Kanpur Tourist Attraction And Best Places To Visit

Best Places To Visit In Kanpur City

Kanpur Attraction

Kanpur India is the largest urban mass city in India. There are many places to see in Kanpur. Kanpur tourist places are enjoyed by people all over the world. Some of the tourist places in Kanpur are as follows:

Valmiki Ashram In Kanpur On Mirchi Travels

Valmiki Ashram In Kanpur

Valmiki Ashram in Kanpur is located on a mound. People believed that this spot was once a residence of Goddess Sita. The temple displays the tales of mythological epics of Ramayana. During the exile of Goddess Sita she gave birth to her two lovely sons Luva and Kusha in this ashram. People also believed that when lord Rama asked his wife Sita to return back to his kingdom, she was disappeared into the lap of her mother, Earth. This mound also gives the beautiful view of surroundings. This is one of the popular tourist areas in Kanpur. Must visit!!!

Jajmau In Kanpur On Mirchi Travels

Jajmau In Kanpur

Jajmau in Kanpur was established in 1600 AD is located on the banks of Ganges. This industrial suburb is known to be the oldest part of Kanpur. Archeological survey of India excavates here. Earlier, this place was known as Siddhapuri. Leather industry is the main industry over this place. Some of the main attractions of this place are as follows:
1. Jajmau Tila
2. Ancient Siddha Devi and Siddhnath temples.
3. Makhdam Shah Ala-ul-Haq's mausoleum. He was a great sufi saint. His mausoleum was erected in 1358 by Firoz Shah Tughlaq.
4. An ancient mosque constructed by Kulich khan in 1679.
5. Habiba Mosque
6. Jinnati Mosque
7. Mazaar of Makhdoom Baba
8. Central park
9. Joseph park
10. Air Force complex stadium
11. Narendra Stadium

Jain Glass Temple In Kanpur On Mirchi Travels

Jain Glass Temple In Kanpur

The Jain Glass temple in Kanpur was made in dedication to Jainism and lord Mahavira. You can view the impressive features of this temple such as beautiful ancient architectural style, adornment of glass and appealing designs, commendable mirror work on walls, floors and ceilings. The temple also displays lovely sculptures, scriptures and paintinof Jainism. The temple also comprises of a marvelous sculptures of Lord Mahavira along with 23 Tirthankaras on a huge base. This is the most attractive temple in Kanpur. Must visit!!!

Bhittargaon In Kanpur On Mirchi Travels

Bhittargaon In Kanpur

Bhittargaon temple in Kanpur was constructed in 6th centuary is located in a town called Bhitargaon. It is the oldest Hindu temple that was created during Gupta Empire. The temple has a height of about 15.42 meters. The upper chamber of the temple was destroyed in 18th centuary. Thus, this precious temple of India has large size bricks were used to make this temple. The temple is created by a commendable craftsmanship of workers. On the exteriors of the temple we can see the outstanding carvings and designs. Interiors of the temple consist of eye catching porch and sanctum. The temple has a base which is square shaped. It has two recessed corners that face in east direction. Terracotta panels display the images of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva etc. which are depicted on the walls of temple.

Kamala Retreat In Kanpur On Mirchi Travels

Kamala Retreat In Kanpur

The Kamala Retreat in Kanpur is located on Kamla Nehru road. The owner of this retreat is Sighania family. The retreat is spread over a vast area comprising of a park, museum, swimming pool and a small zoo. The museum contains precious ancient and archeological artifacts where you can only visit after taking permission from Deputy General Manager of Kamala retreat. The zoo is a hub of flora and fauna. The zoo comprises of many species of animals with migratory birds. The park has scenic surroundings where people love to spend time with their friends, families and partners. This is an ideal place for children. Boating facilities are also available with the park. You must also visit this one of the popular spots of Kanpur.

