Best Places To Visit In Kolkata And Its Attractions

Best Junts To Visit Near Kolkata City

Kolkata Junts

Some of the best tourist places near Kolkata city which are called Junts are as follows:

Howrah In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Howrah In Kolkata

Howrah in Kolkata is a bedecking city situated in district of Howrah, West Bengal. The city is popularly known as the sister of city Kolkata. It is situated on western banks of Hoogly River. The amazing places can be visited within the city like banyan tree in Shibpur, Botanical gardens, Lord Rama temple, Santragacchi Jheel, etc. This excursion of Kolkata will really serve its beauty in front of everyone. It’s worth visiting here. This is an ideal tourist destination in Kolkata.

Best Places To Visit In Kolkata City

Kolkata Attractions

Some of the best tourist places in Kolkata are as follows:

Fort William In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Fort William In Kolkata

This fort in Kolkata is one of the famous and splendor forts in India. It was built in year 1781 to give honor to King William III. This fort plays an important role in Indian Army Eastern Corporations. The fort is situated on the banks of Hoogly River. The fort is handsomely standing with its octagonal shape. The fort houses a St. Peter’s Church which was built in year 1928, movie hall, firing range, boxing stadium and swimming pool. Entry of visitors within the fort is restricted because of Indian Army stronghold. Thus, walls of the fort are very strong and defensive and this splendor for is attached with historical significance as well.

Howrah Bridge In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Howrah Bridge In Kolkata

Howrah Bridge is the pride of Kolkata. It’s the most famous landmark of Kolkata which can be seen. The structure is famous for its beautiful and charming physical appearance that wins the heart of every visitor. Howrah Bridge is also known as Rabindra Setu and ‘gateway of Kolkata’. This bridge is connected to Howrah district and east side of India is situated on the banks of Hoogly River. This bridge was made by using steel has a length of about 705 meters and width of about 97 meters. It comprises of 8 lanes. About one lakh people travel on this bridge and boats and ships enter the city after entering the bridge.

Marble Palace Mansion In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Marble Palace Mansion In Kolkata

This mansion is one of the greatest places to see in Kolkata as it contains lovely collection of art. This palace is situated close to northern side of Kolkata at Chorbagan. It’s actually an amazing art gallery which was built by Rajendra Mallick in year 1835. The gallery displays history of art, oil paintings, photographs and splendor structures. The amazing masterpieces can be seen made by Reuben and paintings made by Reynolds, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. The gallery also houses an eye popping zoo that contains various appreciable animal and bird species. The premise used to be closed on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Timings of visiting: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Birla Temple In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Birla Temple In Kolkata

The Birla Temple is one of the most famous landmarks of Kolkata where hoards of visitors can be seen. The temple has a brilliant architectural style adorned with various stunning patterns, designs and carvings. The temple is surrounded by beguiling atmosphere is a pristine religious place. One can attain relaxation over the place. Birla Temple is also known as Lakshmi Narayan Temple. Intricate usage of marbles in this temple can also be seen looks beddable. Teaching of lord Krishna can be seen in its slabs. The temple can be seen with lights looks elegant.
Timings of visiting: 5 am to 10 pm

Eden Garden In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Eden Garden In Kolkata

Eden Garden in Kolkata is associated with a great historical significance of Britishers. The name of this garden was originated after the name of a lady named Eden. The leisure time was spent here by governor of Auckland. You can see a huge cricket stadium situated beside this garden. That cricket stadium is known to be the world’s largest cricket stadium. The stadium has the capacity to have 1, 20,000 people inside it. It’s a favorite spot for cricket lovers and garden is the perfect place for nature lovers. People are not allowed to enter the stadium to visit it. There is a Mohun Bagan Football Club situated nearby.

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary In Kolkata

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary in Kolkata is blessed with natural resources, panoramic natural views and amazing animal species. The total geographical area upon which this wildlife sanctuary is situated is about 25 km2. Exotic and beautiful animals can be seen within this sanctuary along with the rare species like Indian elephants, horned rhino, spotted deer, barking deer, etc. the wildlife has green plateaus, sloping fields, tea gardens and magic of flora everywhere. Some of the bird species can also be seen like pallas’s fishing eagles, jungle fowl, partridges, crested fishing eagles, etc. you can also see monitor lizards, cobras and pythons.

