Assam Introduction And Precaution To Visit In State

Assam Introductoion, Precaution To Visit In State

Assam is a fabulous state situated on north-eastern part of India. The state was established in 1947 dated 15th August. Assam comes under 'Seven Sisters States' is bounded by other sister states is situated on east side of splendor Himalayas. Assam is placed in central position with other sister states which are Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura and Meghalaya. Assam is bounded by international states of Bangladesh and Bhutan. The capital of Assam is Guwahati and the largest city in Assam in Dispur. The most important part of Assam is Barak and Brahmaputra river valleys with Kabri, Anglong Hills and North Cachar.

Assam is connected with Indian Territory by a narrow strip known as Siliguri Corridor along with other sister states. This corridor is also known as Chicken's Neck. Assam is blessed with biodiversity and animal species which adds the charm to this state. You can view the awe strucking Asian elephants, tiger species, migratory birds and other animals in Assam. It has two world heritage spots namely Manas and Kaziranga. Assam is mainly known for its tea, petroleum resources and silk. This state is an essential part of India which must be visited with family and friends.

Precautions To Visit In Assam

1. The state has excessively cold weather during winters so carry woolens and cover yourself properly before travelling.
2. Summers are pleasant but hot.
3. Monsoons are heavy and we will advice you not to visit and travel during this season.
4. If you deal with any location confusion then you should ask local people around Assam.
5. People of this state usually communicate in English language so we hope you will not be having any problem in speaking English.
6. Carry a state map.
7. Carry a first aid box.
8. Carry a water bottle.
9. Carry a handkerchief or hanky.
10. Enjoy your tours in Assam