Kanpur Memorial Church In Kanpur On Mirchi Travels

Kanpur Memorial Church In Kanpur

The Kanpur Memorial Church in Kanpur was designed by an architect of Bengal eastern railway known as Walter Granville and was built in 1875 is located near Cawnpore club in cantonment area placed on Albert Lane. This church is also known as 'All Souls Cathedral'. This magnificent church was made in dedication to the British soldiers who died in war of Siege of Cawnpore in 1875. The church was designed in such a way that it would appeal visitors. This remarkable church has the architecture of Lombardic Gothic style which looks so amazing with the adornment of red bricks. You can also see a memorial garden placed at the eastern side of the church. You can visit the memorial through any of the gateways of church. There is a gothic screen which has a beautiful carving on it was designed by Henry Yule. The centre of attraction of this church is a beautifully carved idol of an angel with her crossed arms and holding palons as a symbol of peace which was made by Baron Carlo Marochetti.

Nana Rao Park In Kanpur On Mirchi Travels

Nana Rao Park In Kanpur

Nana Rao Park in Kanpur is located near Phool Bagh. Earlier the park was known as Memorial Well because British children and women were massacred in Indian Rebellion. Their bodies were dumped into a well in 1857. But, the name of the park was changed as Nana Rao Park. This name has been given after the name of a great warrior known as Nana Rao Peshwa who fought and struggled for independence. Thus, you can view the scenic natural beauty around this park. Along with natural beauty, the park comprises of appealing fountains, eye catching flora and a hub of visitors.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary In Kanpur On Mirchi Travels

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary In Kanpur

The Nawabganj bird sanctuary in Kanpur is located at a distance of about 45 km away from Lucknow and Kanpur in National Highway. You can easily reach this place through a bus. Thus, the sanctuary has a scenic beauty of flora and fauna. You can view the various species of migratory birds in the sanctuary. Therefore, the sanctuary is known for its birds. Some of the birds which are found inside the sanctuary are woodpeckers, purple moorhens, coots, shovellers, parakeets, pochards, teal, peacock etc. the appealing ambiance with the eye catching view of different birds will make you rejoiced. If you are in Kanpur, then never miss the opportunity to visit this astonishing place. This is a perfect place for nature lovers and photographers.

Patthar Ghat In Kanpur On Mirchi Travels

Patthar Ghat In Kanpur

Patthar Ghat was built by the Tikait Rai (Minister of state Awadh) in Kanpur is located in Bithoor on the Ganges bank is a highly traditional pilgrimage spot in Kanpur. This sacred Ghat was made in dedication to Lord Shiva. Devotees come here to bath and offer their prayers to the Lord. You can view the precious Shivalinga which was made up of Kasauti. This structure of red sandstones will take your breath away. Please come and visit this astonishing place.

Shri Radhakrishna Temple In Kanpur On Mirchi Travels

Shri Radhakrishna Temple In Kanpur

Shri Radhakrishna temple in Kanpur was constructed by JK Trust. This temple is popularly known as JK Temple. Thousands of devotees come here to visit. The temple has commendable mixture of ancient and modern architectural style. It is a structure similar to southern and northern temples of India. The holy temple will make you relaxed and calm. The temple has five shrines namely:
1. Shrine of Lord Laxminarayana
2. Shrine of Lord Narmadeshwar
3. Shrine of Lord Radhakrishna
4. Shrine of Lord Hanuman
5. Shrine of Lord Ardhneswara

Allen Forest Zoo In Kanpur On Mirchi Travels

Allen Forest Zoo In Kanpur

Allen Forest Zoo in Kanpur was established in 1971. Its name was given after the name of Sir Allen who was a great botanist and an Indian Civil Service member. He created the fabulous park which has the abundance of flora and fauna. This famous zoo is also known as 'Kanpur Zoo'. The scenic beauty of the park will take your breath away. The zoo contains a variety of birds and animals such as tiger, leopard, antelopes, deer, hyena, cheetah, baboon, monkey, ostrich, parrot, emus, crane, zebra etc. this is an ideal spot for family and friends outings as well as for picnic. Must visit!!!
It will be closed on Monday.

Phool Bagh In Kanpur On Mirchi Travels

Phool Bagh In Kanpur

Phool Bagh in Kanpur is located admist the city on Mall road. This appealing park comprises of a Ganesh Udyan building and Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Hall which is situated within the premise. During the First World War, Ganesh Udyan was an orthopedic hospital. These building are made for public and business meetings. The park also holds a library and a summer house. You can also take a view of annual flower show that held within the park.