Best Places To Visit In Konark And Its Attractions

Best Places To Visit In Konark City

Konark Attractions

Some of the best tourist places in Konark are as follows:

Konark Beach In Konark On Mirchi Travels

Konark Beach In Konark

Konark beach in Konark is an outstanding spot where visitor can be seen walking on smooth sand and exploring the scenic view of nature. A pilgrimage site along with fascinating seashore can be seen. Thus, this beach offers the panoramic view of flora gathered by the beach and you will love this place from the bottom of your heart. The holy bath has been taken by visitors during Magha Saptami Mela and crowds can be seen here gazing at sun and performing this ritual. It is considered to be the best beaches of India situated on eastern coastal line. The strong current will be dangerous for you if you do swimming at that time. Thus, visit here and enjoy the pristine water bath and sun bath all together.

Sun Temple In Konark On Mirchi Travels

Sun Temple In Konark

This temple is the most famous pilgrimage site in India. This prestigious temple was made in dedication to lord Surya was constructed during the period of Maharaja Narasimhadeva-I in 1250 AD. This is a famous 13th centuary sacred temple known for its unique and admirable features. Sun temple was created in commendable Orian architectural style and extraordinary Hindu architecture has been also used for its materialization. This is also a navigation point also known as ‘black pagoda’ because of its black color and through this temple sailor and Europeans found their way. Its brilliance in architecture will take your heart away. It has a chariot which carries seven horses and a beautifully carved wheel is its center of attraction. People believed that the day hours are symbolized by those wheels by observing its shadows against sunlight. Look towards its towers which seem to be wavy and was built by cupolas which belongs to Kalinga School. The temple also houses an audience hall, dancing hall, dining hall and main sanctum. This world heritage site is a popular site is a part of India’s testimonials.

ASI Museum In Konark On Mirchi Travels

ASI Museum In Konark

This museum in Konark is another outstanding site situated at exterior part of Sun Temple. The museum houses various eye catching models that represent Orian architectural style. The museum comprises of four cascades. These four cascades exhibit about 250 antique items. The museum also houses a reserve collection, regained plunged monuments related to Sun Temple, janitors, carved stones, celestial nymphs, celestial goblins, artifacts, Surya Narayana images, etc. The museum remains closed on every Friday.
Timings of visiting: 10 am to 5 pm