Ajmer Attraction And Best Places To Visit

Best Places To Visit In Ajmer City

Ajmer Attractions

Ajmer India is a holy place which will provide you ausom spots to visit in Ajmer. Ajmer tourist places are as follows:

Nasiyan Jain Temple (Red Temple) In Ajmer On Mirchi Travels

Nasiyan Jain Temple (Red Temple) In Ajmer

Nasiyan Jain Temple in Ajmer city is one of the main attractions of the main city is a highly crowded area. It was made in dedication to Tirthankara. He was the first jain. This temple is also known as red temple and belongs to the sect. of Digamber. The premises comprises of following features:
1. Impressive architectural designs and styles.
2. It's a two storeyed monument.
3. Amazing gold plated sculpture on the first floor.
4. Precious stones, gold plating, silver plating, usage of carvings with beautiful designs can be seen in its interior area.
Timings of visiting: From 8:30 am-4:30 pm.

Adhai-Din-Ka-Jhonpra In Ajmer On Mirchi Travels

Adhai-Din-Ka-Jhonpra In Ajmer

Adhai-din ka Jhonpra in Ajmer city is built is the same place of Jain Temple. I took two and a half days to built and complete that's why this mosque is popularly known as Adhai-din ka Jhonpra. The mosque symbolizes the powers of the muslim. Earlier the mosque was known as 'Sanskrit college' but late its name was changed into a mosque by Muhammad Ghori in 1198. The premises comprises of following features:
a. Muslim – Hindu architectural style.
b. It has a remarkable seven arched wall.
c. A beautiful yellow limestone arches.
d. Arab origin's small arches fixed on a panel to supply light.
e. Its features are similar to a Hindu temple but it's a mosque.
f. It has a columned huge hall.
g. There are three pillars with shrines are the main attractions.
h. Impressive carvings on the ceilings.
i. Stylized columns with beautiful designs.

Ana Sagar In Ajmer On Mirchi Travels

Ana Sagar In Ajmer

Ana Sagar of Ajmer was built by King Anaji in 12th centuary. This artificial lake was made in such a way that the gushing water of Luni River was blocked. It is one of the magnificent attractions of Ajmer. Must visit!!! This appealing lake comprises of following features:
a. It contains the observation of many dynasties.
b. King Anaji out looked this beauteous lake that is why this lake is popularly known as 'Ana Sagar'.
c. The eye catching pavilions beside this lake were made by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.
d. You can also view a remarkable shrine of Khobra Behroon on this lake.

Dargah Sharif In Ajmer On Mirchi Travels

Dargah Sharif In Ajmer

Ajmer Sharif Dargah is located at the centre of city. You can see the ground of burial of Khwaja Moin-Ud-Din Chist who was a popular Sufi saint. The best time to visit the holy Ajmer Dargah is during Annual Ur Festival occasion. On this day the shrine is well decorated and the crowd of people comes to visit this place. There is no caste discrimination with the premises and people of all religion come to visit this highly revered shrine. People believed that if you will pray for the fulfillment of your wishes or dreams in front of dargah with a pure heart then your dream will come true. The architecture of this Ajmer Sharif looks similar to the architecture of Khwaja Sharif. He was a saint and he locked himself in a room for long six days in this last stage of death.
The Dargah Sharif replicates the superb texture of Mughal architecture. People also believed that King Akbar came to meet the saint on his foot. The premises comprises of following features:
a. Mughal architectural style.
b. Houses Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti's dargah.
c. This Chishti has the following characteristics:
      1. Marvelous buildings of marbles
      2. Houses a courtyard
      3. Holds a remarkable Akbari Masjid.
      4. Houses saint's tomb and a huge gate.

Durga Bag In Ajmer On Mirchi Travels

Durga Bag In Ajmer

Durga Bag in Ajmer was constructed during the rule of Maharaja Shiv Dan Singh in 1868 AD is located on the banks of Lake Ana Sagar. It scenic background was corrected by King Mangal Singh which was called as Shimla. This beauteous spot serves its importance and significance in Ajmer city. The best time to visit here is during summer season. Pavilions in this bag were made by marbles. These precious outlooks of pavilions were given by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. You must visit this alluring place. This appealing park comprises of following features:
1. Colorful different flowers.
2. Greenery all around.

