Agartala Attractions Or Best Places To Visit

Agartala Attractions

Best Places To Visit In Agartala

Agartala in India is the smallest city in India which provides you enjoyment and fantastic places to see in Agartala. Agartala tourist places are enjoyed by people all over the world as this is a best place for sightseeing. Some of the Agartala tourist places are as follows:

State Museum in Agartala on Mirchi Travels

State Museum In Agartala

State Museum in Agartala was built in 1970. This museum holds many items that are displayed in the museum and people attracts towards this magnificent place. The museum comprises of the following features:

1. You can get a glimpse of beautiful stone images.
2. Old ancient precious coins.
3. Breathe taking archeological articles.
4. Significant sculptures of Buddha from Pilak between 8th to 10th centuries.
5. Magnificent Kantha embroidery from Bengal.
6. Rich culture of Tripura is displayed in the museum.
7. Displaying traditions and beliefs of rulers and tribes.
8. Beautiful artifacts.
9. Appealing handicrafts
10. Ancient skills and arts
Timings of visiting: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary In Agartala

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary in Agartala was identified in 1988 covers a vast area of about 196 2 km. Please come and visit this astonishing place. The sanctuary comprises of scenic greenery all around with rich vegetation. Magnificent Indian Gaur also known as Bison can be seen. Remarkable species of birds like kingfisher, red jungle fowl, jacana, drongo, sparrow, woodpecker etc. are there. It also holds regenerating lakes for animals.

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary In Agartala

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is located at about 35 km away from Agartala. It covers a vast area of about 18 2 km. You can view this astonishing sanctuary any time but not in the months of March and April because these months are full of humidity and it's not an ideal time to visit Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary. The best time to visit the place is during winters. This place is being developed from earlier and contains a research centre also. It holds a botanical garden and a zoo. It contains a mesmerizing lake. Enormous tree species can be viewed. You can also get a glimpse of crab eating mongoose. It also, contains the boating facilities in Amrit Sagar and Abarsarika lakes. You can also enjoy travelling in a toy train within the premises. You also can get the accommodation in Abasarika Bungalow situated near zoo, lake and botanical garden. There was an initiation of various sections within the sanctuary in 1972 that are as follows:
1. Ungulate section
2. Carnivores section
3. Aviary section
4. Primates section
5. Reptiles section
The beautiful sanctuary contains the variety of birds and primates. Primates are of six types that can be seen here are as follows:
1. Lemurs
2. Pig tailed macaque
3. Spectacled langurs
4. Phayre Langurs
5. Rhesus and capped langurs
Timings of visiting: From 8.00 am to 4.00 pm
Closed on Friday

Benuban Vihar In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Benuban Vihar In Agartala

Venuban Vihar is located about 2 km away from Agartala. This is the most popular shrine to visit in Agartala. It has a precious idol of Lord Buddha made up of metal. Earlier the shrine was made in Burma but later it was modified to Venuban Vihar. Buddha Purnima is celebrated here with full enjoyment. Scenic environment is surrounded inside the premises. The shrine is small and gives an eye catching looks to visitors which is the main attraction of this place.

Akhauda In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Akhauda In Agartala

Akhauda is an Indian border which is situated at a distance of about 3 km from Agartala situated on the border of Bangladesh. You can take a view of Indian Army Security Force and Riffle March of Bangladesh over this border. You can also take a view of ceremonies occur at border crossing held at about 15 minutes duration.

Chaturdash Devata Temple In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Chaturdash Devata Temple In Agartala

Chaturdash Devata Temple in Old Agartala is situated at a distance of about 14 km from Agartala. This astonishing temple is viewed by masses of people because it is one of the revered and popular attractions of Agartala. The temple holds 14 magnificent images of Goddesses. The fair held in dedication to 14 images of Goddesses during the month of July is known as 'Karachi Puja'.

Domboor Lake In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Domboor Lake In Agartala

Domboor Lake in Agartala is a beautiful lake surrounded by appealing greenery covers a vast area of about 44 2 km. The amazing lake is surrounded by scenic beauty of lush green plants and trees. The water of the lake is calm gives a fascinating look. You can view the various species of migratory birds near the lake. You can even view the variety of eye catching fishes and underwater creatures within the lake. Water sports can be played near the lake in a garden. Pous Sankranti Mela occurs near the beauteous lake every year on 14th January. There are about 48 amazing islands near the vegetation of lake. The magnificent lake boasts the 'Hydel Project'. The lake is originated from the junction or mixture of two rivers known as Raima and Saima.

Rabindra Kanan In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Rabindra Kanan In Agartala

Ravindra Kanan in Agartala was built by Maharaja Bir Bikram kishore Manikya is located in southern region of Raj Bhawan. He constructed this beautiful house for his close friend Ravindranath Tagore. Let us see some of its following features:
1. Amazing stretches of greenery, beauteous lawns, lovely fountains and colorful eye popping flowers.
2. The place houses a puppet shows that are enjoyed by people as well as children.

