Goa Attraction And Best Places To Visit

Best Or Top Places To Visit In Goa

Goa Attractions

Goa India is the smallest city in India which provides you enjoyment and fantastic places to see in Goa. Goa tourist places are enjoyed by people all over the world as this is a best place for sightseeing. Some of the tourist places in Goa are as follows:

Basillica De Bom Jesus In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Basillica De Bom Jesus In Goa

Basillica De Bom Jesus in Goa was built by Dom Fr Aleixo de Menezes in 1605. This place is known for hosting St.Francis Xavier's remains who was very close to St. Lgnatius Loyola who was a founder of 'Society of Jesus'. St. Francis Xavier died when he was in his way to China in Sancian. His body was placed in Portuguese Malacca then in Goa. It took 11 years to build. The body is taken out for public display sometimes. It comprises of architecture of Portuguese style, marbled floor, attractive stones, simplicity in interior, silver casket containing his decorated remains, beautiful painting of saint, lovely sculpture, Goan eye catching painting made by Dom Martin, on the upper side of the tomb and beautiful artworks known as Murals. Must come and visit....!!!

Timings of visiting: From On Sunday: 10.30 am to 6:30 pm.
On Weekdays: 9 am to 6:30 pm

Aguada Fort In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Aguada Fort In Goa

Fort Aguada in Goa was built in 1612 situated at about 22 km away from Bardez. It was made to have defense against the Marathas and the Dutch. It has a historical importance as many battles were fought here. It comprises of a tower bell that has been placed in Church of Lady Immaculate Conception, a spring of fresh water that can be supplied on the ships, house of 79 cannons, can store up to 2,37,000 gallons of fresh water, it has two sections in which one comprises of water station, chamber of underground storage of water, lighthouse, bastions, moat etc. and this marvelous fort and second section comprises of Portuguese ships.

The fort also comprises of a secret passage that was used to protect from enemies in wars and in the case of emergencies. It also comprises of Peninsula situated at south western border of Bardez on the banks of Mandovi river. must visit....!!!

Se Cathedral In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Se Cathedral In Goa

Se cathedral in Goa was authorized in 1631 was made in dedication to St.Catherine of Alexandria. Alfonso de Albuquerque (Portuguese sailor) believed that as Portuguese army have the blessings of saint that on the feast day they could defeat muslim armies in 1510. It comprises of a golden bell situated in the south tower, Portuguese and Manueline architectural styles, fabulous Tuskan exterior, spectacular Corinthian interior, 76 meters high premise, 55 meters of width and a ravishing structure. Must come and experience this fabulous strcutre.

Timings of visiting: From 7.30 am - 6 pm

Ancestral Goa Museum Or Big Foot In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Ancestral Goa Museum Or Big Foot In Goa

Ancestral Goa Museum/Big Foot in Goa is situated at about 10 km away from Margao covers an area of 9 acres is a spectacular open air museum. This museum represents the earlier life of Goa. An example of this is captured on a rock. You can see a footprint on that rock. This museum was made in dedication to display people lifestyles and ancient history. This museum depicts many things about ancient history of Goa, its emergence and culture. The history of Portuguese colonists is being captured on this place. The traditions and heritage of them are being preserved on this museum. Tourists and visitors come and prays for those people. Thus, Goa was also known for its reptiles and bird species whose pictures and idols are also mentioned in the museum. Must come and visit this place and experience the lifestyles of ancient history.

Timings of visiting: From 9 am to 6 am daily.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary In Goa

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa is located in Mollem which is a town in Goa in east border of Goa along with Karnataka covers a vast area of about 2402 km. It comprises of forests and tribal settlements and wild animals like wild cats, deer, leopard, python, cobra etc. that are settled in this sanctuary. You can get an appealing view of different species of birds that will be a great fun for bird watchers. Jeeps/Gypsies can be hired to take an interior view of the sanctuary. You can easily take a glimpse of animals from the view point of Devil Canion. Some of its main attractions are Molem National Park and Tambdisurla temple. It is one of the quiet and peaceful places in Goa. You can get the best view of this whole place only on early morning and late evening. Must visit.....!!!

Easily accessible either by road or by rails.
Timings of visiting: From 8 am to 5 pm

Caravela Casino In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Caravela Casino In Goa

Caravela Casino in Goa is located at offshore, Panaji. It is about 215 feet long cruise ship is a perfect place for sightseeing, gamblers galore and casino games. It is situated on a beautiful yatch. It is made by MV. Caravela and comprises of American roulette tables, rummy and some electronic machines. Foreign tourists are mostly attracted towards this gorgeous cruise. It is luxurious and gives you comfort. It also serves you delicious and mouth watering food. Its little bit costly but serves a perfect cruise meant to give you proper services. You can feel the refreshing blue deep ocean water with the scenic beauty of greenery and weather all around. Must visit....!!!