Kishangarh In Ajmer On Mirchi Travels

Kishangarh In Ajmer

Kishangarh in Ajmer is located at a distance of about 18 miles situated on the north western side of Ajmer. Kishangarh is a beautiful city as well as a municipality. This city was a former capital of Rathores. The city gives the significance of beautiful paintings depicted by Bani Thani who was a courtesan in 18th centuary. The unique and commendable colorful paintings are highly appreciated by visitors and local people and are famous all over in India. Thus, Kishangarh is a city which is also popularly known as 'City of Marble in India'.

A huge appreciation has been gathered from all over the world for this beauteous city. Earlier a spot in Kishangarh comprised of a marvelous flower palace also known as 'Phool Mahal' that contains various colorful flowers is now being converted and transformed into a heritage hotel. This place is also comprises of a magnificent picnic centre adorned by an eye catching garden, remarkable fort and an appealing lake known as Gond Talav Lake. Must visit!!!!

Foy Sagar In Ajmer On Mirchi Travels

Foy Sagar In Ajmer

Foy Sagar in Ajmer city was constructed by Mr. Foy who was a great Englishman in 1891. The name of the beautiful lake was originated by his name. It is an appealing artificial lake which was made to get relief from scarcity of water. This is the main lake of Ajmer where people can get portable water to drink. It has a flat base that is eye catching. You can also get the view of magnificent surroundings round the lake. It is a lovely tourist and picnic spot. If you are in Ajmer then must visit this astonishing spot.

Mayo College Museum In Ajmer On Mirchi Travels

Mayo College Museum In Ajmer

Mayo College Museum in Ajmer city was constructed in1875 by British India's Viceroy. It is one of the popular and best educational centres in India with its appealing architectural design. It is also popularly known as 'Eastern of the East'. The premises comprises of following features:
1. Serves quality of education.
2. Appealing white marbles
3. Magnificent Indo – Saracenic architectural design.
4. The preference of this institution is also mentioned in London's British Museum.
5. There is a remarkable museum situated inside the premises.
6. Knowledgeable artifacts and information giving displays.
7. The museum spreads knowledge as well as motivation for children and youth.
8. The main aim of this college is to develop children's mental ability.

Taragarh Fort In Ajmer On Mirchi Travels

Taragarh Fort In Ajmer

Taragarh Fort in Ajmer city was built in 1354 AD is located on the hillside of Nagpahari. The centre of attraction is the interesting tunnels that are digged into the whole hill. The big wall of the fort comprises of astounding formations. This fort is one of the popular tourist places in Ajmer which has eye catching characteristics. Some of the main attractions of this place are Dargah of Miran Saheb and the Rani Mahal. The fort also comprises of scenic view of Aravalli ranges, architectural design of Rajasthan and beautiful vallies. This imposing fort has a rickety structure. By viewing the ruins on the gate of the fort you can know the glory of past of this fort. Please come and visit!!!

Ropangarh Fort In Ajmer On Mirchi Travels

Ropangarh Fort In Ajmer

Roopangarh Fort in Ajmer was built by Maharaja Roop Singh in 17th centuary. Earlier this was a splendor fort but now it has been modified into a royal luxurious hotel that gives first class amenities to the tourists and local people. The premises comprises of the following features:
1. Well furnished interiors.
2. Luxurious furniture makes it more appealing.
3. Fancily decorated visitor's room
4. Logs for providing fire that gives warmth during the winters.
5. Amazing battlements
6. Eye catching passageways.
7. Arms and armours.
8. Magnificent jails.
9. Remarkable foundries.
10. Appealing atmosphere and surroundings.
11. Huge terrace.
12. Delicious desert with bedecking music in the evenings.
13. Offers you the modern touch of facilities with its royalty.