Baroda Weather And Best Places To Visit With Tour Package Of Baroda

Baroda weather and best places to visit with tour package of Baroda

The City Baroda is located in Gujrat. This city is now illustrious as Vadodara and it is one of the most popular cities in this entire Gujrat. The metropolis is situated near the banks of River Vishwamitri. Baroda experiences a good Change after its Independence. Here you will find many popular and loving places where you can travel and enjoy.The municipality is a mixture of so many historical sites with such a nice and new IT Parks and industries. Gujrat have given to it another honor to call them its cultural capital. There are some places which are located in the city and some of them are Nazarbaug Palace, Pratap Vilas Palace, Makarpura Palace and the Laxmi Vilas Palaces.

The Laxmi Villas Fort is set amidst straggly field and person knows it as an architectural gem. Few of the different places of portion are Kanderao Museum, Aurobindo Ashram, EME Temple, Hazira Maqbara, Nyay Mandir, Kala Goda, Mandvi City and so on where you can spend your holidays.

There are so many gardens and museums that are situated in the Beautiful Location. We have many beautiful sites such as Sayaji Bag, Lal Bag, Maharaj Fateh Singh Museum, Sardar Bag,Picture Gallary and Baroda Museum and so many others where many will give urs peace return back.

Best Time to Visit in Baroda City of Gujrat

The residence experiences a mixture of hot and grassland type of weather and the weather conditions changed according to conditions and seasons. We have 3 Main seasons like Monsoon, Winter and Summer Seasons. People experience great Rainfalls during Monsoon period, the summer period in Baroda is longer and hot and winters are dry and chilly.


The monsoon ends on the period of Sept and Oct from the starting point of July. South West Monsoon is the main reason of rainfall here. Conditions Goes painful during this period of Monsoon as the monsoon bring with increased humidity.


This season generally starts from Nov to Feb. As we all know Jan is the coldest month of the whole year and this is due to the winds blow from north side of India. Temperatures start from a minimum range of 15°C and till 30°C.


From the March to the last of june, the local persons experience summer season. It is normally a very hot season here. Average Temperature is normally very from 23°C to 38°C. And it lasts till 40°C.

How to Visit To Baroda City of Gujrat

Baroda has a good connectivity with road transport and rails as it is a well-developed and one of the good cities of Gujrat. You can easily find your way to the nearest cities like Surat And Ahmedabad.

Best Places To Visit In City Baroda / Best Attraction

There are many other places like Hazira Maqbara, Kala Ghoda, Jubilee Baug, Makarpura Palace, Lal Baug, Nazarbaug Palace, Motibaug Palace, Sardar Baug, Pratap Vilas Palace, Sursagar Lake where you can visit and enjoy your tour package to baroda.

Important Distances From Other Major Cities

Important Distance To Baroda From Other Cities

119 Km
1 Hour 45 Minutes

Baroda To Indore (M.P)
349 Km
5 Hours 11 Minutes

Baroda To Ratnam
327 Km
05 Hours 19 Minutes

Baroda To Gandhi Nagar
134 Km
01 Hours 58 Minutes

411 Km
06 Hours 03 Minutes