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Best Places To Visit In Ahmedabad City

Ahmedabad Attraction

Akshardham Temple In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Akshardham Temple In Ahmedabad

Akshardham temple in Ahmedabad has an eye catching structure is situated in Gandhinagar. It is an attractive and one of the most popular temples in India. It is made up of pink sandstones, combined with a statue of lord Swaminarayana which is of 7 feet made up of gold. The structure has an amazing height of 108 feet and length of 131 feet in width. This temple also comprises of three halls that exhibits the representations of Indian culture that holds music shows, sound shows, multimedia shows and animatronics shows.
Time to visit: Opened in morning from 9 am to evening in 6 pm.

Bhadra Fort In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Bhadra Fort In Ahmedabad

Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad exemplifies the antique cultural heritage of the historical times. The fort portrays the arches at the entry gate. These arches have astonishing marvels of architectural patterns. This fort was built by Ahmad Shah I in 1411.The fort was named as Bhadrakiali Temple earlier but now the fort is combined with Bhadrakiali Temple as a part of the fort.
Time to visit: Opened in morning from 11am to evening in 6 pm.

Gandhi Ashram Or Sabarmati Ashram In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Gandhi Ashram Or Sabarmati Ashram In Ahmedabad

Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad is also known as Sabarmati Ashram located near the banks of Sabarmati River situated in Ashram road. Gandhi Ashram was one of the residences of Mahatma Gandhi who lived there with his wife Kasturba Gandhi for about 12 years. Sabarmati Ashram consists of one of the national monuments of India which is the most popular historical attractions of visitors or tourists.
Time to visit: Opened in morning from 8 am to evening in 6:30 pm.

Kankaria Lake In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Kankaria Lake In Ahmedabad

Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad is a popular spot mainly for children. It is the biggest lake in Ahmedabad located in Maninagar area. It was built by Sultan Qutub-ud-din in 1451 A.D. Kankaria is popularly known for its sunsets, children's park, zoo, food stalls, rides, toy train and so on. This pristine lake is calm and serene. It feels wonderful to visit this glitzy place. This precious lake will make you relieved and relaxed and surely it will blow your mind. You must take a look towards its surroundings. They are breath taking.

Iskcon Temple In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Iskcon Temple In Ahmedabad

ISCKON Temple in Ahmedabad is a very popular temple that gathers a huge crowd of tourists. This temple portrays the love of Radha and Lord Krishna. The temple includes a mixture of Gujrati Sompura and Rajasthani Khamira style. It comprises of halls and beautiful chandeliers. We can see the crowd of people in ISCKON Temple during the festivals of Janamashtami and Nand Mahotsava.

Hathi Sing Jainisam Temple In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Hathi Sing Jainisam Temple In Ahmedabad

Hathi Sinh Jain Temple in Ahmedabad was constructed in 1848, initiated and planned by Sheth Hathisinh Kesarisinh, a wealthy trader. After his death it was completed and constructed by his wife Shethani Harkunvar. This temple was constructed during a famine in Gujarat which helped and employed hundreds of skilled artisans. Thus, this temple is managed by a Hathisinh family trust. It is most popular among the Jains. It is famous for its architectural splendours. The temple attracts people by its 15th Trithankras and tilted courtyard contains a row of pergolas including 52 shrines, each comprises an image of a Tirthankara.

Shaking Minarets In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Shaking Minarets In Ahmedabad

Shaking Minaret or Jhulta Minara in Ahmedabad was made by the best of architects and pioneering design engineers. The shaking towers are the main focus of this minaret. When a person imparts a slight push on its top, one can actually feel it moving or shaking. No one has succeeded in resolving the mistry behind the swaying minarets. When one minaret is shaken, suddenly the other minarets begin to vibrate. It is located near to the railway line. It is one of the popular tourists place in Ahmedabad invites them from all over the world.

Teen Darwaza In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Teen Darwaza In Ahmedabad

Teen Darwaza is an appealing place to visit in Ahmedabad that lies adjacent to the popular Bhadra Fort. The stone work consists of very detailed carving. The walls and pillars are marvelously designed. Its royal entrances along with the shrines are the main attraction that gives the magnificent views that are located nearby. This famous monument also includes the semi circular windows with the tracery net work where the middle window shows the tree of life which is covered with snakes which serves a symbol of Gujarat government. Thus, it is one of the longest gateways of the Ahmedabad, established by Sultan Ahmed Shah in the year 141 A.D. The great Mughal emperor Jahangir with his beloved wife Noorjahan use to come and visit this place, to take a look at the parades, marches or yatras that started from this gateway and went till Jama Masjid. This engrossing, attractive and appealing monument is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ahmedabad. People love to come here throughout the year.

