior enemies. You must visit this marvelous structure of Lucknow.

Chota Imambara In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Chota Imambara In Lucknow

Chota Imambara in Lucknow is located in Daulatganj. This historical monument was built in 1837. It is also known as Husainabad Imambada. This structure had been built on Indo-Islamic, Charbagh and Persian architectural style looks so amazing. Interiors of this Imambara were decorated with beautiful glass works and had Arabic calligraphy. The chota Imambara is adorned with a golden dome, silver throne and edges golden mirrors. This historical monument captures an interesting story behind it. Lucknow had faced a famine in 19th centuary so this Imambada was served as a center to feed poverty stricken people. This was done by Nawab of Oudh. The stream placed on mid part of the garden near Chota Imambara gives a flawless view and looks astonishing. This monument is also known by the name of 'Palace of Lights'. You can see the best view of this monument during evenings. It looks lovely and lavishing. During Muharam the place is decorated with lamps and adorned with Belgium Chandeliers. Only Muslims are allowed to take entry in Chota Imambara.

Shahnajaf Imambara In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Shahnajaf Imambara In Lucknow

Shahnajaf Imambada is located in Lucknow is situated on the banks of Gomti River. this Imambara houses the remains of Ghazi-Ud-Din Haider with his three wives. This Imambara has a silver tomb of Ghazi-Ud-Din Haider With the precious tombs of his wives there is a magnificent golden tomb of his beautiful European wife named as Mubarak Mahal. The exteriors of this monument are plain adorned with domes which were once covered by gold. Its interiors are beautifully ornamented with remarkable chandeliers. This Imambara holds a charm of historical era which comprises wooden designs, designs of silver designs and bamboo designs which were decorated on this monument during Muharams. The charismatic garden adds an appeal to Shahnajaf Imambada.
Timings of visiting: 8 am to 5 pm.

Husainabad Clock Tower In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Husainabad Clock Tower In Lucknow

This old monument of Lucknow touches the sky. This tower was constructed in 1881 and was designed by Roskell Payne. It is a huge tower of Lucknow has a marvelous structure. This clock tower is situated at the adjacent side of Rumi Darwaza. This tower shows its artistic and creative Victorian-Gothic architectural style created by Englishmen. This is one of the tallest towers in this country. This structure has a height of about 67 meters. It is attached with a pendulum with a length of about 14 feet. The clock parts are up of gun metals. The design of the clock resembles as a flower with 12 petals adorned with bells.

Rumi Darwaza In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Rumi Darwaza In Lucknow

Rumi Darwaza is situated at the western side of Bara Imambara. The splendor Rumi Darwaza is also known as Turkey Darwaza. This magnificent structure was constructed during the rule of Asaf-Ud-Daula .between 1784-1786. Rumi Darwaza is 60 feet huge entrance has no support. Without having a support of iron and wood, it is standing since 227 years. During the rule of Nawabs, a big lantern was placed at the top of Rumi Darwaza which used to lighten the pathway. The glitzy fountains near Darwaza create a rim of Rumi Darwaza which looks amazing.

Crocodile Sanctuary In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Crocodile Sanctuary In Lucknow

Crocodile sanctuary in Lucknow is situated in Kukrail Reserve Forest is a wonderful spot for chilling out with your friends and family. Crocodiles within the sanctuary are dangerous. The greenery within the spot really attracts flock of visitors. it's a perfect place where one can feel stress free. Thick woods are really appealing in this sanctuary. Some of the animal species can be seen within the reserve like black duck, deer, sambar etc. a lovely garden has been made for children. Exploration of the sanctuary can be done nicely.

Gautam Buddha Park In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Gautam Buddha Park In Lucknow

Gautam Buddha Park is a popular picnic spot in Lucknow. This park is blessed with lots of greenery in its surroundings. it's a famous tourist destination in this city which comprises of emergence of the great Bada Imambara and Martyrs Memorial. This majestic place is enjoyed by children by taking different rides and is a suitable spot for sport activities. This calm park is a favorite spot of children. Now, the park is used as a ground for holding political rallies and important meetings. The center of attraction of this park is the paddle boating.

Kaiser Bagh Palace In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Kaiser Bagh Palace In Lucknow

Kaisarbagh Palace is one of the finest structures in Lucknow which serves the brilliance of its structure. This was a dream project of Wajid Ali Shah who had the fabulous talent of an artist. This was a marvelous structure made by him. The palace adorned with marvelous moonish minarets, ionic columns, pediments, banisters and Hindu umbrellas. This palace houses a lovely structure known as Baradari which is made up of silver. This beautiful palace is adorned with Mughal and European architectural style. The palace had lost its charm after the attack on it after freedom struggle. Still the palace looks beautiful from its exteriors.