Kali Temple In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Kali Temple In Kolkata

Kali temple in Kolkata is situated on the precious banks of Hoogly River. The temple is visited by hoards of visitors throughout the year. This temple was made in dedication to Goddess Kali who is an aggressive hot headed goddess. You can see an idol of this goddess in which a tongue out of her mouth. People believed that this goddess came into dreams of the artist of this temple and ordered him to construct her idol but the artist was only successful in making the front portion of artist that is placed within the sanctorum. This is meant to be the oldest temples of Kolkata about 200 years old.
Timings of visiting: 5 am to 10 am and 2 pm to 11:30 pm.

Jorasanko Thakur Bari In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Jorasanko Thakur Bari In Kolkata

This is a beautiful house where the great author, poet and thinker resided with his family named Rabindranath Tagore. The house is also known as ‘house of Thakur or Tagore’. The house was constructed by Prince Dwarkanath Tagore who was known to be the grandfather of great Rabindranath Tagore in 18th centuary. The house has now been transformed into an exhibition hall and a mini museum. The house displays various things related to Rabindranath Tagore’s family. The house also organizes south and light shows. The house remains closed on every Monday and Thursday.

Nakhoda Mosque In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Nakhoda Mosque In Kolkata

This mosque in Kolkata is a stunning historical monument resided over the land of Bengal. The dominance of Muslims is seen front in form of this mosque. This mosque is known to be the biggest monument in our country India. The reconstruction of this mosque was done by a rich merchant who belonged to Kutch named as Abdar Rahim Osman in year 1926. This mosque looks similar to Sikandara’s Akbar tomb. About 10,000 people can pray within the mosque. The mosques doorways look similar to Fatehpur Sikri’s Buland Darwaza. The granite that was used in construction of this mosque was bought from city Tolepur.

Rabindra Sarovar In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Rabindra Sarovar In Kolkata

Rabindra Sarovar in Kolkata is also known as Dhakuri Lake is a bedecking artificial lake. The total land on which this lake is spread is about 75 acres huge. This lake is situated close to Salt Lake City in southern part of Kolkata. This place is s bedecking place and loved by nature lovers because the lake is situated admist greenery and various eye catching migratory birds from Russian and Siberian regions can be seen here. The lake is shaded by beautiful weather which will take your breath away. thisis an ideal picnic spot or visitors and also houses Kid’s park, gardens, auditorium etc.

Dam Dim Tea Estate In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Dam Dim Tea Estate In Kolkata

This tea estate in Kolkata is a lovely tourist destination known for its stunning landscapes. The official name of this tea estate is Dema Dema. The tea estate was established in 1927 as Barrons Tea Estateanfd it became a part of James Finlay and Co. Limited which belonged to UK till 1963. Later it became a part of TATA Tea. The garden can be visited and explored throughout the year.
Originally called as Dema Dema, this tea garden has become a tourist’s destination of Kolkata for its charming landscapes. There is a western Dooars Club situated nearby.

Prince Ghat In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Prince Ghat In Kolkata

Prince Ghat in Kolkata is situated on Strand Road was constructed as a memorial of an intelligent scholar Jamels Princep in 1814. He was also known as the secretary of Asiatic Society between the periods of 1832 to 1838. The Ghat came into the view of public in 1843 and it is meant to be the oldest place of Kolkata. One can attain peace and relaxation after visiting this spot. This Ghat is actually a great example of heaven where beautiful scenic surroundings and marvelous weather can be seen along with feeling of silence.

St Paul Cathedral In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

St Paul Cathedral In Kolkata

Kolkata has amazing churches situated in its land and one of them is St. Paul’s Cathedral. This church is known to be the world famous church in India which was built in year 1847. This is one of the Mother Teresa’s ‘missionaries of charities’. This church is situated on the heart of Kolkata still stands fabulously. The church was made in Indo-gothic architectural style. The church faced damage but later it was repaired and renovated beautifully. The height of this church is about 201 feet adorned with mural walls, art work and glass painting on window.