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum In Ahmedabad

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum is counted in the best Ahmedabad tourist places. The huge collections of ancient books of different languages are found here like Sanskrit, Pali, Old Gujarati, Apabhramsa, Hindi, etc. It is an institute of Indology contains a library, established in the year 1984. It also carries the miniature paintings, cloth paintings, stone sculptures, bronzes, wood work, coins, metal sculptures, textiles, terracottas accompanied with popular paintings of Tagore and artwork of Nepal and Tibet. This museum also has the largest collection of Jain scripts. Those include 75, 000 manuscripts, 500 illustrated versions and 45,000 printed books.

Juma Musjid In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Juma Musjid In Ahmedabad

Juma Masjid in Ahmedabad displays a perfect combination of Hindu and Muslim style of architectural designs. This was built during the reign of Sultan Ahmed Shah in year 1423. It was built by yellow sandstones. It has a flamboyant and an impressing beauty. We can see the western chamber, which contains 260 pillars with fine and beautiful carvings inside the shrine. A rectangle shaped large courtyard made up of white marbles along with a pool in its midst gives an eye catching view. Masjid also contains the Mausoleums of Ahmed Sha and two other illustrious sultans' of the city. These tombs also have the perfect, beautiful and flamboyant designs and carvings

Swaminarayana Temple In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Swaminarayana Temple In Ahmedabad

Swaminarayana Mandir, Ahmedabad is located in the eastern part of old city near Kalupur which was made in 19th centuary. This city was built and constructed by Swaminarayana who is a founder of the sect. Thus, the temple has an appealing characteristic that is the Burmese teak painted in bright colors that embellishes its every wood bracket, columns and arches. This is the headquarters of Narnarayan Dev Gadi which is one of the Gadi of Swaminarayana Sampradaye. We can also see the Hindu God and Goddesses sculptures of green and yellow colors with their costly and luxurious dresses. The temples also comprises of a medical clinic with its compound which is an air conditioned multistory guest house.

Amar Dham In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Amar Dham In Ahmedabad

Amardham in Ahmedabad needs a special rendering. It is one of the popular places in Ahmedabad. This place is a site for devout and the art lovers. It's a holy place and holds an excellent and engrossing architectural design. Don't forget to visit this place where you can spend your important time with your family in pleasing and quintessential surroundings. amar Dham has scenic surrounding which will really blow your mind and take your breath away.

Kamla Nehru Zoo In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Kamla Nehru Zoo In Ahmedabad

Kamla Nehru Zoo in Ahmedabad is located on the bank of Kankaria Lake. This zoo shelters albino animal species. This zoo is a breeding center for them. Kamla Nehru Zoo also houses a museum where tourist can view the inflated birds and beautiful pictures. The park was designed by an expert Reuben David who is a zoologist. This park has abundance of flora, fauna and migratory birds. One will feel totally amazing and delightful under the shaded lush green leaves of thick woods along with the cheering sounds of chirping birds. The zoo is usually closed on Fridays. You are most welcome in this spot so if you get the opportunity to visit this place then must visit.
Time to visit: Opened in morning from 8 am to evening in 6:15 pm (MARCH - OCTOBER) and from 9 am to 5:30 pm (NOVEMBER - FEBRUARY).
Closed on Friday

Vastrapur Lake In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Vastrapur Lake In Ahmedabad

Vastrapur Lake is a popular in Ahmedabad. This lawn comprises of greenery all around and highlights garden with beautiful stonework. Boating is its main attraction. Tourists can enjoy over here by walking on the pathways that is made around the lake. During the monsoon season, the water of Narmada River adds great volume to the lake, which is the main attraction of this lake. This pristine lake is an ideal spot for nature and art lovers. It feels relieving in this calm and quiet place and so relaxing.

