Arunachal Pradesh Introduction And Precaution To Visit

Arunachal Pradesh tour package and tourism, weather, culture and history

Arunachal Pradesh is a state situated at the border of India surrounded by Myanmar in eastern side, Bhutan in western side, Tibet and China in northern side and Nagaland and Assam in south. Arunachal Pradesh has a capital of Itanagar. This state is located in north-east region of our country, India. Splendor ranges of Himalayas can be seen in Arunachal Pradesh except Lohit, Tirap and Changlang parts of this state. These regions are surrounded by Patkai Hills. The state has abundance of flora beauty which seems to be astonishing and appealing. Semi-evergreen forest in Brahmaputra valley has a green vegetation is situated in southern region of Arunachal Pradesh.

Subalpine conifer forests in east side of Himalayas are very scenic. Meadows and alpine shrubs forest in east side of Himalayas are very attractive and beautiful. Last but not the least, broadleaf forest is situated in eastern side of Himalayas. These all forests combine to form a commendable charm to Arunachal Pradesh. The largest population of Arunachal Pradesh can be seen in Monpa. India and China countries are claiming that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of their own territories. This led to the dispute between both countries. China's claiming was that, when they handed Tibet, Arunachal Pradesh also became the part of their country as they perceives Arunachal Pradesh as a part of Tibet.

On the other hand, India claims that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of their own country after when the agreement was signed between United Kingdom and Tibet government. There is a line named as McMohan which was made between Arunachal Pradesh and Tibet as a border line. Due to these issues, the problems have raised between India and China. Thus, it is a beautiful place where you can spend your magnificent hours in taking a view of perfect picturesque scenery of lush green nature and Himalayan ranges. Catch a glimpse of this wonderful state through tourism.

Precautions To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

i. Arunachal Pradesh has very chilly climate during winters and it can be chillier if you visit on high attitudes.
ii. Carry woolens to protect yourself and they are very important for high attitudes
iii. Monsoons comprises of heavy rainfalls
iv. They might cause landslides and floods so stay protected in your homes.
v. Summers are cool and a relieving time when you can travel in Arunachal Pradesh.
vi. Carry essentials in a bag pack that you can carry along with you while travelling.
vii. Hotels facilities should be checked properly.
viii. Keep your important documents in a safe provided by your hotel or with you.
ix. You can hire taxis to travel around.
x. If you have any confusion then you can ask locals.