Ummaneshwar Temple In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Ummaneshwar Temple In Agartala

Ummaneshwar Temple in Agartala is located in Palace yard on opposite side of lush green vegetation and Jagnath Temple. This is an astonishing place where one can be relaxed and find himself free from the tensions of his life. You can check out its beautiful Ujjayanta Palace is located near this temple which is white in color. Idols of God and Goddesses can be seen with astonishing orange colored temples. The greenery all around makes the temple more attractive place to visit.

Raima Valley In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Raima Valley In Agartala

The Raima Valley in Agartala is located in a scenic vast area. The beautiful valley was originated due to the emergence of pleats. The pleats were formatted by the folds of mountains which permitted the Gumti Hydel Project. This project is situated on Raima River. This project gives the power supply to the state. The project contains large amount of water which supplies efficient power in Raima valley. This remarkable valley also comprises of beautiful gardens and greenery all around like you are in heaven or the reality of fairy tale is in front of your eyes. Please come and visit this magnificent place.

Kunjaban Palace In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Kunjaban Palace In Agartala

The Kunjaban Palace in Agartala was built in 1927 was made in dedication to King Birendra Kishore Manikya. This was a eye catching retreat palace for the king. The beautiful palace comprises of royal architectural style according to the taste of king. After dissolution of monarch state which was converted into Indian republic is given to the government. Now, the palace is being utilized as an official residence for governor of Tripura. You can also see a part of the palace containing marvelous architecture and carvings. Please come and visit this magnificent place.

Jampui Hill In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Jampui Hill In Agartala

The Jampui hills are located at about 240 km away from Agartala is a fascinating spot and a main attraction for sightseeing and tourists. This beautiful hill is also known as 'The Springs Eternal Hills'. This name was originated due to its scenic beauty which never ends and will never end. A trip to this spot will be unforgettable. Must visit!!! This beauteous heaven comprises of a variety of Orchids. Slopes are adorned with oranges that look mesmerizing. You can see the tea plants and various eye catching colorful birds. You can also view the valleys which looks tiny and astonishing from the hill. The fabulous weather can be seen clearly from the hill.

Gondacherra Wildlife Sanctuary In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Gondacherra Wildlife Sanctuary In Agartala

Gondacherra Wild Life Sanctuary in Agartala is another breath taking place after Jampui hills. This is an ausom place to visit where one can forget all the stress and tensions of his life and can be recharged after sightseeing over this place. This amazing sanctuary is surrounded by marvelous eye catching greenery. Sanctuary consists of different species of wild animals like tiger, deer, horses, primates, bison, snakes, reptiles, underwater creatures, zebras etc. Sanctuary also houses the migratory, colorful and different kinds of species.

Chittangong Hills In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Chittangong Hills In Agartala

Chittangong Hills in Agartala is located between India and Myanmar. It covers a vast area of about 13,295 2 km. The hills give an astonishing view of tiny valleys, lakes, houses and streets when seen from the hill. If you are in Agartala, never miss the opportunity to visit this fascinating and astonishing place. This marvelous hill comprises of the following features:
a. A beautiful view of seven rivers that are:
      1. Feni river
      2. Chengi river
      3. Myani river
      4. Karnafuli river
      5. Sangu river
      6. Matamuhuri cavort river, and
      7. Gambol river
b. These seven rivers gives an enchanting view of flowing rivers.

Neermahal In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Neermahal In Agartala

Neermahal is located at the centre of Rudrasagar Lake is a sprawling water palace which is located about 53.5 km away from Agartala. It covers a vast area of about 6 2 km. It was made in 1930 in dedication to Maharaja Bikram Kishore Manikya. This beautiful summer resort is surrounded by greenery all around. This entire location has Hindu and Islamic architectural style. Firstly it the design of Neermahal was drafted roughly then it was constructed. It also comprises of appealing colorful flowers that are eye catching. You can also view the different colorful migratory birds over this place.
Timings of visiting: From 7 pm to 9 pm

Ujjayanta Palace In Agartala On Mirchi Travels

Ujjayanta Palace In Agartala

Ujjayanta Palace in Agartala was built in 1901 by Maharaja Radhakishore Manikaya is located admist a big garden along with fountains and a sprawling pool. This pleasing palace is preserved and managed as the house of assembly of Tripura. The palace is decorated by eye popping carvings. It's a three storeyed palace. It contains three huge domes. It includes two big tanks. Appealing musical and dancing fountains can be seen. The garden on this palace was made on the form of Mughal gardens. During nights, you can see the tiny lights glowing on the buildings. Wooden eye catching ceiling looks amazing.
Timings of visiting: From 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm