Srinagar Hotels And History Of The City

Best Hotels In Sri Nagar City

1. Hotel Lalit Grand Palace In Srinagar: It is located in Gupkar road is the best hotel of Srinagar.
2. Hotel Ahdoos In Srinagar: It is situated in Residency road in Srinagar.
3. Hotel Ajanta Palace Houseboat In Srinagar: It is located in Srinagar in Dal Lake.
4. Hotel Batra In Srinagar: It is situated on Gupkar road.
5. Hotel Brookland In Srinagar: It is in Raj Bagh, Srinagar.

History Of Srinagar

Srinagar has a backbone of its history by which its never ending charm and importance can be known. Array of empires, kingdoms and kings owned the rule over this place. The first empire to attempt and gain access over the city was Mauryan Empire in 3rd centuary BC. After Mauryan Empire, King Ashoka ruled over Srinagar and he introduced the importance of Buddhism over this city. After him, Kushans started ruling over here in 1st centuary.
The Huns in the 6th century and later ruled by Huns in 6th centuary. After Huns, many Hindu and Buddhist rulers owned a control over the place and in 14th centuary, Mughal Emperors like Akbar and Aurangzeb started ruling over Srinagar. Aurangzeb owned this part of Jammu and Kashmir till 1707. After them, Durrani Empire and Pashtun tribes ruled over Srinagar. Another ruler was Raja Ranjith Singh who ruled in 1814. Gulab Singh and Britishers also gains a control over Srinagar till independence.