Best Places To Visit In Cuttack And Its Attactions

Best Places To Visit In Cuttack City

Cuttack Attractions

Some of the best tourist places in Cuttack are as follows:

Barabati Fort In Cuttack On Mirchi Travels

Barabati Fort In Cuttack

Barabati Fort in Cuttack signifies the period of Ganga rulers who significantly rejoiced different traditions, rituals and many other things. The fort was built in 11th centuary and was modified in later 14th centuary. This fort is situated on the banks of prestigious Mahanadi River looks absolutely stupendous. The fort holds past legacy and blushes with the emergence of river and beautiful architecture. Barabati Fort has a beautifully carved gateway and houses a nine storied palace along with a moat. The awesome 20-yard ditch along with a citadel is really an amazing feature of this fort. Its elegance and grandeur will be stored in your eyes forever.

Stone Revetment In Cuttack On Mirchi Travels

Stone Revetment In Cuttack

This place in Cuttack is a winsome engineering skill situated on the banks of Kathjuri River showcases its stone revetment through its brilliant technical skills. This ancient tourist spot is very famous as stone formations can be perfectly seen at this place. This is actually the logical thinking and technical skills of Oriyans and this revetment was constructed by Keshari kings. This ancient 11th centuary revetment is an example of Oriyan architecture.

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary In Cuttack On Mirchi Travels

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary In Cuttack

This wildlife sanctuary in Cuttack is situated on total area of about 650 km2. Its richness in vegetation cover, rivers, mud flats, flora, fauna, accumulated land and thick woods will take your heart away. It is the most famous wildlife sanctuary which exists in Asia. The home to crocodiles, turtles, snakes, migratory birds and wild animals makes every visitor fan of this place. This wildlife sanctuary was also considered to be a national park in 1998. Thick mangrove forests along with voice of different animals makes the environment of this place like a dense forest. The most attractive feature of this sanctuary is its Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. The migratory birds which exist within the sanctuary are Asian Open Bill, Egrets, Black Ibis, Darters and Cormorants etc. Animal species like wild pigs, rhesus monkeys, spotted deer, sambar, python, king cobra, monitor lizards etc. also resides over the place.
Timings of visiting: 6 am to 6 pm

Dhabaleswar In Cuttack On Mirchi Travels

Dhabaleswar In Cuttack

Dhabaleshwar in Cuttack is a marvelous shrine was made in dedication to lord Shiva. It is a populous pilgrimage center in Orissa. The temple was created using white stones and is placed on the banks of river Mahanadi is tiny island of Dhabaleshwar. The sculptures within the temple belong to 10th and 11th centuary AD is its prominent feature. Crowds can be seen during Shivaratri and it’s always thronged by visitors throughout the year.

Quadam-i-Rasool In Cuttack On Mirchi Travels

Quadam-i-Rasool In Cuttack

This shrine in Cuttack was constructed in 18th centuary by a Hindu ruler for Muslims. This is a sacred and revered place in Cuttack for both Hindus and Muslims and a famous pilgrimage center as well. This mosque is situated on a vast land of about 57 acres with a sprawling Hindu and Muslim architectural style. It is located close to old quarters in Cuttack. This ancient monument takes heart of every visitor by its charm and glory. There is a holy cemetery where graves of many great personalities are housed. The mosque also houses a Nawat Khana. The central mosque contains remarkable footprints of Muhammad Prophet is its significant feature. The place is highly appreciable as it contains that divine charm which is stored in every person’s heart who had visited this place.

Singanatha Temple In Cuttack On Mirchi Travels

Singanatha Temple In Cuttack

This temple in Cuttack is another imposing and impressive structure is meant to be the oldest temple of Cuttack. The temple is situated on the banks of river Mahanadi close to Gopinathpur village. The sacred and tranquil atmosphere is surrounded around this temple where every visitor feels peaceful and calm and forgets every stress of his/her life. The architecture of this temple is similar to the ancient temples architecture in India. this site is worth visiting so don’t miss the opportunity to visit this site of Cuttack.

Cuttack Chandi Temple In Cuttack On Mirchi Travels

Cuttack Chandi Temple In Cuttack

This gorgeous temple in Cuttack is believed to be the abode of guardian deity of Cuttack city. There is an interesting tale behind the temple. The land of this temple was earlier a fallow land where the goddess appeared in front of a man named as Hansa Panda after digging red sindhoor within the soil. The Devi emerged from that soil. People believed that this sacred Devi protects the whole city from negativity, evils and enemies. The idol of Devi can be seen within the temple which was beautifully created. She is portrayed with four hands named as Bara, Abhaya, Ankusha and Pasa which an incarnation of goddess Bhuvaneswari. The idol looks older than the temple. The impressive architecture, patterns, designs and carvings will make you surprised.