Amritsar Attractions And Best Places To Visit

Best Places To Visit In Amritsar City

Amritsar Attraction

Amritsar India is the biggest city in Punjab which will provide you the popular places for sightseeing. Some of the tourist places in Amritsar are as follows:

Golden Temple In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Golden Temple In Amritsar

Golden temple in amritsar was built and designed by Sikh Guru Arjun in 16th centuary. It is also known as Harmandir Sahib. Adi granth was completed by Guru Arjun in 1604 whose installation you can see in this Gurudwara. This holy beautiful place was founded by Hazrat Mian Mir ji on 1588. He was a muslim saint. The premise was renovated by Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and Sikh Misls in 1764. This revered temple was made so that people of all religion come here to worship. The temple is placed admist a beautiful lake known as Amrit Sarovar. The premises comprises of following features:
1. The temple is made up of gold. The golden layer above the gurudwara wscovered by Maharaja Ranjit Singh to protect Punjab from external enemies and attacks.
2. The English name 'Golden Temple' has been emerged after its gold plating.
3. Comprises of enormous small appealing temples.
4. Beside the gurudwara we can see the beautiful fishes in Amrit Sarovar.
5. The most sacred book known as 'Agnigrantha' can be seen within the premises adorned with a shrine.
6. There are four gates for entrance which symbolized equality of religion.
7. A small pond with clean water can be seen near each gate so that visitors enter inside with clean foots.
8. The premise houses a free accommodation for people.
9. Anyone can help in preparing food and drinks to other people. No matter a person is of rich family or poor.
10. There is a big dining hall in which people sit and have their food.
11. The temple also consists of a jubli tree. People believed that the jubli tree comprises of majestic powers.
12. You can hear the pleasing prayers and hymns within the premises which rejuvenate the mind, heart and soul of every person. It makes rejoiced.
Timings of visiting: From 6 AM until 2 AM

Jallianwala Bagh In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Jallianwala Bagh In Amritsar

Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar covers a vast area of about 7 acres. This is a place where 300 – 380 people had a horrifying death. This incident took place on 13th April, 1919 where large amount of Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs were gathered for a meeting in the evening at about 4:30 pm. General Dyer who was a British India Army officer ordered about 90 soldiers to attack on Indian people who disobeyed them. He entered the Jallianwala Bagh and blocked all the entrances and doors so that nobody would escape from the place. Even they locked some people permanently. They all bought machine and other guns with them. Without any warning Dyer started firing on the crowd. The firing continued till 10 – 15 minutes and stopped. Many innocent people were died on that incident and many died after jumping into the solitary well in order to keep themselves safe from firing. About 120 people died inside the well.

You can still see the wounds of people inside the well and about 380 people died during this horrible massacre. You can see the memorial of people within the premises who died on this incident. You can also see the spots on the wall which were emerged during firing. In 1920, a trust was founded to build a memorial on this place. This was done when Indian National Congress passed a resolution. The land for the project was purchased and a design for the memorial was made in 1923 by Benjamin Polk. He was an American architect. The design was inaugurated on 13th April, 1961 by the first president of India known as Rajendra Prasad with Jawaharlal Nehru and other freedom fighters. The marks on the walls and well were preserved and protected which are visible till now. Please come and visit as this place consists of an interesting historical importance and significance.

Kaiser Bagh In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Kaiser Bagh In Amritsar

Kaiser Bagh in Amritsar was built from 1845 to 1850. This popular park is also called as "Ceaser's Park". This name symbolizes a king of Oudh known as Wajid Ali Shah. The beauteous park is quadrangular in shape. The premises comprises of following features:
1. Comprises of yellow colored amazing buildings, nice pavilion, remarkable cupolas, magnificent domes, decorated entrance, stairs that lead to first floor gives an astonishing view of a bridge etc.
2. You can see a small marvelous temple situated admist the bridge.
3. Mixture of Mughal and Gothic architectural styles.