Chapora Fort In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Chapora Fort In Goa

Chapora Fort in Goa is located across the Chapora riven built in 1717. Chapora fort is located about 12 km away from Mapusa. Sawantwadi's king captured this monument for 2 years who was the enemy of Portuguese. It comprises of steep higher slopes, ill patterned outer wall, defensive huge wall, church was made in dedication to St. Anthony within the premises of church is now disappeared and the fort is covered by greenery and a valley. This place is also famous for the shooting of famous movie 'Dil chahta hai'. You can also view the scenic surroundings with refreshing water all around.

River Cruise In Goa On Mirchi Travels

River Cruise In Goa

River Cruise in Goa is located on Mandovi River. This cruise runs by Goa Tourism Development Corporation. It has the shifts of afternoon, evening and night. You can have a ravishing and appealing view of splendor greenery and magnificent water of the river. The water comprises of crocodiles. Thus, the cruise offers yummy food items which are mouth watering. Therefore, you can have a 1 hour enjoyable trip on this cruise where you can enjoy the view of traditional dances of Goa. Some of its dance forms are Shigmo & Fudgi with a foot tapping music. This cruise contains many beauteous rivers. If you want to enjoy your cruise tour then this can be an ideal place for you.

Timings of visiting: From Sunset cruise (6 pm daily), Sundown cruise (7.15 pm daily)

Savoi Plantation In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Savoi Plantation In Goa

Savoi Plantation in Goa covers an area of about 10 km is famous for its cultivation and farming located at about 15 km away from Ponda. It is meant for having unusual lunch, spicy Goan food made in pots of clay and view of scenic farm. It was built in 1989. It serves you delicious Goan dishes which are cooked in traditional way and are good for health. It also serves you the variety of coconut juices, yummy cashew funi, fragrant oils and extracts of herbals. This plantation is being managed since 200 years by Shetye family. This plantation is located is covered by lush green plants and beautiful trees. Must come and visit this beauteous place.

Timings of visiting: From 11 am to 6 pm

Splashdown Water Park In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Splashdown Water Park In Goa

Splashdown Water Park in Goa is located at about 18 km away from Panaji in Anjuna. This coolest park will make you rejoiced and relaxed. It comprises of 5 pools and variety of slides, interesting fumes and rides where you can have lots of fun. This water park welcomes all ages of people whether to children or to old age people. After visiting this spot you will forget everything and will discovered a hidden child in you. Fabulous slides will make you exited. Splashing of water with slides, pools and cool water is ausom especially in summers. It is a fabulous place for spending your precious time with either your family or with your partner or friends. Have an outing on this hotspot. Must visit....!!!

Timings of visiting: From 10.30 AM to 6 PM

Gateway Of The Palace Of Yusuf Adil Shah In Goa

Gateway Of The Palace Of Yusuf Adil Shah In Goa

The "Gateway of the Palace of Yusuf Adil Shah" was built by Adil Shah, a Muslim ruler. He was a Bijapur sultan. After him Portuguese destroys it in 1820 to construct new houses on that place. We can only view the gateway of the palace. Therefore, the Portuguese governor constructed it again in 1696 known to be his residence. It is located near Mondovi river. We are sure you have never experienced such kind of lake anywhere. Must visit!!!

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary In Goa

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary In Goa

This sanctuary Goa in is located near Valpoi town in sanguem Taluka covers a vast area of about 208.48 sq. km. It comprises of beautiful flora and fauna, beauteous bird species, protection of 11 security guards, foresters supervision, four wheeler for patrolling, no availability of tourist facilities, availability of FDRH (Forest Departmenbt rest houses) and have 16 beats. Some of its main attractions are Swapnagandha resort and Adventure resort. We are sure you have never experienced such kind of lake anywhere.

Olive Ridley In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Olive Ridley In Goa

This place is famous for its eye catching turtles and olive green scenic place. It comprise of a little sea turtle with the length of about 70 cm. the turtles in Olive Ridley aye asymmetrical, have 5 – 9 plates on scute on each side in which 6 – 8 can be easily seen, forelimbs, eye catching anterior claws, have weight of about 50 – 60 kg, adult females have weight of about 36 kg and adult males have weight of about 34 kg. The best time to visit this place is between Octobers to March. We are sure you have never experienced such kind of lake anywhere.

Paliem Lake In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Paliem Lake In Goa

This lake in goa has a specialty of fresh clean water with sweetness and lovely sulphurous mud. You can see the hippies rubbing themselves in this cool mud. You can see appealing greenery, beautiful view of Waghcolomb Hill, soothing sand and relaxing water all around. Its main attraction is Vittal Temple, lush green jungle, river shores, rocks, dragonflies and dolphins which are situated nearby. Please come and visit. We are sure you have never experienced such kind of lake anywhere.

