Badrinath Attraction And Best Places To Visit

Best Places To Visit In Badrinath

Badrinath Attraction

This astonishing heaven will take your breath away. Badrinath pilgrimage spot is enjoyed by people all over the world. Some of the tourist places in Badrinath are as follows:

The Temple Complex In Badrinath On Mirchi Travels

The Temple Complex In Badrinath

The temple complex in Badrinarh is located in Chamoli district in Garhwal Himalayas on the banks of Alakananda River. The temple is situated at an attitude of about 3,133 meters above sea level. It was made in dedication to Lord Vishnu. It is one of the main attraction of Badrinath is this temple complex and comes in Char Dhams. The two precious ponds situated near the complex are Surya Kund and Narad Kund. A spring of hot sulphur can be viewed near the temple which has a temperature of about 55o C throughout the year. This magnificent temple has the following features:
1. It consists of 108 Diva Deshams made in dedication to lord Vishnu.
2. The complex is only opens between the months of November to April.
3. The temple has a tall black stoned sacred statue of lord Vishnu as 'Badrinath'.
4. The statue is about 3.4 feets long.
5. The statue is considered as one of the lord Vishnu's self-manifested statue.
6. The temple celebrates 'Mata ki Murti ka Mela' every year.
7. You can see the precious texts of 'Vishnu Purana' and 'Skanda Purana' where the mention of Badrinath temple can be observed.
8. You can also view the mesmerizing Nar Parbat Mountain which can be seen on the opposite side of the temple complex.
9. This mountain is located between Neelkanta peak and Temple complex.
10. The temple comprises of the following structures:
      a. Garbhagriha: It is a sanctrum of conical in shape is 15 meters high. Its top part is made up of golden gilt, beautifully arched windows and usage of precious stones.
      b. Shaligram: It is a stone of black color contains an image of Lord Badrinath is kept on a golden canopy under the precious old Badri tree.
      c. The temple also comprises of idols and images of Nar & Narayan, Kubera, Uddhava and many others.

Sheshnetra In Badrinath On Mirchi Travels

Sheshnetra In Badrinath

Sheshnetra in Badrinath gathers a hub of visitors. There is a mythical belief that Anantha Shesha also known as Sheshnaga was a retreat of Lord Vishnu. The characteristic of legendry Sheshnetra is a rock adorned with a marvelous carving of an eye. The carving on this rock is natural. People believed that the holy shrine of Lord Badrinath is protected by Sheshnetra. If you are in Badrinath, never miss the opportunity to view this revered site.

Brahma Kapal In Badrinath On Mirchi Travels

Brahma Kapal In Badrinath

Brahma Kapal Ghat in Badrinarh is situated on the banks of River Alakananda at a distance of about 100 meters on the northern region of Badrinath Temple. A flat base of the premise was once the residence of Lord Brahma. This is a place where Lord Shiva was relieved from the punishment of killing Lord Brahma. Must visit!!!

Tapt Kund In Badrinath On Mirchi Travels

Tapt Kund In Badrinath

Tapt Kund in Badrinarh is is located admist of Himalayas. It is a spring of hot sulphur can be viewed near the Badrinath temple which has a temperature of about 55o C throughout the year. The Kund was believed to be the residence of Lord Agni. The majestic spring comprises of therapeutic medicinal water from which you can get rid of all diseases. Taking a holy dip into the water will purify your mind and soul and you will feel relaxed and relieved after bathing in this purified water.

Vasudhara Falls In Badrinath On Mirchi Travels

Vasudhara Falls In Badrinath

Vasudhara falls is located at a distance of about 4 km away from Badrinath in Mana village. Vasudhara falls is located at an attitude of about 400 feet. The amazing and appealing waterfall is related to legendry Pandavas. The scenic environment, ambiance of fresh air and surroundings of mountain ranges makes it a ravishing place. People believed that from impure soul and bad hearted people, this waterfall turns away. This spot is not at all easy to reach. But, if you are in Badrinath then make your efforts to visit this astonishing place.

Neelkanth In Badrinath On Mirchi Travels

Neelkanth In Badrinath

Neelkanth in Badrinath is located on the border of mountain ranges of Nar Narayan beside Badrinath shrine. Neelkath is gives an eye popping view of scenic surroundings. It is 6,597 meters high also known as 'Queen of Garhwal'. This hotspot will astonish you completely. You will forget everything when you will see this place. Must visit!!!

Charanpaduka In Badrinath On Mirchi Travels

Charanpaduka In Badrinath

Charanpaduka in Badrinath is locatd at an attitude of about 3380 feet. This is also one one of the sacred and popular pilgrimage spots of Badrinath. The premise comprises of the recious footprints of Lord Vishu on a rock. People believed that on this point lord Vishnu kept his foot and came to earth. This is located on a ravishing location between the scenic beauties of surroundings. Thus, the path that takes to this astonishing place is very risky. People believed that a sacred Darshan of footprint will heal all the bad things of life and they will get rid from every tension of their life. According to Bhagwat Purana, Uddhav was advised by lord Krishna. Lord Krishna said him to take his Charanpaduka in Badrinath and to offer his prayer to Alakananda Holy River which will clean your all bad deeds. Must visit!!!