Science City In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Science City In Ahmedabad

Science City, Ahmedabad gains attraction and popularity of tourists a lot. This spot was established during 1960. It is a high spot where you will be able to view the splendor musical dancing fountains. Science city is a perfect place for making new discoveries and exploration. Thus, science city houses everything related to science. It will scroll your mind which results in gaining knowledge and information. You can see the energy Education Park and an IMAX theater which are housed within the science city. Explore science city and explore your skills.
Time to visit: Opened in afternoon from 2 pm to night in 9 pm.

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary In Ahmedabad

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary in Ahmedabad covers an area of 116 km2. This bird sanctuary houses over 250 varieties of avian species including the Birds from Siberia. Huge number of beautiful birds with magnificent features and characteristics can be seen in this spot. You can hear the chirping sounds of birds with their different voices which is simply amazing. Nature lovers will become so happy after visiting this astonishing spot. Thus, the large number of nomadic population resides here. It is an ideal place for visitors who will feel enthusiastic and they will love to spend time with the panoramic nature of this bird sanctuary.

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Dada Hari Vav Or Stepwell In Ahmedabad

Dada Hari Vav is an historical locomotion comfortably in Ahmedabad, built during the reign of Mehmud Begda in the assemble age 1501. The well is intricately graven and reminds one of the handwork of Hindus. Several of the stellar features of the Begetter Dada Hari Vav are its festooned arches, exquisite embellishment on the columns and stylish motifs. Though the part of the move comfortably is in ruins but it will not become failure to pull or attract worldwide tourists.

Sidi Sayeed Mosque In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Sidi Sayeed Mosque In Ahmedabad

Sidi Sayed Musjid in Ahmedabad is the most spectacular pilgrim localize for Muslims in the city. Shapely in the Indo-Sarcenic style of structure, the masjid is favourite for its windows on the Western type of protected wall, which has jhali screens and is ordered well with pleasing intricate carvings and designs. Copy models of the musjid can also be bought from the shops extracurricular the masjid.

Vaishnodevi Temple In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Vaishnodevi Temple In Ahmedabad

A touristy settler dapple for Hindus in Ahmedabad is the Vaishnodevi temple. Situated on the Gandhinagar-Ahemdabad Traveling Road, the tabernacle is devoted to Vaishno Devi and is also visited by tourists in the thousands of Numbers. The course purloined to reach the tabernacle located hard on up of the hills has varied garden restaurants and group can relish lip slap substance.

Calico Textile Museum In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Calico Textile Museum In Ahmedabad

Situated in the thundering ambiance of Sarabhai Accommodation, Particolored (Calico) Museum of Cloths And Textiles brings forth the ethnic glory of variety of fabrics. Its heavy compilations of fabrics amend the traveller in travel with account since the museum depicts diametrical centuries finished the line of textile.
You can see the pastel graphics, fancy organisation and bright hand woven stuffs from all over India in the various galleries of the Museum. pichhwais, control spreads, silks, Kalamkaris, bandhnis, patolas, shelter canopies and treasured brocades adds the beauty of this fulgurant institution.
Among the varied Galleris, the Sacred and Religious Textiles Gallery displays conventional churchlike wares of the 15th century that are commonly called as the Vallabha Sampradaya. The Humanities Textiles Gallery tries to scope the grandeur of Mughal Sumptuousness. Obscure from the Unique compilations of Assemblage, the Museum houses other article of timeless worth suchlike centuries old Frescoes, Emblem, Makeup, Script woven fabrics and Designs.
Timings: Remains Off on Wednesdays and Gazetted holidays or Bank Holidays.

Sarkhej Roja In Ahmedabad On Mirchi Travels

Sarkhej Roja In Ahmedabad

A colorful short port on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, Sarkhej Roja boasts of its Mugal era through a gather of dandyish monuments. Most striking facets of this city are the tomb of Ruler Mehmud Begada and a lovely musjid. Sharkhej Roza is superfine representatives for calculated town cerebration; where the spiritual, majestic and demotic worlds coexist without crosswalk the barriers with apiece separate. The mosque, the tombs, the palaces and the general facilities same the pavilions, tanks, platforms boast the pious, royal and party planning of the municipality.

A renowned judge with architectural grandeurs, the Sarkhej Roza displays an luxury excellent perforate take trellises without the use of arches. One of the monuments holds mausoleums of Fear Ahmed Khattu Baksh, of Sovereign Mehmud Shah Beguda and his queen. Soignee buildings in the municipality direct eager work of Religion than that of the Sarcenic communication that was rife in Ahmedabad in olden life.