Tarn Taran Sahib In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Tarn Taran Sahib In Amritsar

Tarn Taran Sahib is located at a distance of about 24 km away from Amritsar city. It is the most important and famous religious place for huge amount of devotees in Amritsar. The founder of this city is Guru Anjan. The name of the city is named by him. It is the largest sarovar of Amritsar where we can see the large number of sikh devotees. The premises comprises of following features:
1. It houses enormous Gurudwaras, worshiping Sikh houses like Guru Ka Khud, Bhani Da Khud etc.
2. It's a holy and revered place where people of all regions visit and offers their prayer to God.

Santokhsar Sahib In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Santokhsar Sahib In Amritsar

Santhoshkar Sahib in Amritsar was established by Guru Ramdas. This perfect location of pool is surrounded around a revered shrine. People believed that the holy pool is built on the same place where Santokhsar Sahib was used to mediate. The construction of this holy pool was started by Guru Ram and completed by Guru Anjan and it was completed in 1589. The premises comprises of following features:
1. You can take a bath in this holy water.
2. This pool joins Harminder Sahib also.
3. The pool is also known as 'Sarovar'.
4. The water purifies the soul of people and their past deeds who take bath in it.

Gurudwara Shri Amritsar Sahib In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Gurudwara Shri Amritsar Sahib In Amritsar

Gurdwara SarAmritsarhi in Amritsar is located on opposite side of Government Higher Secondary School on Town Hall. It was made in dedication to 36th sikhs whose names are being mentioned on a stone's marble and non commissioned officers hanging on Gurudwara's wall. These soldiers were died by fighting against Pathans and defending Saragarhi's Frontier Fort on 12th September, 1897. Three Gurudwaras were made in memory of soldiers. There was an establishment of an amazing memorial in Amritsar on 14th February, 1902. The SarAmritsarhi was cited by UNESCO as one of the important ancient history of Amritsar. Please come and visit.

Guru Ke Mahal In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Guru Ke Mahal In Amritsar

Guru Ke Mahal in Amritsar was a small hut which was renovated and changed into a holy shrine by Arjun Dev and Guru Hargobind in 1573. You can see Guru Grant Sahab's shrine is placed inside the premises. The premises comprises of following features:
1. It's an entrance hall which is rectangular in shape.
2. Special Diwan and langar held is held on Bikrami Month every first Sunday.

Gurudwara Mata Kaulan In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Gurudwara Mata Kaulan In Amritsar

Gurudwara Mata Kaulan in Amritsar is located on sacred and holy banks. There was a girl who was totally devoted towards the worship of Guru Hargobind but her family was against her devotion and gave her harsh punishments. She left her house and lived in a house called Gurudwara Mai Kaulan. This is a revered place of sikh religion. Huge numbers of devotees come here to offer their prayers to God. You must also visit!!!

Rambagh Gardens In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Rambagh Gardens In Amritsar

Rambagh Gardens in Amritsar is an astonishing garden. This was a summer palace of Ranjith Singh who was a king of Punjab. Earlier this pleasing garden was known as Company garden but later its name was changed into Rambagh Garden by the king of Punjab. This beauteous garden was made in dedication to him because he had a true faith on Guru Ram Das.
The premises comprises of following features:
1. Holds a magnificent statue of legendry king with his horse.
2. You have to take the entry passes for entrance within the premises.

Durgiana Temple In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Durgiana Temple In Amritsar

Durgiana temple in Amritsar was built by Harsai Mal Kapoor is located close to Lorgah Gate. It was constructed in 1908. The temple has been created on the pattern of Golden Temple and also known as 'Silver temple'. The temple has been made in dedication to Goddess Durga. Hence, the name of the temple is originated from her name. The temple is also popularly known as 'Laxmi Narayan Temple'. The premises comprises of following features:
1. This revered temple comprises of beauteous Goddess Durga's carved paintings in her different incarnations.
2. Contains deities of many hindu Gods.
3. There are some magnificent temples made within the premises of this temple such as Sita Mata Mandir, Bara Hanuman Mandir etc.
4. The architectural style is unusual. Its unique and did not based on ancient architectural style.

