Best Places To Visit In Kedarnath And Its Attractions

Best Places To Visit In Kedarnath

Kedarnath Attractions

Best Kedarnath tourist places are as follows:

Kedarnath Temple In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Kedarnath Temple In Kedarnath

Kedarnath Temple in Kedarnath was built in 8th centuary by Adi Shankaracharya is located near Mandakini River on the range of Garhwal Himalayas. The premise is located at a height of about 3,584 meters and 223 km away from Rishikesh on the tributary of Ganga River. This temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of India. This commendable temple is surrounded by snowy peaks.

A view to the tiny valleys and houses from the route of temple during the nights looks amazing because of the small glittering lights of the valleys. A temple situated on adjacent side the Kedarnath temple was built by Pandavas. Lord Shiva was pleased by the penance of Psndavas over this place. Kedarnath temple is placed on a plateau covered by the snowy mountains and appealing glaciers. You can see the precious carved Nandi Statue made up of rock is situated opposite to inner shrine of the temple.

The Kedarnath temple remains open for only between Akshaya Tritiya (end of April) to Kartik Purnima (full moon of November). Thus, the name of Kedarnath Temple was originated after the name of Lord Shiva also known as Kedarnath. The temple is easily accessible through the trekking of 14 km that starts from Gaurikund. You can hire ponies as well as manchans to continue your journey towards the temple. You must visit as the hub of pilgrims visit here every day.

Chorabari Lake Or Gandhi Sarovar In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Chorabari Lake Or Gandhi Sarovar In Kedarnath

Chorabri in Kedarnath is located on the region of Garhwal Himalayas. This glacier has also a historical importance like other destinations offers the astonishining view of surroundings. This lake is also known as Gandhi Sarovar. People believed that Yudhishtira ventured his heavenly voyage from this place. The lake gives a charasmetic appeal to visitors and devotees. You can see the mesmerizing sheets of ice on the surface of lake which makes it more marvelous. This heaven will take your breath away. Must visit!!!

Deoria Tal In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Deoria Tal In Kedarnath

Deoria Tal in Kedarnath is located on beauteous Himalayas on Ukhimat chopta road. This astonishing lake is located at a height of about 3100 meters. You can view the scenic surroundings, mountains snowy mound, greenery, thick woods and ausom weather around the lake. The surroundings of the lake looks like a heaven because of its astonishing natural beauty. People believed that Yaksha asked queries to Pandavas in this place. Never miss the opportunity to visit at this spot if you are in Kedarnath. Must visit!!!

Guptkashi In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Guptkashi In Kedarnath

Guptakashi in Kedarnath is located in Kedar Khanda in Rudraprayag district, Garhwal Himalayas. It is a town famous for its old Vishwnath Temple which was made in dedication to Lord Shiva and Ardhaneshvara temple. Its historical significance is that this town is related to Pandavas. The mention of Pandavas can be seen in Mahabharata epic who the heroes of that time. People believed that Lord Shiva was hidden in this town for some time. This place is one of the popular revered places of Kedarnath. The town has an astonishing background of Chaukhamba peaks with marvelous weather.

Triyuginarayan In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Triyuginarayan In Kedarnath

Triyuginarayan in Kedarnath is located at a distance of about 5 km away from Son Prayag situated in Rudraprayag. It is a village popularly known for its oldest Vishnu Temple. The Vishnu Temple is also a crowdy spot with the hub of pilgrims. By its architectural design and style it looks like Kedarnath Shrine and will give you a feeling of relaxation. The temple at Trijuginarayan will give you an astonishing view of Culture and customs of India. People believed that Lord shiva with his wife Goddess Parvati tied a nuptial knot over this place. The holy matrimony and mythological customs of the premise will take your breath away. Some of its main attractions are Rudra Kund, Vishnu Kund and Brahma Kund. Must visit!!!

Ukhimath In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Ukhimath In Kedarnath

Ukhimath in Kedarnath is located on Rudraprayag district. This location is a hub of pilgrims. This is very crowdy area. This Kedarnath shrine's deity is a sacred place for performing prayers and adoration on the well-known temple known as 'Omkareshwar Temple'. The temple is blue and red in color and is small in size located behind the scenic mountain peaks and appealing greenery. The name of Ukshimath was originated after the name of 'Usha' who was the daughter of Banasur. Some of its main attractions are Lord Shiva Temple, Goddess Parvati Temple, Usha Temple, Aniruddha Temple and Mandhata Temple. Kedarnath shrine would be closed during the winters due to climatic conditions and landslides.