Pine Shack In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Pine Shack In Goa

Pine shack in Goa is located in Calanguate and Candolim borders. If you want to enjoy Goa's nightlife this is the perfect spot to come in. It offers you everything which will satisfy you for your enjoyment. It comprises of loud foot tapping music, shimmering bonfire under the sky, view of twinkling stars, to lie on the bed placed outside, enjoy beside the beautiful beach, dance floor and yummy and delicious cuisines and drinks. This is the perfect shack for all youngsters. You must come here, party hard and make your mood refreshed, rejoiced and relaxed. It's an ideal place for travelers too.

Reis Magos Fort In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Reis Magos Fort In Goa

Reis Magos Fort in Goa located beside Mondovi River which was built in 1551. In Portuguese rule it was made to protect sea faring from the river. It comprises of walls made up of laterite soil, erected in 1551 and re erected in 1707, contained viceroys, dignitaries, it was made to protect against Marathas, contain a bastion prison, fort gives spectacular view of surroundings, occupied for about 15 years by Britishers, made for preservation, protected by 33 guns, a spring of water is situated nearby, you can see a beauteous church of Reis Margos by stepping from stairs, pavement can be seen inscripted and remains of Dom Luis de Ataide can also been seen. You can see the ruins that were renovated later along with the spectacular hills that are situated nearby.

Sao Jacinto Island In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Sao Jacinto Island In Goa

This is a tiny island located on Mormugao Bay at a distance of about 5 km from Bogmalo beach. It comprises of scenic environment with an astonishing ancient solitary chapel. It comprises of raving boat ride, cool and refreshing water, underwater view of species, covered by houses, scenic viewpoint of hills, old spring for drinking water. You can see an old chapel near the island. Must come and visit this scenic place.

Easily accessible through a boat

Tiracol Fort In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Tiracol Fort In Goa

Tiracol fort in Goa is located on Tiracol river. It is also known as 'Terekhol Fort'. This fort can be reached from Querim through a ferry. A king of Sawantwadi 'Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle' constructed this fort to maintain the traffic, river and sea shore in 17th centuary. It was once captured by Portuguese in 1746 and after that it was converted into a heritage hotel. This fort gives an astonishing view of Arabian sea. Some of the important native vessels of this fort are being protectively placed under the river. this fabulous fort comprises of chapel, barrack and 12 guns. The fort has its great historical importance in Marathas, Portuguese and Indian freedom fighters lives.

Velsao Chapel In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Velsao Chapel In Goa

This popular chapel in Goa is located in Valsao village atop of a hill. is famous for its glamorous sunset but does not have an appealing structure. This spot comprises of 'Rare feast of three kings' is celebrated Cansaulim on 6th January each year. In this festival three men get dressed in the costumes of kings comes in the village through horses and visits a church situated in top of the hill. It also holds a fair on the ground near the church. This beautiful place should be seen if you are planning to visit Goa.

Cabo Chapel In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Cabo Chapel In Goa

Cabo chapel in Goa was built in 1540 on Mandovi river is located near Governor's mansion was made in dedication of Nossa Senhora do cabo (virgin lady of the cape). The basic meaning of cabo is Portuguese cape. It was also known as a bhawan, fort, niwas and palace. Earlier it was a residence of Fransiscan monestary later changed into the governor's residence in goa. The chapel comprises of Chinese architecture, wooden well furnished furniture and silver in color. It is also known as Darbar hall. You can see the scenic surroundings around this chapel.

Cabo De Rama Fort In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Cabo De Rama Fort In Goa

This fort in goa is located on Canecona district and 25 km away from Margao. This place has a historical significance of Portuguese who were surrendered by Hindu warriors in 1763. This one of the oldest forts in goa was build before the region of Portuguese. It is influenced by mythology. For 14 years lord Rama with his wife Sita took a refuge over this place. This fort was named by the name of Lord Rama and also called as cape Rama fort. You can also have the view of scenic beauty of Colva Beach & Canacona stretch from this fort.

Dudhsagar Waterfall In Goa On Mirchi Travels

Dudhsagar Waterfall In Goa

Dudhsagar waterfall in Goa is located at a distance of about 60 km away from Panaji in Sanguem district comprises of height of about 310 meters and with the width about of 30 meters. It comprises of an eye catching view of glittering cold water which is known to be the highest waterfall in India, looks amazing in dry season, it strengthens in monsoon and is a main part of goa ecosystem. It is also known as Vajra Sakala Falls and Tambdi Surla Falls. The fifth largest waterfall in India is a Dudhsagar waterfall gives an appealing view. Must come and visit this astonishing place.