Constantia Or La Martiniere School In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Constantia Or La Martiniere School In Lucknow

Constantia Or La Martiniere School In Lucknow is also called as La Martiniere School is situated on eye catching banks of Gomti River. This prestigious institution is one of the historical spot in the city which serves its significance and it was built in 18th centuary. This institution is connected with Englishmen in its past. The school played a major role in 1857 and the first batch of this school was started in 1845. This is known to be the famous monument in Asia. The school was earlier a residence of General Major Claud and now the school comprises of a tomb of this French major. This monument's exterior walls are perfectly adorned with animal and mythological figures which looks so lovely.

Dilkusha Kothi In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Dilkusha Kothi In Lucknow

Dilkusha Kothi is one of the popular and an extra ordinary structure is situated on precious banks of Gomti River. This splendor structure was built by Major Gore in 1800 AD. It has a marvelous architectural design that catches the mind of visitors easily. This was a pride of ruling reigns that were transformed into a summer palace later that belonged to a royal family. The Kothi is well adorned with citadel of Baroque architectural style with awe strucking decorated walls. It's a tall structure with breath taking views. This Kothi had received attacks during the freedom struggle of First World War. Now you can only see the walls and few towers of this historical building. This monument is managed and controlled by ASI.

Farangi Mahal In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Farangi Mahal In Lucknow

Farangi Mahal in the city of Nawabs is related to Neal who was a French Businessman. He had dedicated himself to royal decree that's why this beauteous monument belongs to this Frenchman. This property was later named to government. This monument was given to Mullah Asad bin Qutab uddin Shaheed who was Aurangzeb's brother and to Mullah Asad bin Qutab Shaheed who was Aurangzeb's Islamic consultant. This Mahal was once compared to Cambridge and Oxford Universities because it was transformed into an Islamic school in the period of Aurangzeb. This Mahal has that cultural and traditional charm that attracts flock of visitors towards its beauty.

Hazrat Nizamuddin In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Hazrat Nizamuddin In Lucknow

Hazrat Nizamuddin in Lucknow is very prestigious. It covers the total area of 150 meters2. It is situated within Botanical Research Institute. The name of this sprawling bagh was originated after the name of a beautiful queen of a king of Oudh. This marvelous structure was built during the period of Saadat Ali Khan during 1800 AD. This monument played significance in revolt of 1857. The panoramic views of natural beauty around this Bagh can be seen. The Nawabs and their family spend their precious time in this Bagh. You can see a pavilion admist the garden where folk artists used to perform classical dances.
Timings of visiting: 9.30 am to 6.00 pm

Council House Or Vidhan Sabha In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Council House Or Vidhan Sabha In Lucknow

The Council House in Lucknow is situated admist the city gives a panoramic views of the structure is also called as 'Vidhan Sabha'. It is the most important monument of Lucknow. Council House was founded in 1922 by Sir Harcourt Butler. It took 6 years to build and the money which was spent in making this structure was about 18 lakhs. The House was made with Mirzapur stones which looks really amazing. The interiors of the house are well furnished, cleaned and decorated and exteriors of the house are well painted and decorated. This ausom house easily gathers attention of people. The monument is octagonal in shape with an embellishment of national bird of India which is Peacock.

Juma Masjid In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Juma Masjid In Lucknow

Juma Masjid in Lucknow was a great structure of Islam during Nawabs reign. The construction of this Masjid was stated by Ahmed Shah and was finished by his wife. The Masjid is adorned with precious artworks, structures, architecture, designs and patterns. You can see the superb calligraphy in its exterior walls which reflects Jainism and Hinduism. Interiors of this Masjid comprise of silver pillars, mirror works, chandeliers and fescos which are creatively designed to make a pattern. This Masjid covers a region of about 4950 meters2. It holds a dome with 15 arches and 260 pillars.

Lucknow Residency And Museum In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Lucknow Residency And Museum In Lucknow

The Lucknow Residency and Museum was built by Saadat Ali Khan. This spot houses no. of different buildings. Those buildings were made in 1800 AD. This was a home of a British General who was a Nawab's court representative. The place is situated on the majestic banks of Gomti River with magnificent lawns. This place plays an important role in Indian freedom struggle. Britishers killed so many innocent people in residency. You can hear the sad stories of killed ones through the buildings and bricks of this place. Some buildings of this spot are now modified into a museum which displays various paintings, gold coins and British soldier graves.
Timings: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Closed on Mondays

Picture Gallery Or Taluqdar Hall In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Picture Gallery Or Taluqdar Hall In Lucknow

The Picture Gallery is a splendor structure made of red bricks. This gallery was built by Muhammad Ali Shah in 19th centuary. The galley has a background of palm trees and a pool. The marvelous gallery houses a special portrait, paintings and other prestigious buildings.

Rama Krishna Math In Lucknow On Mirchi Travels

Rama Krishna Math In Lucknow

Rama Krishna Math is a well known spot in Lucknow that is known to help needy. This math is made up of remarkable marbles adorned with beautiful gardens. This math comprises of legendry figures such as lotus, conch, drum, swans, trident and thunderbolt that are carved on the walls of math. The math is easily accessible through roads. This math was made to promote cultural, spiritual and devotional activities.