Bhairav Nath Temple In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Bhairav Nath Temple In Kedarnath

Bhairav Nath Temple in Kedarnath is located near Kedarnath temple on the northern hill. It was made in dedication to Lord Bhairava also known as 'Protector God' and 'Kshetrapal'. The religious importance of this temple is that people believed that Lord Bhairavnath protects this temple during winters when the premise is closed due to the heavy snowfalls. The beautiful temple is associated with Vaishnodevi temple. Visiting Vaishno devi temple is incomplete without the visit in Bhairth temple in Kedarnath.

Shankaracharya Samadhi In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Shankaracharya Samadhi In Kedarnath

Shankaracharya Samadhi in Kedarnath is located behind the famous Kedarnath temple. It was built id dedication of Adi Shankaracharya who was a great Hindu philosopher. He renovated Kedarnath. People believed that Sri Shankaracharya came to this place nd built his sacred shrine. Therefore, he also built one of the four incredible Mathas in 8th centuary. At the age of 32, this great philosopher attained Nirvana in this spot. You can see a marvelous temple in the background of Samadhi which makes it more appealing. This shrine is a popular place where you can see thousands of devotees visiting and offering their prayers to God.

Sonprayag In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Sonprayag In Kedarnath

Sonprayag in Kedarnath is located on Kedarnath route on the banks of Basuki and Mandakini Rivers. It lies at 1829 meters of attitude is a hub centre for devotees and pilgrims. People come here to attain Baikunth Dham which is said to be the holy water of Sonprayag. Thus, the place is surrounded by astonishing scenery of snowy mountains, marvelous weather and mesmerizing holy water. This highly rewarded place must be seen if you visit Kedarnath.

Augustyamuni In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Augustyamuni In Kedarnath

Augustyamuni in Kedarnath is located at about 20 km away from Rudraprayag placed at a height of about 1,000 meters on the banks of Mandakini River. This spot is famous for its temple which is popularly known as 'Sage Agastya'. People believed that for the duration of one year Sage had meditated here. During Baisakhi celebrations the place gathers a huge crowd of devotees. The temple comprises of the following features:
1. It has commendable architectural style.
2. We can see the beautiful carvings of God and Goddesses on the wall.

Chandrashila In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Chandrashila In Kedarnath

Chandrashila in Kedarnath is located on Rudraprayag district placed at an attitude of about 3,679 meters. You can reach this highly revered and popular spot through trekking. Trekking involves a sightseeing of beautiful surroundings, appealing weather and scenic mountains. The specialty of the spot is its trekking which makes the journey fantastic. The commendable trekking spot is closed on the months of December and January. There is a magnificent temple of Lord Shiva located near Chandrashila. Must come and visit!!!

Chopta In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Chopta In Kedarnath

Chopta in Kedarnath is located in Rudraprayag District. This remarkable village is popular for its snowy peaks of Himalayas. They are Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba and Trishul located at an elevation of about 2680 meters above sea level. This spot is the trekking starting point which leads to Tungnath. Another trek from Tungnath leads to a holy spot of trekking known as Chandrashila.
This is the best place for snow trekking by which you will feel enthusiastic and rejoiced. The trekking is full of fun. Chopta is located around snowy mountains gives a picturesque of heaven. Some of its main attractions are Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanchula Musk Deer Sanctuary, Ukhimath, Gopeshwar town etc.

Vasuki Tal In Kedarnath On Mirchi Travels

Vasuki Tal In Kedarnath

Vasuki Tal in Kedarnath is located around the snowy Himalayas. There is a lake with an elevation of about 4135 meters situated in the middle part of Himalayas gives an eye catching view. You can view the Chaukhamba peaks beside this Tal. This beauteous lake can be reached by passing Chaturangi and Vasuki glaciers. Passing through these glaciers is not easy as the paths of these glaciers are dangerous. The scenic surroundings, view of astonishing mountains and appealing snow makes this spot more interesting and mind blowing. Must visit!!!