Allahabad Tourism, History, Culture, Tour Package With Precaution

Allahabad Tourism, hotals and resorts and Allahabad tour packages

Allahabad is a superb city consists of historical monuments and is placed on the junction of three prestigious rivers named as Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. This city is well known for "Sangam", where these three holy rivers meet. This majestic city is also known as 'Prayag' covers the total area of about 63.07 km2 is situated at the southern side of Uttar Pradesh state. This city comprises of total population of about 1,117,094 as compared from census 2011. Allahabad is one of the oldest cities which houses and displays the ancient history of Hinduism. You can reach in this city either through the airways or railways.

Thus, this city was founded as Kaushambi which is now a separate district of Allahabad. The city houses various historical monuments such as Allahabad Fort, Swaraj Bhavan, Mayo Memorial Hall, Anand Bhawan, Khusro Bagh, Kaushambhi, Hanuman Mandir, Shringverpur, Bhita etc. The best time to visit Allahabad is during Kumbh Mela and Magh Mela. Kumbh Mela is celebrated only one time in twelve years and Magh Mela is celebrated during the month of February. The ideal time to visit this glitzy city is between the months of February to March. People in Allahabad usually and especially visit to attend the prayers in Sangam. You should visit this city. We are sure that city will provide you good accommodation and a perfect view of surroundings.

History of Allahabad

Allahabad has an interesting history and is connected to ancient civilizations. One of its examples is Iron Age. The city is also linked to epic Ramayana, Rigvedas and Puranas. Many dynasties, kings and kingdoms ruled over this city of Sangam. In 607 – 647 AD this city was under Maharaja Harshavardhan rule. The next ruler was Muhammag Ghori in 1193 who was a Delhi Sultan. After him, Mughals took their eye on this region of Uttar Pradesh in 1526. After the reign of Akbar in this city, Jahangir occupied it and after him Marathas. Thus, at last the city was captured by Britishers in 1765. Nawabs and Shah Alam, the Mughal emperor fought against Britishers to take Allahabad. Allahabad was known as 'Oxford of the East' after when it was free from every reign.

Culture Of Allahabad

Allahabad has the unique artistic and cultural heritage comprising of literatures, publications, lip smacking cuisines and dresses. Allahabad is a former capital of precious United Provinces. It is a birth place of Vedas. This city is old and contains a national importance. You will see various structures and monuments in this city which are adorned with Indo-Sarcenic and Indo-Islamic architectural styles. This city is the prime center for Hindi and Urdu literature publications like Rajkamal, Neelabh, Lok Bharti and Akbar Allahabad. People of this city usually wear dhoti kurta, salwar kameez, sari, Sherwani and churidar. People of this city celebrate the festivals of Diwali and Ram Navami with great enjoyment.

Allahabad Tour Packages

Allahabad package involves:
1. Allahabad tour packages: This package costs about Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 15,000.
2. Allahabad holiday packages: This package costs about Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000.
3. Allahabad hotels packages: This package costs about Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 9,000.
4. Allahabad resort packages: This package costs about Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000.

Tips To Visit In Allahabad

1. Winters are cold and foggy during winters. it is the best season when you can travel in Allahabad.
2. Carry woolen clothes during winters.
3. Summers are disturbing so carry light clothes if you are traveling in this season.
4. Monsoon faces heavy rainfalls, so carry a raincoat if you are visiting Allahabad for any specific reason.
5. If you are confused about any location so either ask locals or search for the place in Google Map in your cell phones.
6. Carry a first-aid kit with you. It will help you in emergency. 7. Water bottle should be taken.
8. Avoid night travelling.
9. Carry your important documents safely and properly with you.
10. You can hire taxis, auto rickshaw and buses to travel in the city.
11. Eat healthy food during monsoons.
12. Take care while walking in the roads of Allahabad during winters.
13. If you are confused about your hotel and travelling places then concern your Allahabad tourism guide.
14. Follow the instructions of your Allahabad travel guide carefully.