Amarnath Yatra And Its Attractions

Best Places To Visit In Amarnath

Amarnath Yatra And Attraction

This astonishing heaven will take your breath away. Amarnath pilgrimage spot is enjoyed by people all over the world. Some of the tourist places in Amarnath are as follows:

Amarnath Cave In Amarnath On Mirchi Travels

Amarnath Cave In Amarnath

It is a holy cave situated at a height of about 3888 meters is an important spot for visiting in Amarnath. The cave is attached with mythological values and beliefs. It is believed to be the oldest cave which is 5,000 years old is an important part of Hinduism. Millions of visitors come to visit this place every year. Its popularity is increasing day by day. The cave holds the ancient legends relation to beloved wife of Lord Shiva. This incredible cave houses a Shivalinga. This Shivalinga is formed by ice naturally is moon shaped. The height of this Shivalinga increases during the months of May to August. During these months, the summer festival can be seen. The cave also houses two prestigious lingams of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Parvati. This spot is managed by Indian Paramilitary Forces and CRPF. You can only visit this spot after taking permission from authorities.

Amarnath Yatra In Amarnath On Mirchi Travels

Amarnath Yatra In Amarnath

People of India are always curious to do Amarnath Yatra. This pilgrimage and holy visit to God will amaze you and take your breath away. The holy darshan of Lord Shiva, the three eyed God will blow your mind. Devotees can be seen here in masses. The route which takes Amarnath Yatra to the main complex is dangerous. The routes of this Yatra often observe landslides and other natural disasters. You should walk properly and carefully on the roads because sometimes they become slippery. You can only reach there through trekking. The trek starts from Pahalgam. The main organizer of this Yatra is the government of Jammu & Kashmir which is scheduled in Shravan month. You can see the beautiful scenery around the temple at a high attitude which will blow your mind. You can view stunning snowy cover over this holy shrine throughout the year except June, July and August and the cave temple is only opened in these three months. You have an opportunity to visit this ravishing spot. We are sure that you will like to visit here again.