Wagah Border In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Wagah Border In Amritsar

Wagah Border in Amritsar is located in between Pakistan and India on Grand Trunk road. The border is situated at about 22 km away from Lahore and 32 km away from Amritsar. Wahga is a village in Pakistan comprises of two important lines that are Radcliffe Line and Demarcation Boundary Line that separates India and Pakistan. On Independence 1947 the village Wahga had been divided. Western half of the village is situated in Pakistan and eastern half in India. The premises comprises of following features:
1. There are buildings and roads on both sides of the border.
2. Border fencing is adorned with high voltage electric current.
3. The entry gate of outpost is known as Swarna Jayanti Gate comprises of scenic beauty of nature.
4. There is a retreat or ceremony of Wagah border with gatherings of people and colorful lights held every day at 5 pm.
5. Parades of two countries held in which soldiers of both countries take part in ceremony.

Akal Takht In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Akal Takht In Amritsar

Akal Takht in Amritsar was built by Guru Hargobind is located within the premises of Golden Temple. The meaning on Akal Takht in English is 'Eternal Throne'. It is one of the popular takht among other five takhts of Sikhs. This oldest revered takht is a place for consideration of problems, rights and justice. It is the highest body of collection of Sikhs known as Khalsa. It also comprises of the Sikhs highest spokesman known as Jathedar. Akal takht is a magnificent place where Guru Granth Sahib which is the centre of attraction of Golden Temple is kept here at night.

Bibeksar Sahib In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Bibeksar Sahib In Amritsar

Bibekar Sahib in Amritsar was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh is located on the banks of Bibeksar Sarovar. The appealing sarovar was established by a sixth guru known as Guru Hargobind Sahib. Gurudwara affairs are now managed by Shiromani Gurdwar Parbandhak Committee. The premises comprises of following features:
1. A well was made within the premises in between 1905 – 1906.
2. Langar used to hold in this Gurdwara since 1906.
3. Holds a marvelous garden within the premises.
4. Heavy crowds are being seen in this spot especially in last Saturdays of each and every month.
5. People take part in Rainsbai Keertan Programme in this spot.
6. There are two old villages situated near Gurdwara named as Chitiwind & Sultanwind.

Khair-ud-Din Masjid In Amritsar On Mirchi Travels

Khair-ud-Din Masjid In Amritsar

Khair-ud-Din Masjid in Amritsar was constructed by Muhammad Khairuddin in 1876 is located in Hall Bazaar. The revered place holds an important historical importance. A war against Britishers was originated from this place. The steps against Britishers were led by Shah Attaullah Bukhari and Tootie – e – Hind. You can see the architecture of mosque which is eye catching. It is an important spot to visit. Hence, we can see masses of people and pilgrimage over this place. Please come and visit this fascinating place.

Maharaja ranjit singh museum in amritsar on mirchi travels

Maharaja ranjit singh museum in amritsar

Maharaga Ranjit Singh Museum in Amritsar is located on Lawrence road. Earlier, this place was a summer palace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh but now it has been transformed into a museum. The museum comprises of a beautiful garden popularly known as Ram Bagh. Maharaja Ranjit Singh had drawn his place in history of India. His extra ordinary spirit and power for secularism is known to everyone. This picture of his personality is displayed on the museum. The premises comprises of following features:
1. Eye catching armours and arms.
2. Beautiful paintings
3. Old centuary coins
4. Magnificent manuscripts
5. Precious parwana to King of Kapurthala by Maharaja Ranjit Singh comprises of Ranjit Singh's seal.
6. Glorious weapons of warriors
Timings of visiting: 10 am to 5 pm
Closed on Mondays