BBD Bagh In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

BBD Bagh In Kolkata

BBD Bagh in Kolkata is a fabulous creature was once served as a seat of power of British. This Bagh gives remembrance of Dalhousie Square and later it was renamed as BBD Bagh which means Binoy, Badal and Dinesh Bagh. These three people toiled in this building that is why the name of this building was known to be as BBD Bagh. The surroundings of this Bagh looks same like it used to look at the time of British era and it was established in 1880. The leisure moments can be spend here and the visit to this Bagh will be unforgettable.

Jain Temple In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Jain Temple In Kolkata

This temple in Kolkata is situated in north east region of city and it was built by Ray Badridas Bahadul in year 1867. He was a famous art connoisseur. The temple looks stunning with mirrors, colorful stones, stained glass, marbled floor, European styled statues and amazing architectural style. The temple has a garden which is adorned by decorated stained glasses looks adorable and appreciable. The temple also hoses a museum which comprises of Jainism memorabilia and religion literatures.

Tollygunge Club In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Tollygunge Club In Kolkata

Tollygunge Club in Kolkata is all in one amazing club is situated on Tollygunj also known as Tolly. The club offers variety of facilities like golf course which is 18 holed, squash courts, tennis courts, recreational and health club, pool, billiards, mini indoor, swimming pool etc. you will be surprised to know that there is an ayurvedic spa situated nearby. The interiors of the club are amazing adorned with lavishing flora and fauna. Fauna within the club are received from South America continent and Australia.

Town Hall In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Town Hall In Kolkata

Town hall in Kolkata is an amazing place was built in year 1813. The hall was constructed using bricks and wood. The ground floor of this hall has a height of about 25 feet is full of rooms and a central hall. The central hall of was made by using marbles. The hall was created by using neo-classical Doric architectural style. The house also serves to be as Public Service Commission Office and Town Court House. The front portion of hall is often used for social gatherings and community meetings.

Belur Math In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Belur Math In Kolkata

Belur Math in Kolkata is a popular worshiping place and it’s a famous cult follower place. Those followers are guided by great Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa. The place’s main aim is to spread the meaning of equality. The center resembles Hindu, Christian and Muslim general perception. The math is also a main center belongs to Ramkrishna mission. The peace can be achieved after visiting this spot.
Timings of visiting: 5:30 am to 10:30 am and 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Botanical Garden In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Botanical Garden In Kolkata

Botanical garden in Kolkata is the most prepossessing place contains banyan trees which are about 200 years old. Botanical garden is situated on the banks of Hoogly River in its western side. It was established by Kyd who was a British officer in year 1786. He established this garden with a goal to create plantation and crop cultivation facilities and central research across the world. The garden has Darjeeling and Assam tea traces. The garden also houses natural orchid house, Cuban palms and mahogany trees.
Timings of visiting: 7.00 am - 5.00 pm

Kalighat Kali Temple In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Kalighat Kali Temple In Kolkata

This temple in Kolkata is located on prestigious banks of Hoogly River close To Kali Ghat. The people clean themselves on the pure water of this Ghat and visit the temple or worshipping. The temple is reachable after walking on some steps and there is a special platform for taking bath and washing feet. The temple is thronged by thousands of visitors every day and throughout the year.
You can see small shops and vendors surrounded near this Ghat which sells items that are used for worshiping deity within the temple. You can have darshan after joining a line and this will be a great experience for you.

Mother Teresa Nirmal Hriday In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Mother Teresa Nirmal Hriday In Kolkata

This spot in Kolkata is situated in Kalighat road was founded by Mother Teresa. This place houses abandoned people who belong to Bengal. Earlier this home to abandoned people was a temple dedicated to goddess Kali but later it was modified into a residing place of those people. Mother Teresa never thought about any religion and caste. She always tried to help needy people and she was so caring. The place is worthy visiting.
Timings of visiting: 5.00 am to 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Calcutta Racecourse In Kolkata On Mirchi Travels

Calcutta Racecourse In Kolkata

This place in Kolkata is also known as ‘Race Course’ or ‘Calcutta Turf Club’. It is known to be the most famous race course in our country. This race course hosts horse races between November to March and July to September. The race course is situated close to Victoria memorial. This amazing race course is a prime tourist destination of Kolkata. In other words, this race course is the pride of Kolkata. This is the favorite spot of polo lovers and its inception was done in year 1819.